tickets – What types of boarding pass barcodes are accepted at Stockholm Arlanda Airport?

I recently downloaded a boarding pass folder to my phone that can generate 4 different types of barcodes, the normal Aztek and PDF417, but also QR and Data Matrix.

I know Aztek and PDF417 are supported, but I don't understand QR and Data Matrix.

Which of these are supported at ARN?

Tickets – Can I use custom barcode apps for mobile devices as boarding passes?

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I think your question is inaccurate because the content of the barcode itself is important and not how that barcode is rendered on your device. In fact, the TSA (in the US) or the person at the gate never sees the application when I place my phone face down on the scanner. It only sees whether the barcode contains data that correlate with its internal systems and can therefore forward you through this particular checkpoint.

In my case, the barcode is rendered through Apple's wallet application, so it is neither the original PDF of the airline's barcode nor the airline's application.

I'm not sure if this happens in the barcode age, but there was a website where you could create fake paper boarding passes that would allow you to pass the TSA checkpoints. Of course, I don't expect them to put you on a plane, but I think the idea was not to be followed by the TSA or anything.

Transit Visa – Transfer between Terminals 3 and 1 of Dubai when you check in with separate tickets and bags?

I arrive in Dubai at Terminal 3 and fly with Aeroflot Airlines from Terminal 1 to Moscow. I also have to bring my checked-in luggage from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1 myself. My stay at the airport is 6 hours.

Marhaba Airpot Services informed me that to collect bags from Terminal 3, I would have to go through the UAE Immigration Service, who would need one transit visa, When I called Emirates Airlines, however, they said so no visa would be necessary since I am not leaving the airport.

Now I'm confused. Can someone please help me if a baggage handover or transit visa is required?

europe – How long in advance can Flixbus tickets be booked?

How long in advance can I book Flixbus bus tickets for travel in Europe? When I try a route that normally runs daily (outside of Prague) on June 1, 2020, the website rejects the following:

Unfortunately there are no trips on this route at the selected time

I guess that's because the date is still too far away, maybe even after the next route and timetable changes. Is there an official Flixbus announcement on the subject?

Time recording in WHMCS support tickets

Happy 2020! We have a customer who wants to purchase a support package of X hours / month. Therefore, we need to record the time our support technicians spend supporting this customer through our ticket system (WHMCS).

I looked at the WHMCS Project Manager and Modules Garden Time & Task Manager addons. I look forward to feedback on these two modules or another module that meets our requirements.

Thank you in advance!

Tickets – Are you not sure if this will be fully refunded or if it is a pun?

I would like to buy a refundable ticket as I will probably cancel it in the future. The information you provide is confusing, probably intentional, it could also be my lack of experience.

You mention that the ticket will be fully refunded, but also a cancellation fee and the note "Cancellations not allowed".

Enter image description here

Can someone please explain?
Many thanks

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