The Cloudflare support team does not know how to handle abuse – Ticket # 2850683

Cloudflare Ticket ID # 2850683

We recently talked to one of the Cloudflare support staff about the help desk. A website hosts abusive content and uses cloudflare services and DNS. So I asked if they allow such websites to use this type of service. Each response does not register this domain with Cloudflare. It is registered at and they say

"Please resubmit your report and select the right category."

I think it's an abuse report sent to the right category

This website really uses the cloudflare service. It looks like Cloudflare supports this type of domain. I will update here if they give an answer

PS: Please move this post into the appropriate category

GET – Nolan Johnson – High Ticket Cash Flow Secrets | Proxies-free

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Nolan Johnson – High Ticket Cash Flow Secrets


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"High Ticket Cashflow Secrets goes from A to Z everything you need to sell high-ticket items online."

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[My Journey With High Ticket Offers] How I earned $ 29,150 in two weeks [UPDATED] | Proxies-free

hi Guys

I'm Dave, I'm an Affiliate Marketer and it's time to share one of my campaigns with you, to help motivate you and show you what works and what is possible with high ticket offers.
I started my affiliate journey 6 years ago, but in the first 3 years I did not succeed, trust me, I'm no different from you, I spend a lot of money on advertising, online courses and lots of time out of 0 results
But in the last 3 years, I've started to have consistency success by using paid traffic correctly and a few marketing tools I'll mention in this post.
I will try to keep it short.

1- The offer and partner network.
I chose this network because of the high score and the good reviews, but above all because of my experience in providing valuable information, excellent communication, excellent ticketing, non-shaving and weekly payouts. You can also host pre-sale pages.
Smartfunnel. It's new and one of the best networks I have worked with so far, but most of all, they have Stellar Profits and Cannabis Billion. Both offers have CPA payouts of $ 500. These offers are currently working very well, especially on paid access (native, email marketing and especially Facebook).

If you are interested in registering, you will find the link here:

You can use all high-ticket deals that convert very well with the same method. but I have given you the offers that can be implemented very well for me and for others. Do not worry about the competition, because for this method you only have to promote high conversion offers. Trust me guys works very well.

2- pre-selling pages and quiz countries.
This step is the most important, do not send the traffic directly to the offer. Create your own pre-sale pages or quiz countries beforehand, if you know that. Or you can do this simply by using Clickfunnels. I personally use clickfunnels. I know it's expensive, but believe me, it's worth it. Clickfunnels have all the tools you need to create sales pages or quiz countries. You can find out more about directly or simply search it on YouTube.
As mentioned earlier, Smartfunnel can host presale sites for you if you do not want to use clickfunnels.
It is up to you, me personally. I like to use Clickfunnels for testing, sharing tests, and changing things.

You can get the 14-day trial of Clickfunnels through my unique link, if you like:

I will provide you with a sales page or quiz landing examples to help you. Please do not copy this. Let yourself be inspired by them and develop something better.

Example of a pre-selling page:
Example of a Quiz Lander:
Ad examples: Free Advertising Spy Tool:
This website will give you an idea of ​​what successful ads look like. It is free Advertising Spy Tool.

3 traffic sources.

We all know that the best traffic is paid traffic. Plus, this is the fastest way to make money online.
And the best source of visitors currently are obviously Facebook ads. Facebook does not like crypto and forex deals, although this is the best source of traffic and many partners are using Facebook ads with cloaking tools to work. Camouflage tools are expensive.

If you want to use Facebook as a source of traffic, I recommend you to be careful and use camouflage tools. Personally, I do not use Facebook, but the information from my affiliate manager says that many affiliates use Facebook. At the moment I am using native ads and email marketing.

I recommend starting with locals who are less strict and very effective traffic sources. Remember to use presales pages for better results. As far as the budget is concerned, I personally recommend that you start with $ 500, as this will be enough. But I understand that many people do not have this money or can not spend it.

So with Taboola you can test for $ 5 to $ 20 per sales page or per quiz lander. I recommend 3 variations each. Change the image and headlines both in your ad and on the ticket sales page. Then start scaling once you have won the ad.

I would like to mention that currently the best sources of traffic for this type of offer (crypto and forex) are Facebook, native and email marketing.

Here's how I do it: the way I promote these high-ticket deals is not a secret or new method, but simple and effective. Use the traffic source below to land traffic to your pre-sell page or quiz, then collect emails from visitors, then post to the offer.

I do not have to tell you how important it is to create an email list because email marketing works very well for this type of offer and increases your conversion rate. Trust me, you have to use email marketing for it.

The traffic source I use:

Native: Taboola and Outbrain.

They are the best traffic sources that have worked great for me so far.

Tips: Be careful with Taboola you can be strict. Read their guidelines carefully.

4- E-Mail Marketing:

This part is very important if you capture the emails from the pre-sale pages and then save them in your list. You must resend an email to the same listing with another pre-sale page. I recommend you to set up follow-up emails from 3 to 5 emails. And then send them every 3 days or 5, it's up to you.

If you do not know how to write e-mails, as a professional copywriter does, you can post them on this website: It's easy to use, looking for authors, looking for their experience and telling them what you want.
Personally, I use getresponse as an autoresponder and email marketing tool that integrates easily with clickfunnels.

You can sign up for getresponse for free here:
You can also Aweber, it's easy to integrate with Clickfunnels.
You can start your trail from here:
I recommend using these tools based on my experience.

This method is not new or old, it can be improved by you, and trust me that it will not be saturated. It's the best way to earn a lot of money as an affiliate marketer, if you've worked hard and stayed focused.
You've probably heard a lot of people on the internet who said you had to take action or act massively. It's very annoying, believe me, I know, when I fought online and heard those words, it makes me so angry and frustrated because nobody knows what I've been through. Everyone has their own problems and problems, and usually they are financial problems.
But for what I can tell you, my honest advice of all the noise is online, just stay focused, work hard and never give up. What I mean by this is that you can not be successful if you spend a few weeks or two months marketing online to be successful. It took me 3 years to see real success. I'm not smart or anything, I do not even have a high school diploma, On my journey as an affiliate, I just focused on one way and worked hard. Improve my skills and always learn from my mistakes.
You do not have to do any super work or anything revolutionary, just take what works and improve it.
You owe it to yourself to be financially free and happy, that's all of us.
I apologize for the long post and the bad writing, please do not hesitate to ask me something, I am more than happy to answer and help you.
My e-mail: [email protected]
I will tell you my results for the last months and also for the coming months and I hope to motivate you. I

Good luck my friends.

Exclusion of results: These results are not typical. As with any business, your results may vary and depend on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. There is no guarantee for the possible success. There is no guarantee that you will ever earn an income, and you accept the risk that the income statement will vary from person to person. The success of each individual depends on his background, his commitment, his desire and his motivation.

My results:

Update 1

Update 2

Update 3

Update 4

Update 5

Trains – What is the best ticket for travel in Switzerland?

SBB offers a Swiss Travel Pass that suits your wishes

With the "Swiss Travel Pass 15 days" you can travel for an unlimited number of days in the entire train, postal and shipping network of the Swiss Travel System for 15 consecutive days.

With this pass you can use virtually all public transport (including in cities), including some mountain railways and many museums. In addition to the option 8 or 15 days, there is also a more flexible version (Swiss Travel Pass Flex), which can be used within a month to travel 8 or 15 days.

You can even buy the pass in advance and print it out at home, so you do not have to worry about it when you arrive.

PS: The only limitation is "for persons with permanent residence outside Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein"

After the ticket "Cheap price Cheap service" is, my "websites" hacked …

The web hosting company with an eagle-like logo.

Last year (now still some problems), their database of HongKong hosting sucks (USA no problem), a database created in cPanel, works 3 days later. I open the ticket, they say something like "Yeah, that's a server configuration problem, you can wait or do something you want" ….

The man seems to be "bra **", the last ticket I said "cheaper price cheaper service" of course no answer.

Since the hosting is cheap, I only used it to do some test work if needed. About 20 days later, I re-use it to modify a Design Demo WordPress site. Very soon it is hacked. All websites under the "order (they called it service)" are hacked, then the other "order" under my account is also hacked, even if only some original scripts are installed (do nothing after installation).

I have nothing to lose because it's just a test hosting. I can not even say that they are doing something because they have 100,000 ways to say NO, but I recognize this industry once again.

(English bad, try to understand, TKS, I did not come open, WHT, today I'm trying to find a VPS here, then I remember that story.)