I want to “colorize” my whole website without changing individual color settings (i.e. monochrome canvas tint “lens?”

I have a website with varying colours. However it is so extensively complex
that Iw ould like to globally change the website colouring so the entire page, including images
buttons and logos or texts, share the same hue.
is this possible with one command somehow? I’m quite frustrated at having to recolor it,
its too much work…

lightroom – How do color values change mathematically as you change temperature and tint?

I was wondering what does color temperature do to your pixel’s RGB/LAB values when you adjust it.

I get that things get more yellow or more blue in the case of temperature, but what equation is Lightroom/Camera RAW using? Is it simply 1-uping the B-channel values for every pixel when you move the temperature up a notch?

My other question is this: I noticed that changing the temperature and tint significantly changed the gray values when I converted my photo to black and white and worked in that space. Other color tools actually add color instead, like color grading, so it’s no longer black and white, it gets a cast, and some don’t work at all, like saturation. So does that mean that the A and B values of LAB influence luminance values in black and white? I’m guessing that yellow would make things brighter? Is Lightroom changing L values or does it preserve them and generate a preview on top where color values influence gray values?

I’m trying to program a photo software and maybe one day a camera app so I’m interested in what is specifically going on.

Why is there a strange tint and grain in my film photos?

I’m a complete newbie to photography, and I started out on an old Nikon FM10 that runs on film. I got back my first roll after development and most of them are either over or under exposed. Two of the pictures are given below, and I can’t wrap my head around what is wrong with them. They look really old and have a weird tint and grain to it. Can you take a look at these photos and tell me where I’m going wrong so I don’t repeat the same mistake in the future?

display – MacBook Air (13-inch, 2017) [MacOs Catalina 10.15.6] Yellow tint when watching video in Netflix, Youtube or even Videos(Quick Time)

I noticed recently that when i try watching youtube videos in full screen, when i didn’t move my mouse and the play bar disappeared , my screen turn yellowish. This happen only during full screen and only if i connect my MacBook Air with an external monitor via thunderbolt (I connect monitor with HDMI through a converter (HDMItoThunderbolt).

If i unplug the monitor from my MacBook, it becomes normal.

Any solution for this? I reach help from apple support but they seems can’t fixed this issue.

equipment recommendation – How important is the artificial light tint temperature (K)?

If you were given a choice and money wasn’t an issue, how likely would you buy one of those multi-tone flood lights for your photography/videography considering that you will be shooting RAW and with high color fidelity CRI artificial lights, you can easily correct the tones to your liking in the post production.

Yet, there are multi-tone lights that you can take them from ~2700-6000K or so. What are some reasons that such products exist from professional standpoint? How could a professional photographer/videographer benefit from using it?

Product Photography – How do I remove this orange tint and reflection while my label remains well lit and visible?

Image results and studio lighting set up

Enter image description here

Enter image description here

Enter image description here

The pictures of my construction are linked (2 grid strip boxes, 1 softbox and 3 x800 white flashes of light). I use the large softbox as a background because I can't really see my white background when I record it. Also use an acrylic sheet for the motif platform and two black rigid foam sheets to give the object a more pronounced edge. This is recorded with 50mm f9.0 1/250 ISO 100 on a Fujifilm-XT2 with a tripod and a wired trigger. The object is a glass container and doesn't look orange to the eye, but that's what I ended up with. I tried using a small flash to illuminate the label from above. Then create it in Photoshop, but both images are pretty bad. How can I change my settings or do things differently to get better pictures?

35mm – Yellow tint over my developed Portra 400 film

So one of my relatives gave me a few weeks ago his Minolta X-700 with Portra 400 Color Film (no experience in photography), tried it out and let it evolve.

The digital scan and images have evolved as follows:

developed film results

Enter the image description here

Was this result caused by the wrong setting? (like shutter speed, ISO, Apeture) or is it just a defect in the camera?

When taking these pictures, the Minolta X-700 was also put into programming mode.