Paid theme builders for beginners website developers?

Could somebody with experience tell me if some paid theme builder is the only PRACTICAL option for beginners website developers.
Practically, if I want to use WordPress for my clients’ websites is there any other better option because:

  1. Using only WordPress with free themes requires a lot of time for tweaking every part of the website to match client need (although I know CSS, HTML, PHP, JS sometimes this is even not completely possible)   
  2. I think that if I must to pay some PRO theme for each website, it will cost me more than paid theme builder yearly. And still, I will not be able to tweak every part of the theme. Or maybe I am wrong here?
  3. Are there paid themes which I could use for multiple websites and which allow me full control over each part of the theme.
  4. I do not see any other option. Any suggestions?
    Thank you all in advance for your answers.

8 – How can I check in Twig if an advanced theme setting option is unchecked?

I’ve a list of advanced theme option(checkbox) to not display, such as search bar.

I did many research about custom advanced theme setting, but all the samples are
{% if remove_searchbar %}{% endif %}. This render if the option is checked but I want the opposite.

How do I make a statement for if an option is unchecked? I really don’t want to do {% if remove_searchbar %}{% else %}{% endif %} or make everything checked by default.

7 – Optimized images in custom theme

All of the image optimization modules are for images you upload through the admin portal as an Image content-type, but how would one optimize images that are in your images folder in your custom theme?

For example, in my custom theme (based off bootstrap 3) I use an image called hero.png in my page--front.tpl.php file. How would I go about optimizing that hero.png image and then utilize the correct image in my template?

customization – Trying to customise 2011 Child Theme Background Colour

I am trying to customise the background colour of my site. It’s a 2011 Child Theme. When I go to Appearance -> Customize -> Colors, I get the Light and Dark option under Color Scheme, but can’t completely customise it. No custom colour option is available except as listed for Header Text / Background and Link colours, where I can use the slider.

I have selected the Dark option but the background isn’t truly black, would like to make it darker, been searching and can’t find a way to make it work / edit it etc. Tried in the theme editor as well.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance!

Buying – [URGENT] Customize WordPress theme

Looking for the WordPress expert developer who can help me customize a theme and set it up with content.

Deadline tomorrow. I’ve already installed this theme, but it’s taking me a lot longer than I expected. I am at the very beginning of the process.

I need someone right now, probably for a few hours. We’ll work on the fly through Telegram messenger.

If you are a WordPress developer and are available for at least the next few hours, until the site is done, respond with your rate.


Child theme stylesheet not reflecting the changes

I have created a child theme and the website is showing up properly with the activated child theme. I made some changes in the child theme’s php files for adding two controls in the child theme’s Appearance –> Customize section which will add a button (“Download my cv” button) on the home page. To do this I have added two php files and made modifications in them, keeping the same folder structure as the parent theme. They are working perfectly locally but not on the server. Although in localhost I have made the changes directly on the parent theme files.

I also can see the child theme’s style sheet is loading by view source but on making modification in the style sheet its not showing the changes. Whereas any modification in functions.php is working. Some help would be appreciated. Please check the screenshots. Thanks
changes in localhost on parent theme working fine but changes in the child theme on server not working

Ashe theme Wp – changing header image on each page

Hi I am building a site using the Ashe theme in wordpress. I seem to be a bit stuck as I can’t work out how to have a different header image for each page. The theme is only allowing me to have the same one throughout.
Also I’d really like to make the header image a bit taller. I can find the id or class to change that.

Can anyone help please.


theme development – Custom pages with html in wordpress editor vs. writing it all directly in the php template files?

I am building a custom theme from a previous html site I built. Some pages I have set up using advanced custom fields so the client can change parts of those pages. I set those up using page-{slug}.php. I have other pages that won’t change at all, also using page-{slug} for these… it ok to just put all the code and content in the php template? Since if there are any changes, I will be the one handling them.

Also, this theme will never be redistributed so won’t need to work on another theme.

Thanks for the help…