“indexable only” option on tier filter β€” πŸ‘‰ GSA SEO and Marketing Forum πŸ‘ˆ

on the “tier filter” under “data”

project>data>tier filter>3rd tick box “indexable only”

how does it define “indexable” because one of the purposes is to build lower tiers to index the urls above, so if it is’nt indexed now, should’nt you be building links to it ?

please explain what this means because surely all of the links above are potentially “indexable” if you build links to themΒ  below ?

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shopping cart price rules – How do I override tier pricing when using a discount code?

I need help overriding the tier pricing when a discount code is applied to certain SKUs. For example, when customers buy 5 of a certain item, it automatically adjusts the price of the item in the cart.

I have a promo code set up for 25% off select SKUs. The problem is that these SKUs also have tier pricing. The promo code works perfectly up until a customer adds 5 to their cart. It then applies the tier pricing and the discount.

Example 1: Customer purchases a single product for $349.00. They used a promo code to receive 25% off. They save $87.25, which then reflects the new total as $261.75.

Example 2: Customer purchases the same product ($349.00 each) but they purchase a quantity of 5, which falls into the tier pricing. When added to their cart, the price changes to $332.00 each. They then could apply the promo code to receive 25% off.

We don’t want them getting both the tier pricing AND the discount on the promo code. If they use the promo code, the tier pricing should be disabled. Therefore in example 2, it should be $349×5 = $1745 with 25% off, leaving their total at $1308.75.

Is there anyway around this?

How do I get back to the UK if my country is in the COVID "banned countries" list? [Tier 2 Work VISA]

My context:

  • Started a job in the UK in late 2019
  • Got a Tier 2 (General) work VISA
  • Got a "Leave to Remain" BRP (Biometric Residence Permit) valid for 3 years.
  • Rented a flat already.
  • Came to my home country in South America just for a field-work (far away from Brazil)
  • Last week, had my flights cancelled. There are no outbound flight to the UK at the moment (1)
  • UK’s Foreign Office says I’m banned to enter if I have been in my country in the last 10 days.
  • My company is waiting for me, I’m working remotely in the meantime.
  • I don’t know if my immigration status gives me residence rights in the UK
    Screenshot from H.M. Foreign Office web page, link above

How do I get back to the UK, my flat, and my work?
Any suggestions are welcome.

(1): * Although, I could travel via USA, stay there for 11 days, and
then flight to the UK, and make my self-isolation. Can I?

US citizen worried about Tier 4 visa rejection after frequent UK visits

I am a US citizen/passport holder currently nearing the end of my tier 4 student visa (sep ’19- feb ’21) for my MA, this is after I studied in the UK with 6-month visa stamp during my undergrad (jan ’19- june ’19). I understand that I can leave then return to the UK on a “leave to remain” for up to 6 months without a visa to visit friends, which is my intention after going back to the US for a month. I have the funds to support myself and a place to stay during this visit, I plan to obtain an “approval for leave” letter from my US employer, and I would like to book a return flight to the US prior to my UK (re)arrival, but this flight may be up to 5 months after I re-enter on a visa-less “leave to remain” stamp. I am hoping that despite the lengthy visit, this will be enough evidence to show I have intention to return to the US/ not settle in the UK; however, the US is a bit horrible lately and I truly do not want to live in the US.

I am planning to do a teacher training course beginning in Sep ’21 in the UK which will provide sponsorship for a new tier 4 visa provided I get an unconditional offer. I have previously applied and been approved for a tier 4 visa, so I do understand the application process (i.e. I will have a CAS, proof of funds, will apply from outside the UK, etc). I am worried that this NEW tier 4 visa application risks being denied given my time in the UK already. All of my visits to the UK are genuine, however. I came here to study, I have not overstayed any of my previous visas, I intend to return to the UK to only visit with friends and enjoy the lovely summer in Brighton, I will leave the UK and apply for a tier 4 from the US at the end of the summer to genuinely undertake another study/training period.


  • how likely is it that my tier 4 visa application for teacher training commencing Sep ’21 will be rejected on grounds of successive visits? or is successive visits only grounds to deny a “leave to remain”/short term visits?
  • many people have said they have been able to return the UK on a “leave to remain” after their tier 4 visas expire. Will reentering be as easy for me considering I have previously studied in the UK?
  • what advise do you have to ensure I can enter the UK on a “leave to remain”?
  • what advise do you have to ensure my next tier 4 application gets approved?