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Diploma thesis topics in obstetrics and gynecology

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How can I proofread my thesis in myself?

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soft question – reference request for Grothendiek's thesis "Integration with Values ​​in a Topological Group"

Disclaimer. This question has already been asked in Mathematics Stack Exchange (see link here). I wanted the question to be migrated here, but I was told by a moderator that an old question should not be migrated (something I did not know before).

I recently read the available part of the second part of W. Scharlau's book on Alexandre Grothendieck (see here). There I found

An anecdote survives as Grothendieck arrived at Nancy: the story of his rude reception by Dieudonné, when he showed him a dense handwritten manuscript on "generalized integrals" on his first contact. He had already mentioned this work in writing to Dieudonné and received a warm and friendly reply in which Dieudonné praised his "passion for mathematics". However, Dieudonné's initial receptivity did not survive the first look at the actual text. Those who remember this incident (or rather Dieudonné's account of it) claim that Dieudonné Grothendieck has a
quite disguised, the work showed a despicable tendency to an unfounded generality.

Later it is also mentioned that (as Schwartz tells in his autobiography),

He first gave Dieudonné an article of about fifty pages about "Integration with Values ​​in a Topological Group". It was right, but absolutely uninteresting. Dieudonné, with the (always temporary) aggressiveness he was capable of, gave him a catchy rant and demanded that one should not work that way just to generalize the pleasure. The problem considered had to be difficult and applicable to the rest of the mathematics
(or other sciences); His results would never be useful to anyone.


  1. Does anyone know how Grothendieck dealt with the problem of integration with values ​​in a topological group that he presented to Dieudonné (I seem to find nothing on the internet)?

  2. Why was Grothendiek's work on "Integration with Values ​​in a Topological Group" by Dieudonné described as "not useful to anyone"?

  3. Was this topic researched in the future?

  4. Where can I find (if at all possible) the original work by Grothendieck on the Internet?

Proof of the Church-Turing thesis: is that possible and what are the latest developments?

I am aware that the Church-Turing thesis can not be proved solely by symbolic or formal arguments, since the concept of "effectively computable function" is not strictly or formally definable.

My impression, however, is that the Church-Turing thesis in the field of physics, philosophy, and cognitive science is empirically (or otherwise) demonstrable. Even if these disciplines are not directly related to computer science, the importance of this thesis in the CS makes this, in my opinion, an important question. What is the current state of research in the context of the Church Turing thesis? Are there any current developments?

A good answer would also provide a list of all significant efforts to date to prove or disprove the CT thesis, as well as the main problems of this question.

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