usa – Can I use American Airlines miles to buy a British Airways ticket?

You can use your American Airlines miles to fly on a British Airways flight. Just go to search for the flight you want on American’s web site or mobile app. It will show both American and alliance partner airlines’ flights, and you can choose the one you want.

If you’re flying from the US to Europe (or the reverse) you won’t see partner flights at the lowest award level (Economy Web Saver; 23K miles). Select a higher award level to see these flights.

London public transport: Is it possible to buy a paper ticket for a single journey?

I will only be in London for two days and plan to take the Tube no more than 2 or 3 times, so it doesn’t make much sense to buy an Oyster card.

You can buy single journey paper tickets for the tube, but they strongly discourage it through pricing. I just looked up a zone 1 Tube fare and it was £2.40 on Oyster but £4.90 on a paper ticket.

At those prices even if you don’t get your card deposit back (or you get the visitor card with its non-refundable charge) it doesn’t take very many journeys for Oyster to beat paper tickets.

Another option is to use a contactless credit/debit card but if you have a non-UK card beware of foreign transaction fees.

Also note that while you can use paper single tickets on the Tube you can’t use them on buses in London. Your only options there are Oyster, contactless and travelcards.

(I read there is an activation cost and you won’t get a full refund if you use it for such a short time).

There are two types of Oyster card. Regular cards and Visitor cards. Regular cards have a £5 refundable deposit, Visitor cards have a £3 non-refundable “activation fee”. The Visitor card can only be obtained outside London. Regular cards can be obtained at any Tube station. The Visitor card comes with a few special offers for London attractions that the regular card doesn’t but otherwise the cards are much the same.

AIUI with cash at a machine you can top up any amount down to the smallest coins the machine will take while if you pay by card at a machine or pay at a ticket office the minimum top-up is £5.

Getting the deposit and remaining credit refunded used to require dealing with a manned ticket office but it seems it’s now possible to do it at a ticket machine.

Support ticket problem

I run my own drop shipping business and have had customer service issues lately. 80% of my live chat and email tickets are related to the same questions (where is my order? How much does shipping cost? I want to return my package). I know how important it is to provide excellent customer service, but frankly I don't have time to process all the tickets. It takes me about 5 minutes to take care of everyone. Not a good use of my time.

Does someone else struggle with the same problems …

Support ticket problem

Air travel – Can the airline cancel part of a multi-stop ticket but only offer a refund for a canceled part of the ticket?

We have a return flight with BA in June 2020 from
Newcastle to Heathrow to Boston (2 planes and connecting flights).

BA emailed that the flight from Newcastle to London had been canceled and offered a refund for this part of the trip.

However, BA does not reimburse the remaining flights that make up this booking.

Since the booking is from Newcastle to Boston (via Heathrow), I now have no way to get to Heathrow, so I can't see how you can selectively refund a leg of the journey ?????

What are my options?

Short connections – flight ticket combination only available through agency

I want to fly within Europe during these difficult days.
Air France has a good combination (with a short connection of 50 minutes in CDG, with a change of terminal).
AF websites don't sell the combination. However, it sells the two stages of travel separately.
The combination is only available through Opodo and Gotogate.

Should I trust to buy through them?
I am afraid that if there are complications (e.g. due to COVID), I could not be informed of the short connection to the terminal transmission: my final destination is not France, so this could be dangerous.

Opodo says "Air France connection covered": Do you think this is reliable?

Any advice is welcome.

How do I buy a double ticket?

I want to travel comfortably from Darwin to Sydney. I would be happy to buy another ticket for a free seat next to me.

Do airlines allow a passenger manifest with two similar names? I can't find an airline that guarantees the seats are next to me. How do I book an additional seat for me where the additional seat is guaranteed to be next to my seat?

Air Travel – Are there standard specifications for ticket data formats for commercial flight operators?

I am new to this group and what brings me here is that I am researching ticket solutions for commercial airlines. I just wanted to find out if there is an international standard specification for data exchange between ticketing solutions and where I can find them (if available)?

With specification I refer to data fields and sizes that should be recorded on a ticket system, such as PNR, departure / destination, date and time and airport, ticket number and costs, no-show etc.