air travel – How to book a United Airlines ticket if my passport doesn’t have a last name?

For US Visa puporses, it looks like you need to use your single name as “last name” and FNU as first name. FNU means “first name unknow”. See FAQ section. It’s likely that United will adopt the same process since they need to communicate booking data and Visa data to US immigration authorities. However, you should call and ask them to confirm.

However, it’s likely that you will run into a lot of issues and if possible you should try to get your Indian passport fixed before you travel.

air travel – What can you do to preserve a second-leg ticket if you notice that you are not going to be able to fly the first leg?

Recently I learned the hard way that Not flying the first leg of the journey – Company cancels the second-leg ticket, since companies do not allow to fly only the second flight. This is also something IATA explains in Coupon sequence and use.

I was flying from a city in Spain to a city in Portugal with TAP Air Portugal on a return ticket.

When about to take the first leg of the ticket we were several people, including my wife, our little baby and me. We did the check-in online, with my baby attached to my place (she is few months old, so she does not have a seat on her own).
When in the airport we went to the baggage drop area and were asked for the passports; we showed the ‘libro de familia’ (family book) that works to fly in a domestic flight in Spain, but they told us that is not enough to fly within the European Union. Since the baby did not have a passport, she could not fly.
After some discussion, my wife opted to stay with the baby (she needs breastfeeding, something I cannot give :P) and solve the issue, while I took the flight (to minimize the loss of money). Also, I had to redo the checking, since the baby was not flying with me anymore and I was given a ticket on my own.

So the schema is: leg 1, me flying, while my wife and baby staying.

Next day, my wife solved the problem and her and the baby flied to the city in Portugal with the same company.

Some days later we went to the airport in Portugal to take the second leg of the return ticket. To our surprise, my wife’s ticket had been cancelled because ‘she had not taken the first leg of the flight’. We had to buy another ticket for her and finally made it home.

I was quite curious about my baby not having to pay again for the ticket, since she already missed the first leg of the journey. However, my main question is: what can I do in the future to preserve the second-leg ticket if I notice that I am not going to be able to fly the first leg?

I assume this can be easily (and costly) solved with days in advance by changing your ticket. However, my question is about this happening while you are already in the airport and the flight is about to leave, without you in it.

air travel – Can I change the destination of the inbound flight of a round-trip ticket with Lufthansa?

Is this possible?

Sure. The question is how much LH will charge you for the change.

There is always two parts to a change: change fee plus the price difference between the new on and the old ticket.

The change fee may be waived but that depends a lot on the specific ticket that you bought and the associated fine print. In your case that seems to be a no-go since you are violating “The flight sequence remains unchanged” and most likely a few other conditions too.

You are always on the hook for the price differential between the old and the new booking. If you are lucky, the newer one is cheaper or the same price, but more likely it’s going to be more expensive, especially if the change occurs closer to the flight date. Note the caveat in the fine print: “The original fare is still available” . In my experience that’s rarely the case since fares change all the time.

Not sure exactly when you want to fly, but it looks like prices are currently picking up quite a bit for the June/July time frame. Airline prices are notoriously hard to predict and are sometimes very illogical (that’s why I’m flying lie flat international business tonight for less than $90/leg or $15/hour).

When the time comes to make the change, you just need to price it out and see where it ends up. As an alternative you can also look at one ways from SFO to DEN and keep your original ticket. A round trip SFO-DEN might be cheaper as a one-way as well. You can take the first leg and skip the second one (although their could be side effects if you have status with that airline).

You can also try to call LH and ask the question directly and have them recommend what and how to book for your specific case. Official Fare rules are incomprehensible to normal human beings and sometimes span 10s of pages, so calling about it is not unusual. If you are lucky you get a knowledgeable and helpful agent. If you do, ask for a transcript of the call and/or the conditions so you can pull it out when it’s change time.

sso – CAS Protocol ticket sent via GET request

From CWE598 sensitive information should be sent using POST request. Why CAS protocol sends the ticket value using a GET request as illustrated below? Should it be considered safe in this scenario? From the image:

“Set the session cookie and forward the browser back to the application with the service ticket stripped off. This optional step prevents the browser address bar from displaying the ST”

My doubt is: if the browser already sent a GET request including the ticket value in the URL, the ticket could be already logged somewhere or am I wrong?

enter image description here

python – This is a Seat Reservation System. How can this program be able to print tickets of more than 1 customer and the ticket should be “Name, Seat No.”?

available_seats = (‘1A’, ‘1B’, ‘2A’, ‘2B’, ‘3A’, ‘3B’, ‘4A’, ‘4B’, ‘5A’, ‘5B’, ‘6A’, ‘6B’, ‘7A’, ‘7B’, ‘8A’, ‘8B’, ‘9A’, ‘9B’, ’10A’, ’10B’ )
user_tickets = {}

def print_tickets():
“””Print the tickets of the user.”””
for user_name, seats in user_tickets.items():
print(f”nCustomer, {user_name.title()}, has chosen {len(seats)} seat(s).”)
for seat in seats:
print(f”tSeat number: {seat}”)

print(“Welcome To The Seat Booking Portal!”)

start = input(“Would you like to book a seat?”)
if start.lower() == ‘yes’:
while True:
seats = ()
wanted_seats = input(“How many seats do you need?”)
wanted_seats = int(wanted_seats)
if wanted_seats > len(available_seats):
print(f”n–I’m sorry, we only have {len(available_seats)} ”
“seats available–“)
print(“–Please try again–“)

    user_name = input("Enter your name:")

    while True:

        print("nHere are the available seats:")
        for seat in available_seats:

        seat = input("Please enter the number of the seat you would like to book:")

        if seat in available_seats:
            print("n--I'm sorry you have chosen an invalid seat--"
                "n-Please try again-")


        if wanted_seats > 1:
            print("nYou can now choose another seat.")

    user_tickets(user_name) = seats

    if available_seats:
        go_again = input("Would you like to let someone else book their tickets? (yes/no)")
        if go_again == 'no':
print("nWe will now redirect you to the payment portal."
    "nThank You for choosing us.")

print(“You can always come by later!”)

buses – Greyhound bus ticket (print at home)

If it’s a suitcase, they may ask to check in (which goes in the check in bin in the belly of the bus). If it’s a back pack or something similar, you can carry it with you. As far as the ticket goes, you can print it from your home, print it out from a kiosk at the bus stand or use your smartphone to scan the e ticket and avoid any printing altogether.

air travel – I would like to book single round trip ticket from USA to China, but would like to have my friend in the same plane in my return trip back to USA

Me: USA to China (round trip)
my partner China to USA only.

But I would like to have my partner in same flight and next seat.

or should I book like, single one way ticket from USA to China and 2 one way ticket from China to USA for both of us.

which is less expensive? any thought or suggestions?


actual address is Different from the billing address on my ticket

No. People have multiple addresses and sometimes companies pay for tickets for employees and the billing address will be different. The billing address is generally used for verification during the transaction which is why there is a separate set of fields for billing info. In some cases, you have a check-box or default when registering to make all addresses the same. You can usually fill in your contact details on the airline website and you may be asked during online check-in, if you have not done so by then.

WoltLab Suite: Ticket system | XenForo Nulled Download

An comfortable ticket system for reporting support tickets and software bugs.

This plugin offers a support system for tickets and/or software bugs.


  • category system for tickets
  • create individual priorities
  • choose a leader for ticket categories
  • own ticketpool for every supporter
  • ticket view optional as comment or post
  • formated ticket numbers
  • and much more….