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functions – Can I use ‘Featured Image’ as a hero image and a thumbnail?

I am finding a lot of great information for using the_post_thumbnail() to use this feature as a post hero OR a thumbnail, but I’m struggling to figure out how to use the ‘Featured image’ as both in my templates.

Here’s the gist of what I’m trying do:

  1. user uploads a featured image to post, which is cropped to 2400 x 1350 px (hero)
  2. image is also scaled and saved as a thumb at 880 x 495 px (pixel perfect scaling ratio from hero)
  3. embed hero size the_post_thumbnail('large') in single.php template and the_post_thumbnail('thumb') on the homepage for the post preview

I think I understand how to access and embed the sizes that I would like to use in the appropriate places but I don’t understand the workflow for cropping the image on upload and scaling it to multiple sizes. I found set_post_thumbnail_size(), which gets me halfway there, but how do I create multiple sizes?

How to display a default image for post thumbnail using functions.php?

upload the default image to WordPress and make its ID the default thumbnail ID for any post that doesn’t have one:

function default_post_metadata__thumbnail_id( $value, $object_id, $meta_key,
                                              $single, $meta_type )
    if ( '_thumbnail_id' == $meta_key )
        $value = 123; // the ID for the default image
    return $value;
add_filter( 'default_post_metadata', 'default_post_metadata__thumbnail_id', 10, 5 );

This means that has_post_thumbnail() and get_the_post_thumbnail() will now find a thumbnail for the post even if one isn’t configured, and will just work as normal with the given ID, i.e. find the correct image size and generate the image tag for you etc.

However I’d guess there’s a risk this ID would be saved into a post when you edit it,
so you possibly want to only register the filter if if (! is_admin() ) {, i.e. on the front-end site only. And this does mean you’ll need to add the image to the media library, although it might be possible to fake that too e.g. by using ID -123 and hooking image_downsize_default_thumbnail to return an image for -123.

override the has_post_thumbnail filter to always return true, and override the post_thumbnail_html filter to fill in missing HTML if it returns an empty string.

function default_post_thumbnail_html( $html ) {
    if ( $html == '' ) {
        return sprintf("<img src="%s" alt="%s" />",
            esc_url( bloginfo('template_directory') . '/images/default-image.jpg' ),
            esc_url( get_the_title() ) );
    return $html;
add_filter( 'post_thumbnail_html', 'default_post_thumbnail_html', 10, 1 );
add_filter( 'has_post_thumbnail', '__return_true' );

This way you have to generate the <img> completely yourself, but this will let you use an image that doesn’t have an ID.

How to get Document Thumbnail via rest api (sharepoint online – classic) for excel,word and pdf files

I’m looking at getting a thumbnail image of documents when uploaded into a document library.I can see the thumbnail preview when i click on (…) context menu of the document.
Is there a way to somehow get this document using rest api?

I did try the below for a png file


and it worked but not for word or excel docs

Thanks in advance

website design – Standard headshot and thumbnail dimensions and width/height ratio

Is there a preferred size and ratio for images that represent a headshot/mugshot of a person? I have a project where we’re taking photos of people, generate thumbnails, store the thumbnails and print them on identification cards. Those cards can be swiped by a computer and the photo pops up in a little notification window.

So is there a preferred or standard photo size / ratio for printing on identification cards (drivers licenses, passports, Costco cards)? Also, is there a preferred or standard size / ratio for headshots of people in web or Windows-based UIs?

An example might be a “Meet the Executive Team” section of a website that has executive headshots.

I know some places will do square headshots (StackExchange @ 128x128px), I would prefer a slightly more vertical headshot, but I’m not too picky either way. If there were any standards in this area, it would be great to know what the recommended Square headshot, vertical, or (if this exists) a horizontal image layout dimensions and ratio is.

Website doesn’t show image found in Google Search thumbnail

I searched on Google and found a site with a photo thumbnail for a site. I clicked on it but I couldn’t find the photo anywhere. I tried viewing the page source to hopefully find a URL to their server that would link to the photo but I couldn’t find it either.

Is there another way I can recover the actual image from the website? I don’t want to just save the thumbnail because it is very low res and the full image would be better.

magento2 – Thumbnail images are not loading Magento 2.3.0

On Category Listing Page my Product Thumbnail Images are not Loading whenever I apply a Filter on to the Category Page or I try to Navigate to some other pages of the Category. The first page of the category Loads fine and shows the Thumbnail Images without any issues.

I am using Porto Theme….

This is what I get on category listing page:

enter image description here

My Console Shows this:

enter image description here

Thumbnail my web | Proxies-free

please. I have a little confusing problem in my wordpress website. The thumbnail images I upload are frequently automatically scaled and reduced in resolution. is always 280 × 170 wear I don’t install anything in my site. Very bad cropped image. Do I need to install something in the hosting user control panel? I want my thumbnail image quality to keep the same size and resolution. https://prntscr.com/tzy2qz