dnd 5e – What is the mathematical formula for the performance bonus compared to Tier / CR?

I program a database for our homebrew setting and want to be able to mathematically calculate the performance bonus from a monster's CR, but I can also try to find a suitable formula.

One of the answers to this question showed that it is 1 + (level / 4), but that's wrong. For example, this formula would give a skill bonus of 2 for a creature of level / CR 5 if it is to be 3.

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How do you do Tiered (Tier 2) Link Building today? – SEO help (general chat)

Hello friends,
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Visa Sponsors – Tier 2 sponsorship / work permit required, along with the advice of an Indian lawyer

Hello forum members / guests, I am professionally involved with IT and am looking for a Tier 2 work permit / sponsorship for the UK. I am happy about any help. I do not mind taking counsel for help. – Thanks in advance. Please leave a comment if you could help and not ignore.

Design – Where is http request routing done in an SSR application, client-side or NodeJS middle tier?

I'm setting up a personal blogging system that supports markdown writing.

We want to reuse the markdown rendering component in both the client-side editor and server-side page rendering. Therefore, we use a NodeJS middle tier as a server-side renderer to build an SSR application.

However, we build our backend service with Java. So we have two plans to handle the http request from the client.

Plan A:
Leave it to the client to do the request routing, d. H. The entire render request (can be identified as /blogs/:some-id) to the middle level of the node and send the other request to the Java backend.

Plan B:
Have the middle node level perform the request routing, i. H. The middle layer inherits the entire rendering request, and simply passes other requests to the Java backend. We also leave it to the middle tier to do the authorization.

So which is preferred or better advice?

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UK PBS Tier 2 rejection / new application

Long ago, I had filed two unsuccessful applications for a Level 2 PBS work permit. My two applications were rejected because of
1. I have submitted a certified copy of English language proficiency instead of the original.
2. This time I included all the originals but used the same COS that was used in the first application
Now the applications were made by me and my British sponsor was not guided by me and I was not worried.

Now, in 2019, I re-applied with a new sponsor and COS and submitted everything with the help of a Visa Agent. I would like to know if there is a real chance that a visa will be rejected in the past. I'm tense as it's the third time I'm paying it and probably the last chance