Canada – Customs for connections via Halifax with checked baggage and separate tickets


I was originally booked with WestJet from Boston to Glasgow via Halifax. This week they told me that the BOS -> YHZ flight was canceled and would like to redirect me BOS -> YYZ -> YHZ -> GLA, doubling the length of the itinerary.

I called WestJet and they say they can not come up with anything better, so I'm looking for other alternatives.

One way is to book a flight with a separate airline from BOS -> YHZ and then take the original YHZ -> GLA flight (after telling WestJet that I am doing this to avoid being considered a no-show I'll if I do not). in BOS do not get on the plane; the agent I talked to said that would be possible).

The worry is that I will be traveling on checked baggage and these would be two separate tickets. Therefore, I assume that I have to clear the customs in YHZ, pick up my bags and then check them again and repeat the security check. and I do not know how long that will take. Assuming that nothing changes (and my belief is at best … temporary), I have between 1 hour and 50 minutes between flights.


  1. Are my assumptions correct? I have to pick up bags, clear customs, check bags again, clarify security?
  2. How long does this process usually take? The flight from Boston is a small plane that arrives on Sundays at 21.00.
  3. How long could this process take in the worst case? (I mean, I suppose that worst In this case, it takes days because something goes horribly wrong. So I'm looking for an idea for a reasonable cap …)
  4. It might be possible to get NEXUS before the trip. How much will that affect things?

Transit connecting flights on different tickets, same PNR

I travel with China Southern Airlines on a itinerary that looks like this:

  • Departing: XXX – Beijing (PEK)
  • Return, 14 days later: Shanghai (SHA) – Guangzhou (CAN) – XXX,

where XXX is my home airport outside of China.

For some reason, the first leg of the return journey (SHA – CAN) ended on the same e-ticket as the one-way ticket, while the last leg was on a separate ticket. The flights were all booked at once and the ticket numbers are continuous, indicating that they were issued at the same time.

Could I still encounter problems when it comes to:

  • check my bags at SHA to my final destination?
  • Wrong connection with CAN due to a delayed inbound flight from Shanghai?

Trains – Buy Uzbek Rail Tickets

I try to book trains in Uzbekistan, but the Uzbek railway website will not work for me. I have to use expensive web bookers. There seem to be three main locations: Advantour, Caravanistan and Peopletravel. Does anyone have any recommendations or reviews from their own experience of these ticket providers please?

Italy – Should you book tickets in advance for the Ancona Split ferries?

I live in a city with many international ferries leaving every day.

Here prices are constantly changing and you should book the tickets as soon as possible. The prices are also different (much higher) if you book through the English / international version of the website.

However, the prices I've seen for the Ancona Split ferries seem pretty solid (I've looked at SNAV and Jadrolinija). Do not they change much?

Research – Has anyone done a qualitative analysis of support tickets?

data preparation is a process of cleaning and transform Raw data before processing and analysis.

In the first step, you can organize and collect data
Later it is good too clean and to confirm Dates.

  • Remove foreign data and outliers.
  • Adapt data to a standardized pattern.
  • Mask private or confidential data entries

When the pattern and structure are created for data, the mapping is easier to see
(For example, if 30% of the questions concerned a particular area of ​​the system – you have a strong research base to improve that area.

It is a difficult and time-consuming process.
If you succeed with the search automation tool, you will save a lot of time.

In your case, probably Each ticket has a similar structureIf your system categorizes user questions into categories (for example, problem with A, B, C (…)), it's easier to put that data in your pocket.

uk – BritRail England Passes compared to return air tickets for travel in England

Yes, the pass is much cheaper than buying all the tickets you might need individually. In many cases, a pass that allows you to travel indefinitely on three days in 30 days is cheaper than a single ticket that you might want to buy. Especially if you use the free accompanying children's pass. (You can also get a passport for an accompanying Briton if you visit someone and then travel with him.)

Plus, you do not have to book a specific time with the pass and you do not have to worry about missing your train. And the premium for the first class is less than the premium for single tickets.

The only drawbacks (I have used these passports, mostly London Plus, once or twice a year for 5 years or more) are that you can not go through automated ticket barriers, but find a visited one where you can show the passports Give (or, in my experience, the envelope in which it is received) to an escort and you can not book a specific seat. I get 1st class passes and never had a problem finding a seat that was not booked. You must also order it while you are still at home and have it delivered to your non-UK address so you need to plan in advance. And you need to get up at the first train station you arrive to get the validation. These are very small disadvantages.

Tickets – Are flight cancellation fees twice as high as normally charged? [Thai Airlines]

While booking for Thai Airlines, I also searched for some others, but could not come to any conclusion.

Traveling from A-> B with stopover in Bangkok. Same PNR, etc.

The terms only say "Allowed with fee XXX $".

I am somehow lost, meaning that if I cancel, I will pay XXX or XXX * 2, because technically it's two flights.

Bookings – Why can air tickets not just accept passport numbers without names?

Recently I had a booking and my name was so long that one thing led to the other and the operators had to make changes to the booking. That led me to this question. I have also seen many posts in all travel forums about first name, second name, non-passport, etc. problems. This problem with a name is pretty uncomfortable the whole time because my name overflows.

I have the feeling that too much emphasis can be put on the name match of airline tickets if we can verify a person only by the passport number (or the travel document number) and can completely cut off the name. I find some advantages when using a number without a name.

The number of the passport / travel document is a single unique key for each person. Customers do not have to worry about filling multiple names and reducing errors. Names can be the same for two customers. I know that this is a small thing, but it reduces ink consumption if the names on a ticket are omitted and only the passport number is printed.

Is there a legal aspect for this? Or is it a traditional thing that has cropped up since the beginning of air traffic and is difficult or too late to change?

Tickets – Disneyland Anaheim confuses me

I will visit Disneyland, Anaheim, CA. I visited the Disneyland website. I would like to buy a ticket for the theme park. But I'm confused because there is no clear definition contained in this ticket? I found out too Tom Sawyer Islandwhich is one of the most visited places after Disneyland. Does the theme park entrance include the island of Tom Sawyer? I share a screenshot here. In the screenshot some palaces are marked in red. I would like to know if it is about individual tourist sports or if it is a Disneyland ticket.Enter image description here