Windows 7 – Microsoft Security Essentials repeatedly detects Nemucod in the newly created tmp.edb file

Today I have a pop-up with the message that I will be logged out in 1 minute. Sure enough, it happened.

I've updated the malware definitions of MSE, Malwarebytes Free, and Spybot S & D for free, and then performed full scans sequentially. The latter two had nothing to say, but MSE reported on Nemucod and cited c: ProgramData Microsoft Search Data Applications Windows tmp.edb. I hit the GUI selector to remove that and was prompted to restart. When logging in again, MSE displays a message that the malware has been cleaned up and that nothing needs to be done. Minutes later, MSE again displays a warning and the information again refers to Nemucod. So I'm going through the removal routine again, but this seems like going into an endless loop (which I mean by the iterations so far). The timestamp of tmp.edb always seems as current as the last reboot.

I used an administrator account and tried to delete tmp.edb manually, but I was told that the resource was busy. I booted in safe mode, but tmp.edb was nowhere to be found. Only when I booted in normal mode did tmp.edb be recreated.

Web browsing means that tmp.edb is a database file used by Windows. I'm not sure if it's exactly the same path as above.

I'm worried that the malware has not really disappeared and that MSE is displaying the warning again.

What should I do? I am using Windows 7.
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I've posted this on the Microsft forum at -5af09c84da18tm = 1544946146354