usa – Urgently request your passport without a visa from the US embassy. Processing time?

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reddit – How can I log out of all subreddits at the same time without clicking on the "unsubscribe" button?

I entered the following two scripts from Reddit into my URL bar, but my Firefox and Chrome misinterpreted them on Google Search and redirected them to the Google results for that input.

warning There is no way to undo this when deleting your browsing history

Click on the multireddit link on this page. If you click and get redirected, paste it into the address bar and press Enter:

Javascript: (Function () {Var% 20q =[]; $ (& # 39; remove & # 39;). each (function () {var% 20that = this; var% 20f = function (index) {$ (das) .trigger (& # 39; click & # 39;); $ (das) .trigger (& mousedown & # 39;); setTimeout (function () {if (q[index]) {q[index](index + 1);} else {if (downVoteTimer) {window.clearTimeout (upVoteTimer);}}}, 500);}; q.push (f);}); var% 20downVoteTimer = window.setTimeout (function () {q[0](1);}, 50);} ());

Script # 2:

Try it instead:

Javascript: (Function () {Var% 20q =[]; $ (& # 39; remove & # 39;). each (function () {var% 20that = this; var% 20f = function (index) {$ (das) .trigger (& # 39; click & # 39;); $ (das) .trigger (& mousedown & # 39;); setTimeout (function () {if (q[index]) {q[index](index + 1);} else {if (downVoteTimer) {window.clearTimeout (upVoteTimer);}}}, 500);}; q.push (f);}); var% 20downVoteTimer = window.setTimeout (function () {q[0](1);}, 50);} ());

Chrome may automatically remove the javascript: Part, so you need to re-add it manually

Why did not you make money online before, why are you doing this time? Wealth Creator Pro

It is very common for things to be sold easily. It's hard to manage, or you have to learn a lot to make significant progress, while earning money can be easy. Why did I make such a title? The answer is very simple. I am glad that passive income can be achieved in such a brilliant way.

First: Cost-2 Reward Rate?

The cost is around $ 175.

A reward is a residual income of around $ 125.

Second, all "marketing" is in the foreground. It is a banal system, as in a game, to create an infinite number of sources of money.

In the beginning you have to qualify by making a sale to the first person and you will not get any money for it !!! Incredible.

Well, you get $ 125 for the first sale of this person (eg Mr. T.) … He has to qualify first.

Then you get $ 125 for the first sale of Mr. T. (eg Mrs. S.) … He has to qualify first.

Then you get $ 125 for the first sale of Mrs. S. (whoever, for example) … She has to qualify first.

and so on, to infinity .. Why do people do that? Because at least they want their money back. So easy that I could not believe it. Take a look and get in. It's not about $ 125. Create 10 or 20 sources of money and if only 50% of people convert in the long run (statistics are around 80%.)), Then you get $ 1000 every few days.

Do not trust, check it :) Click on the link below

Woocommerce grouped products, group all products of one category at the same time

I have a grouped product called Pizzas, and I have to link more than 30 ingredients to this product. "Simple products". Woocommerce currently has this option available. You insert three letters into the text box and show me a list of all available products to link.


There are too many ingredients "simple products" that I have to put together for product pizza, in total there will be about 50 ingredients to link, and there are more than 70 pizza varieties. I would have to do this task manually and that's very extensive.


  1. Is there a way to speed up this process?
  2. Any plugins that let me display the list of all ingredients as a checkbox?
  3. Is there a way to do this with the "Actions or Hooks" code that shows me all listed products with a checkbox to select them faster?
  4. One way to do this directly from MySQL with a query, eg. For example, inserting into the table where these options are stored.

I appreciate your help very much, please.

Is this article wrong / fraudulent? Is it possible that the miner earns more by mining more than one coin at a time?

He claims that they could break down more efficiently by taking down several coins at once.

I find it hard to believe that any pool can surpass the "normal" pool.

What's the matter.

Is that possible? Is this guy real?

For the sake of simplicity we have to select numbers from 0 to 7. Suppose the hash function is add 5 modulo 8. Of course, the "correct" nonce is 3. That's because 3 + 5 0 is module 8.

Assuming the hash / signature or whatever the transaction is 1. Mining means to find an extra nonce, if it is added to 1, a hash would be set to 0 (or less than difficulty). That's right. We try and found out that the extra nonce is 2.

Let's say we have 2 coins. Suppose the start nonce is 1 or 2. I wonder if it's possible to add an extra nonce to 1, and then try to find an extra nonce where the hash is 0. If it turns out we add to the extra nonce 1, we have the right answer.

We simply add all the extra nonce values ​​and set the nonce hash to the correct number for 2 coins.

Is that possible?

My understanding of how mining works is pretty shaky here.

Is my understanding right?

Does Miner Gate offer merge mining for coins that do not support it?

The hero of the time | Forum Promotion

And now I introduce a man who has seen everything, but has understood little of it … Link!

Thank you for this wonderful introduction. I wish I could find out who you mistaken me for. I am still happy to be here. I followed the instructions of the forum hostmaster, but came here anyway. Excuse me if I'm nervous tonight. You see, I'm not used to seeing so many people gathering at once. I am the link anyway. My real name is George and I'm 26 years old.

For the dinner this evening we might have had the margarine as butter substitute and Sweet & Low as a sugar substitute and Cremora as a cream substitute – but our speaker tonight is the right one!

Link says he'll be happy to answer all your questions as long as you do not ask, "Why did you bother to come here?"

What is the time complexity for Knapsack with real weights?

Let's start with the formalism:
To let $ W $ the total weight of our bag, $ 1, …, n $ be our elements, $ w_1, …, w_n $ their corresponding weights and $ v_1, …, v_n $ their corresponding values.

As is known, the backpack problem for integer weights can be solved by dynamic programming (or equivalently using recursion + memoization) with temporal complexity $ mathcal O (nW) $, from where $ W $ is the total weight that our bag can hold, and $ n $ is the number of elements.

For real numbers, however, the algorithm fails (imagine a billion objects with weight) $ <1 $, and $ W = 1 $). We can probably round them off in a clever way and then scale them back to integers, but that would go beyond the size of the problem in an improper way.

Another approach would be to use recursion instead of dynamic programming because the idea behind the algorithm still works – either the $ n $The article is in the optimal solution or not.

But even with the memo we can choose our weights so that all sums are counted
$$ sum_ {
begin {align}
I & in M ​​\
M & subseteq {1, .., n }
end {align}} w_i $$

are different, let us $ 2 ^ n $ Weight totals to remember.

Is there an optimal algorithm that preserves the pseudopolynom of time complexity?

Hard Disk – Is it faster to resize or completely erase a Time Machine partition and back up from scratch?

I have a ~ 500GB Time Machine partition that I would like to downsize something. My internal source partition is about 400 GB in size.

The size of the partition would change extremely Slow because Disk Utility needs to check all the hard links Time Machine uses in the background. On the other hand, simple wiping and restoring from scratch would also be extremely slow.

Is one or the other generally faster? Is there a tipping point for plate size that makes changing strategies more economical?

(I internally use an SSD and a spinning hard drive connected via USB 3. Both source and destination are encrypted, and I have a second backup disk so if I delete the data and make backup again, I will not be temporarily unprotected.)

unity – How to write "stick to surface" logic that deals with unexpectedly large time deltas?

I've tried to deal with this problem: In a 2D platform game (but this may also apply to 3D games), I want the character to "stick" to the surface, where it will move and stay the same the same speed regardless of the inclination / decrease of the current surface. If my character's speed is 1 unit / sec and the current delta time is 0.25, I'd like him to drive exactly .25 units, regardless of the "shape" of the surface hit during the frame on the way ,

Naively I started with this basic logic (warning, incoming pseudocode):

vel + = acceleration * time delta;
motionDelta = vel * timeDelta;

Hit = Raycast (Pos, down);

if (hits)
vectorAlongSurface = hit.normal * fancyLinearAlgebra;
pos + = vectorAlongSurface.Normalized * movementDelta.Magnitude;
pos + = movement delta;

However, this is only correct if my character moves on the same surface normal over the entire frame, and it breaks quite heavily if the surface has different normals during the frame. This can give the feeling that the speed with which the character is moving is inconsistent. To give you an example:

Enter the image description here

While I expect answers such as "do not make your terrain that way", consider situations where my game may experience an unexpected delay and struggles with a large time delta that can push the character through different surface normals throughout the game

Any advice on how to handle it would be greatly appreciated. I've been thinking of somehow tracking all the changes in surface tilt from the character's position to the "naive Raycast hit," but that seems pretty expensive, especially considering that all the opposing characters have to do the same. There has to be a simple solution that I do not see. Or maybe there is a way to make the speed inconsistency less conspicuous / irrelevant in the given example?

Thank you guys.