Running schema recurring… Invalid Document Element ‘resource’: The attribute ‘title’ is required but missing. Line: 7

I have searched all topics, but it didn’t result in a solution

I have upgraded magento to: 2.4.2

Now after composer, I keep getting this error

When I do magento upgrade

Anyone get any clue?

Also have checked for mageplaza core, but still get this error

enter image description here

Set a maxlength for the title input in a custom post type

I’m creating a new custom post type. But I need to limit the max length for the title. This is how I’m creating the field in my code:

    'key' => 'title',
    'label' => 'Title',
    'name' => 'title',
    'type' => 'text',
    'required' => 1,
    'maxlength' => 65,

But the maxlength property isn’t working. Is there a way to set this limit from code (not using a plugin) and only for this post type?

Disable title block on edit screen for a custom post type

I have a custom post type with a custom block to collect required data and store it in post meta data or standard fields like title or slug, so I don’t want to display the Title block. I can’t disable title support in the CPT, because too much else depends on it.

The only successful attempt so far has been using CSS to target the id “post-title-0” of the for the title and can clearly enqueue a small CSS file depending on the post type, but I don’t want to depend on something set by WordPress that I can’t control; it feels that something in Javascript would be a better way to go if possible. I was wondering if WP provde any hooks for this but haven’t found any.

I’m a javascript novice, having started learning it in the last few weeks in order to write some custom blocks, so am not clear on the extent of what can be acheived with it. (I have 50 years experience of programming, just not in JS).

It would be OK to only hide the title until the post has been saved.

I did see one relevant post on here but it was for the Gutenberg plug-in and I didn’t know if I could adapt it for current versions.

Has anyone any ideas?

magento2 – Magento 2 results page title font size change

I’m trying to change the font size on the search results page for the ‘Search results for:’.
It’s currently 46px.
It’s in the ‘page-title-wrapper’, ‘page-title’, ‘base’.
I have a custom theme and a ‘_custom.less’ in app/design/frontend/custom_theme/web/source/ folder.
I’ve added the following:
.page-title-wrapper .page-title .h1 {
font-size:22px !important;
font-weight:normal !important;
I’ve compiled and cleaned the cache but the font size doesn’t change.
Can anyone advise please?
Many Thanks

macos – With PowerShell set iTerm2 tab title

I’m using PowerShell as my shell with iTerm2 on macOS.

I know it’s possible on bash and zsh but running the recommended solution doesn’t work in powershell, because the ANSI escape doesn’t work:

PS ~> echo -ne "33]1;Title07"
PS ~>

It should be possible to shell out to i.e. zsh from powershell to use these ANSI escapes, but I’d like a PowerShell-native solution.

2013 – Paste a url together with title (Display Text) in Quick Edit mode

I have several hundred urls I need to paste in to a Sharepoint list. I can paste the urls with no problem, but I need to paste in a Title too (or ‘Display Text’ to give the exact system name for the field). I like to be able to paste in the ‘Display Text’ at the same time as pasting the url. I’m working in Edit / Quick Edit mode, rather than the standard mode.

When in Edit mode, I can click in the url field and it will allow me to manually type in the Display Text, but that’ll take ages and cause me to lose the will to live.

Image of list item, showing the url column


I’ve found a couple of posts with proposed solutions, neither of which work for me.

Link 1 and Link 2. This third link also looked useful, it involves using a workflow. *New addition: Link 4 and Link 6. (No, there’s no Link 5).

Link 2 Results

The second of the links above looked especially promising. In Excel I pasted in the formula they’ve used:

=CONCATENATE(“”””,B2,””””,”, “,””””,,A2,””””)

Yet the result I get is a #NAME? error.

Here’s a screenshot of what I see in Excel. The formula looks ok to, Excel appears happy to accept it, yet gives a bad result.

Excel picture with Concatenate formula

Link 3 Results

The workflow failed to paste the values correctly; the display text contains both the url and the ‘Display Text’.

Picture of failed url, created by workflow

result of using the workflow option

Link 4 Results

THis post has two answers, Sergei’s accepted answer has since been deprecated by Microsoft (html no longer permitted in calculated columns). I tried out the second answer, by using a calculated column, but this only returned the value of the text field I’m using as a title for the url.

5. Ganesh’s suggestion

Thanks for posting Ganesh. I tried out this method, I’m using Excel. Please note the formula that created the url. As you see in the 2nd and 3rd pictures below, the value ‘I am the Title’ is posted to both fields, the url has not been pasted in.

enter image description here
enter image description here
enter image description here

Link 6 Results

(I don’t have the correct version of Access to be able to attempt this method by Daniel Šmon, but am posting for reference for others facing the same issue as me. Yes, I’m selfless I know I know…)

dnd 5e – Where to find information about the official DnD5e books title creatures?

I’m wondering where did the title characters from the official DnD5e books come from. What are their lores in the world of DnD 5e. I want to know more about: Tasha, Xanathar, Mordenkainen and Volo.

Where can I learn more about their stories? Is there any official information? Or are they only some cool naming for the books?

Is there any information about them in their books?

video editing – How to create a very very long rolling title

I need to create a rolling title around 1700 lines long.
I usually create rolling titles in premiere pro using the legacy titler, but it is just not made to handle so long titles: it will freeze for minutes at a time, or sometimes make premiere crash.

Once I’ve created the title, I just need to export it as uncompressed video file (AVI or similar), so I can import it as footage in my Project.

The most simple solution I came up with is to take a screen capture of a text file while I manually scroll it. However, I need to be able to control the speed of the scrolling, otherwise I get artefacts from the necessary framerate adjustment in the final project.
So I’m looking for a solution either in an adobe program, or any available freeware.