php – Linux Ubuntu 18.04 and Apache2 server configuration tips for websites

I looked a lot on the internet but I didn’t find any article so relevant or that explained how to properly configure a Linux server for PHP site.

I have a lot of doubt and I want to know if I’m on the right track.
Every part of configuration I’ve done and I already have the website available and running: Linux Ubuntu 18.04, Apache2, MySQL and PHP 7.4

My main question and if it leaves something behind that could affect the server’s performance among other things.

The first question is: Are the following modules really necessary?
(before you ask me, I compared the installation of another server and saw that in my modules these are not available so I was in doubt)


Another doubt, is installing ufw really necessary? (ps. I don’t want external connections on my server, just access to the website)

I think I want to be as safe as possible.

If anyone wants to view the complete PHP settings just access this link:

c# – Tips on getting started writing a Roslyn analyzer for this case

Consider the following classes…

public abstract class Option<T>
    public T Value { get; protected set; }

public sealed class Some<T> : Option<T>
    public Some(T value)
        Value = value;

public sealed class None<T> : Option<T>

public sealed class Error<T> : Option<T>
    * Error related information would go here.

The Some<T>, None<T>, and Error<T> classes would be used to represent the three possible kinds of result from a method (data access or otherwise).

We’d have a method similar to the following example that would return the base Option<T> type in order to allow any of the possible kinds of result to come from the method.

public Option<string> GetSomeContrivedResult()
    * Method implementation here...

The idea would be to have a Rosyln analyzer enforce the handling of the three possible kinds of result. So for example, the following code would be in error because it doesn’t handle each of the possible kinds of result from the GetSomeContrivedResult method.

public void ContrivedMethod()
    var result = GetSomeContrivedResult(); // Error would be expected here.


The following example would be “in compliance” with the “rule” that all three possible kinds of result are handled.

public void ContrivedMethod()
    var result = GetSomeContrivedResult();

        case Some<string> s:

        case None<string> n:
            Console.WriteLine("Nothing here.");

        case Error<string> e:
            Console.WriteLine("Some kind of non-exception error happened.");

I’ve been looking into creating a Roslyn analyzer that would raise an error or warning in the event that the Option<T> wasn’t “correctly” handled, but as of yet I’m having trouble figuring out if what I want to do is even possible.

In terms of creating an analyzer to do this kind of analysis where should I start?

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tips and tricks – What does the 10 digit code on luggage tags represent?

That’s the IATA 10 digit “license plate” code. A summary can be found in this document, which gives this example:

The baggage license plate is a unique 10 digit number. The only
correct format of baggage tag number should be e.g. 7512123456 rather
than RJ123456.

In this example: “7” is the “leading digit” + “512”
is the 3-digit airline code + “123456” is the 6-digit bag number.

As such the last digit is not special in any way.

A list of three digit airline codes may be found on the IATA’s website. In your example, 176 belongs to Emirates.

The Wikipedia article for Bag tag also contains some helpful information. Note that the previous system used a two or three character airline code followed by a six digit bag number, rather than the 10 digit system now adopted. Per that article, the leading digit follows this scheme:

0 for interline or online tags, 1 for fallback tags (pre-printed or
demand-printed tags only for use by the local baggage handling system
if it cannot receive BSMs from a carrier’s departure control system
due to a fault in the latter or in communication between it and the
baggage handling system, as defined in IATA Recommended Practice
1740b) and 2 for Rush tags. The purpose of numbers in the range 3 to 9
as the first digit of the 10-digit license plate is undefined by IATA
but can be used by each carrier for its specific needs (commonly used
as a million indicator for the normal 6-digit tag number)

The full text of Resolution 751, which defines this format, is excerpted here. Complete details on everything related to the IATA baggage standards, along with far more material about interline procedures, should be found in the IATA Passenger Services Conference Resolutions Manual (PSCRM), which will cost you between $604.80, or $1737.75 for the “combo” package.

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Phone Reverse Lookup – Great Tips on How to Reverse Lookup Phone Numbers and Track Do

In this universe of science and innovation, the men of science invest their energy in research facilities looking for something new. We additionally witness their push to manage natural products. Presently this time, it is an iPhone from the place of Apple that has been pulling in all the considerations worldwide in the course of recent months. 
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iPhone is a small, thin, exquisite hand-held PC whose screen is a piece of touch touchy glass. The $500 and $600 models have 4 and 8 GB stockpiling and can store 825 and 1825 tunes individually. The iphone is assemblage of cellphone, video ipod, email terminal, internet browser, camera, morning timer, palm type coordinator and one hell of superficial point of interest. The telephone is so smooth and slender that makes Treos and Blackberrys look large. At the point when the glass of the telephone get smudgy, a sleeve cleans it off yet it doesn’t scratch without any problem. However, the greatest accomplishment in this telephone is the product accessible. It is quick, excellent, menu free and extremely easy to work. The main physical catch underneath the screen consistently opens the landing page showing the symbols for the iphone’s 16 capacities. Records look with a flick of finger; CD fronts flip over as it is flicked. The clients don’t need to check the phone message yet it itself checks the client. The just one catch press uncovers the holding up messages, recorded like email. There is no dialing in, no secret word. To answer a call, the client can tap answer on the screen, or squeeze the minuscule amplifier. iPhone has a speaker telephone and vibration mode however both are powerless. The music or video playback delays until you hang up. In any case, while making a call, be that as it may, the clients need to follow a protracted procedure containing 6 stages: wake the telephone, open its catches, gather the home screen, open the telephone program, see the ongoing calls or speed dial list and select a name. The call quality is simply normal yet email is fabulous. Approaching messages are completely designed, total with illustrations. The clients even can open Word, Excel and PDF reports however can’t alter. The internet browser is extremely commendable. It has different open pages, textual styles, designs, spring up menus, check boxes, interactive connections and dial-capable telephone number. Everything is finished with the tap of a finger.

Off Page SEO Tips For Quotes Sharing Site

Hello Dear Friends,

I am working on a quotes sharing website, all the quotes are written by different writers and they are unique (not just a copy paste site).

I am very aware of ON page SEO but when it comes to off page SEO (or Backlinks) I always feel confused.

How can I ask people for backlinks? I mean all the tips available on internet are related to content blogs. I have only quotes on my site. NO How to and Why kind of post.

So please suggest me some good backlink resources for quotes sharing site.

Thanks a lot. if you find something confusing then please my humble request to discuss it with me.


Success Stories, Features, And Tips

In this article, we focus on how restaurant loyalty apps can be used to build customer loyalty. We demonstrate this with examples of the world’s top food chains. We also outline must-have features and conclude with useful tips on how to set up an effective loyalty program. But first, let’s talk about why restaurants should go mobile for building customer loyalty.