[Omnis Network] – VPS discounts! Support in the US – Tier 1 network – No contracts!

OMNIS NETWORK has since become a leading member of the web hosting community 1999,

We are proud to introduce our new product to you VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER Hosting !!!

Each account includes:

-24/7/365 superior technical support
– FREE web-based remote restart
-Blazing Fast Teir 1 network
– Scalable resources for your exact requirements
Several IPv4 IPs are available
Full root access
Guarantor Ram
– no contracts and no setup fees !!!

Manage your account:

Full administrator access
-SSH Virtual Console
-Dual Quad Core Server
-OpenVZ platform




1.5 GB guaranteed RAM
Memory: 50 GB
Bandwidth: 1 TB
RAID-protected storage
15.00 USD / month
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3 GB guaranteed RAM
Storage: 75 GB
Bandwidth: 1 TB
RAID-protected storage
25.00 USD / month
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6 GB guaranteed RAM
Storage: 75 GB
Bandwidth: 1 TB
RAID-protected storage
45.00 USD / month
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1.5 GB guaranteed RAM
Memory: 50 GB
Bandwidth: 1 TB
RAID-protected storage
15.00 USD / month
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3 GB guaranteed RAM
Storage: 75 GB
Bandwidth: 1 TB
RAID-protected storage
25.00 USD / month
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6 GB guaranteed RAM
Storage: 75 GB
Bandwidth: 1 TB
RAID-protected storage
45.00 USD / month
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(877) 393-4678

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Using GSA SER with Amazon AWS Free Tier Service

Would it be advisable to run GSA SER on the Amazon AWS Free Tier Service to see how the service works on VPS before you fully opt for a VPS service?

And which of the listed VPS services can I use for a boot that is good and inexpensive to run GSA SER?

Are there any problems moving your SER from one computer to another? Is there a time delay before activating on a new computer?

Many thanks.

Great Britain Tier 2 Visa Lahore Pakistan. keep my passport service extra postponed

I applied for a Tier 2 UK visa on Lahore Pakistan on May 21, 2019, and decided to keep my passport service. I was told to submit my passport, which I did on June 19th. I have not received any answer from them since. Has anyone seen any similer problems here? I've contacted the UKVI hotline, but it just says it's being checked. Thanks for your help.

dnd 5e – Is it possible to cast two spells of the 9th tier without taking a long break in 5e?


Provided you get enough of it and have enough time to work them all, you can use 9th-level spell scrolls to cast many of the 9th-level spells without a long pause.

Epic Boons

The DMG has rules for granting epic boons (starting on page 231), which include:

Blessings of high magic

You will receive a 9th-tier Spell Slot, provided you already have one.

Blessing of the magic recall

You can cast any spell you know or have prepared without taking a magic spot. Once you have done this, you can use that blessing again until you have a long break.

With one of these boons, the one can have two foresight (or another 9th level spell) before resting long.

1. Proposed by NautArch

uk – I'm self-financed and apply for a Tier 4 student visa. How can I avoid a refusal?

I am from India and have applied for an MSc in the UK. I have received a full letter of application from the university and CAS Letter will be issued in a few days.

Regarding account statements, Tier 4 General Visa students must submit a 28-year statement of account wherever it has been announced before the date of the application.

I finance my education and living expenses myself.

Since I am self-financed, Will ECO asks my source of funding and the longer bank statement of 3-6

My source of financing:
(Honestly here)

For three years, I've been working as a contractor for a British firm (freelance, not official) and have developed all of their software, which has now saved me on my education. Contract terminated in the previous month (May 2019)

Do I have to submit all my payroll / bills to the British company during the interview for Tier 4 Visa?


Will they refuse my visa because I have worked with the thinking of British companies?
I will settle after graduating in the UK.

I have an email with a termination of the contract by the employer.

Does this email conversation serve as proof that I have no relationship with my previous employer?

I filed my income tax return for fiscal year 2018-19 (not earlier) with high expenses for freelancers. Therefore, I can avoid paying high taxes because I have to maintain my education finances in the present.

Do I have to file my income tax return? If so, they will ask me
Why did I pay low taxes? Will you take a close look at all the issues?

Please help! I am confused with many questions, have researched a lot, but have not found any expert answers.

WizzSolutions – Tier 3 Server Management for $ 29.96 / month

WizzAdministrator server management
from WizzSolutions.com Group

cPanel, DirectAdmin and Plesk are the industry's most widely used hosting control panels (CPs). These check boxes allow you to add users, e-mail accounts, and databases, as well as manage many aspects of a hosting server. Hosting servers without control panel can be difficult without setting up the right experience and working properly. They have appointments, needs and we have the right experience. Rely on WizzAdmin for complex tasks, problems, optimizations, and monthly server administration.

We just do it.

Regardless of the operating system or the control panel version, we are here to help you. WizzSolutions is a leader in high bandwidth and specialized hosting solutions, and WizzAdmin is the first server management service. We are passionate about hosting, hosting almost every hosting service, and have been successfully operating data centers for years. Our management team has been hosting since 2000. That's over 15 years experience in the hosting industry. Our control panel and contingency plans are activated immediately upon receipt of payment, so you do not have to wait to activate your service.


Unlimited number of tickets, administrative hours, tasks, truly unlimited support for your Linux Control Panel-based server.

Direct reaction to level 3.

Many support providers send predefined answers or first contact you via Level 1 support and then provide Level 3 support. We've decided to avoid this unnecessary delay in ticket resolution, as each ticket is handled directly by our experienced Account Managers and Level 3 technicians, with no predefined answers or Level 1 support delaying your solution. We will examine your task carefully and start immediately. Your solution time is our priority.

  • 24/7/365 support
  • Most tickets will be answered within 20 minutes
  • Most tickets are solved in 1-3 hours
  • Live chat for escalations available
  • The quality management team constantly checks the tickets for the best solution and the information provided

How do you choose WHT from so many server management companies?

Our management team has over 25 years of experience (so we've seen it all), and our administrators have at least 3-5 years of experience with Linux and Windows web servers, as well as hosting client and server challenges. Our entire admin team is RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineers) and everyone is thrilled and enthusiastic about solving hosting problems. Our strategy is to be big enough to offer our services at a competitive price, spend time learning and listening to your challenges, and having the agility and flexibility to move fast enough to deliver effective solutions.

Here are some of the most common tasks we need to perform:

  • Apache & MySQL optimization
  • Database problems, backup and repair
  • DNS configuration issues
  • load distribution
  • PHP configuration, upgrades and site errors
  • safety lock
  • Catastrophic recovery
  • server migrations
  • LightSpeed ​​and nginx installation & configuration
  • Kernel updates
  • Exim Tweaks – detection and prevention of spam sources
  • Virus Removal
  • Plugin installation and configuration
  • Save the configuration using either the internal panel, custom backup, rsync, or a service such as R1Soft
  • Failed services
  • Memory problems
  • Fffmpeg and video tools
  • And much more.

Is this the right service for you?

  • Do you currently own an unmanaged server? Need help in supporting your users, websites or systems?
  • Are not you getting the answers you need from your current managed / unmanaged host?
  • Do you have a project or an appointment and would you like to add additional support resources?
  • Is your server receiving more traffic and is not the performance good enough today?
  • Do you want to optimize the services, try out other software, or upgrade the software's performance settings before you upgrade your hardware?
  • Just need an extra hand for your server to make sure it runs properly.

We can assist you with a variety of server management tasks, from software and service installations to more complex tasks such as server migrations, VPN setup, failover, backup / DR or failed / problematic services, and more.

Ordering Information

Management for servers with one control panel (cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, others)

Regular Price $ 49.95 / month per server
Retail price $ 29.96 / month per server – No coupon required, please use special WHT Order Now link below.
server With a Control Panel Server Management:[[[[Order Now – Instant Activation]

Management for servers without control panel (operating system only; CentOS, Ubuntu, RHEL, Debian, SUSE)

Regular price 75.00 USD / month per server
Retail Price $ 49.95 / month per server – No coupon required. Use the link below for the WHT order.
server without a Control Panel Server Management:[[[[Order Now – Instant Activation]

Sign up today and get FREE WizzSecure Basic Security for your server. Based on our years of working with our security service WizzSecure, we take care of a specialized 10-point security implementation to make your server more secure.

More information
Do you need someone who manages two or more servers?

Contact us for special prices.

Are you a data center? Dedicated server or VPS provider?
Do we need to manage your servers or client servers for you?

Ask us about special offers for data centers and hosting providers.

Do you need a custom server management solution?

No problem. Tell us your challenge and we will create customized solutions for your needs.

Do you have a specific question about cPanel / Plesk / DirectAdmin server management?

Contact us and we will advise you gladly and free of charge.

If you have a medium to large implementation or infrastructure setup project to complete, we can help! We have dedicated administrators and project managers ready to plan, monitor and work on your server project. Via Skype or Teamviewer we can establish a direct connection to the admin staff. Note our daily and multi-day administrator packages starting at $ 149. More information can be found here.

What some of our youngest customers say:
Wizzsolutions, what can one say about that?
Their employees exceeded the call of duty. We asked them to back up our server, and then they moved all our sites from our old server to the new server.
The budget was thrifty and it was great to work with them. Good communication.
We would use them when we need them and definitely give a positive recommendation for this type of service.

I originally contacted wizzsolutions because I was interested in a one-time server backup service. My contact with the team, especially Michael, has convinced me to complete a regular monthly subscription to support. I looked around and found no better service for my Centos Plesk server in the price range in which I paid Wizzsolutions. Our partnership has existed for many months and I wish Michael and his team every success with the new WizzAdmin services

We had experience with many management companies, but trust me, Wizzadmins are better than anyone else. They know what they are doing, and I think they love their job, all the technicians are skilled and knowledgeable. They helped and helped me beyond my expectations.
What else I could say, these guys are just fantastic. And I'm really happy to stay with them.

We used WizzSolutions to set up a Disaster Recovery server for us, ensuring high availability and availability. Your team is very competent and they offer excellent support and advice.
Although the delivery of the setup took a little longer, they went to great lengths to set up our systems and test them before shipping. They also helped us with tasks that were not even part of their service.
We are very satisfied with the service quality and will soon rely on the managed solutions.

Thank you for your visit and we look forward to working with you soon!

WizzSolutions.com Group

Email: sales@wizzsolutions.com