How dare I hate hatred and tolerate intolerance?

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Where this was the cherry basket of the plucking in question:

… and then of course he throws out words like readiness to fight, ignorance and bigotry …

Where if – to be honest – someone with more than one brain cell to rub against each other would understand when I'm bigoted, it's against bigots. When I'm belligerent, it's against those who actively promote bench and pulpit warfare, and when I'm ignorant, it's like everyone in the flames over five can believe a single word of the noodle-doodle half. funny FAIRY TALE about a genocidal, abusive maniac in the sky … who loves us all.

Of course religion uses the words love, tolerance and enlightenment, but that's all it is. Words. What is actually traded from the pulpit, promoted by the faithful, and found in every moldy old volume of fiction that your boat floats is hatred, bigotry, and ignorance.

But no, speaking out against things that actively promote the world's evil to manipulate the masses is, of course, bigoted and ignorant.

Even the simplest of supposedly "good" is a bald lie, little more than marketing and propaganda, to get people in the door so that echo chamber, train, and ritual indoctrination can jeopardize critical thinking. There is a reason for that should are treated as a communicable mental illness, and the only reason why this is not the case is that the majority of people suffer from it. What is the norm is not a disorder, even if it should be.

Look no further than the ten commandments, the first of which clearly caresses an unsafe divine, three of which (including the first) are nothing more than indoctrinative brainwashing and the rest of the next 44 to 72 books (depending on your taste of the Option) (/ i) always gives you the option to completely ignore them.

Remember you shouldn't kill … well, unless it's a witch (Exodus 22:17), blasphemy (Leviticus 24: 10-16), or they have committed adultery (Leviticus 3) 20:10, Leviticus 21: 9) or a child who beats their parents (Exodus 21:15) or curses their parents (Leviticus 20: 9) or believes in another belief (Exodus 22: 19, 2 Chronicles 15: 12-13, Zechariah 13: 3, Deuteronomy 17: 2) -5), entire cities – destroy all property and salt the earth – if they do not exterminate the heretics in their mists (5. Moses 13: 13-19), homosexuals (Romans 1: 24-32, Numbers 1): 48-51), people who work on the Sabbath (Exodus 31: 12-15) and don't even tell me about those that don't belong to the tribes.

But remember, at least Jesus said that our slaves should be obedient and enjoy their slavery because it helps their Christian owners. (Ephesians 6: 5, Luke 12: 47-48, 1 Timothy 6: 1-2) Maintaining the Old Testament tradition (Exodus 21: 5).damn almost everything!)

Wait … can we have slaves? What happened to "let my people go"?

Tell me again how "God" love is.

Nothing should make you an atheist or agnostic faster than reading the Bible itself with a degree of understanding, morality, and determination. In contrast, someone with an agenda selects passages for you once a week and wraps them up with a sheet of propaganda.

Hardly a shock, then the "most pious" and "most loyal" "true believers" – fundamentalists – in the camp "Open everything again", storm buildings of the state capital with their penis extensions, block ambulances and disrupt the hospital operations and more than willing to yours Sacrifice health and your life all because they are currently impractical.

Charity, compassion, tolerance and sacrifice mean NOTHING to these people; just like the beliefs they follow. It is obvious that the more people believe – or at least the louder they proudly proclaim this belief – the more socially and immorally they behave. One could almost think that the part of the brain that controls rational thinking is often damaged by both religious extremists and psychopaths.

Another part of the brain from which I have a dangerous hyperfunction, hence my non-24-wake disturbance and debilitating headache … and why I don't seem to be able to understand the belief. My thinking skills and critical thinking will not allow it. Although I freely admit that I am often far, this is far too skeptical. It also means that I really see through bullshit, REALLY quickly.

Hence the massive intersection of this population with the curiosities shouting "FREEDOM" while waving Confederate flags, "RIGHTS" when waving Nazi flags, "TOLERANCE" when attacking other faiths as if their own taste of hatred and Bigotry based on lies is better and demands "RESPECT" when someone is finally angry enough to say "enough is enough" and to make them aware of their complete lack of it.

It is for these reasons that demand Respect from others, usually have a history of behavior that makes them absolutely unworthy.

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Just as we're talking about the same amount of jerks that, as I said in the other thread, wave the flag highest, stand for the anthem, shame athletes who kneel for it, recite the socialist indoctrinative promise the loudest, while ALWAYS the first to trample everything these symbols are supposed to represent! They clearly don't believe in the ideals of this nation or the Constitution, recklessly worship the name and vague concept of "America" ​​while not giving a single flying purple fish for what it's supposed to mean. That is certain, because the F *** is not patriotism! That is idolatry.

Doesn't this moldy old volume say less about idolatry with less legitimacy than Aesop and Grimm? It's part of this ten-step program, isn't it?

Even worse, they run around screaming that their beliefs are being attacked … when someone started the fight, it was the believers, and frankly, it was long past that the whole concept was ground into a fine powder and scattered in the wind . It's okay for them to be narrow-minded bigots that attack everyone else's beliefs or lifestyle – because of Jesus – but don't dare to persecute them.

No, that would be "bigoted".

In reality, their discomfort, if not a complete lack of experience, manifests itself in defending their viewpoints. Therefore, the stricter the religion and the more actively it promotes hatred of those who do not believe in the faith, the stricter it is. The more they try to keep you isolated from opposite points of view. The more they teach you to reject anyone or anything that contradicts the moldy old volume written by goatherds at a time when tin was a fancy rare metal sent by the divine. Don't let me start quoting the OT again!

See why Mormons do their missionary work; not to try to convert people to faith, but to reaffirm the idea that non-Mormons are bad people for the young, impressive, brainwashed youth who send them into the "cruel, cruel, immoral world". So why bare the door open or scream in the face? "Take the Book of Mormon and push it into your self-righteous asses enough to choke and ask your soul for pork fucker." is EXACTLY what those who created this belief wanted. It strengthens the "we" and "she" mentality, which is as much at the core of every religion as all the alleged ideals and dogmas they have claim strive for. So if you treat these well-dressed young people like dirt on your doorstep, you're doing exactly what Mormon belief wants you to do.

When I'm warlike on these issues – religion, conservatism, left and right extremism, ludditism, pseudo-scientific quackery, conspiracy theorists, jadeei stuffers, bleach enemas as a cure for autism nuts, dirt bags called avocado, and the ice cream parades – they come from the key message you will find in all of my articles on every subject: a deeply rooted concern for the wellbeing of others and a deeply rooted hatred of snake oil dealers, carnival hucksters and other such bald faces LIAR!.

If it is "wrong" to hate these things, something is wrong with your definition of decency, morality and the definition of the word "wrong". This is probably why I consider evangelicals, televangelists and their herds, as well as those waving in public for their overpriced AR platform discounts, as penis extensions and say "we have to sacrifice a few to the virus" to prevent immoral, being indecent dirt bags.

See waste meat like the pastors in the deep south that infect their herds. Some even go so far as to stuff them on buses to make sure they show up when the collector plate is passed around. When I take care of others, I find it uncomfortable to say that, but those who died of the virus when they just screamed a week earlier that Jesus would protect them and their spiritual dwarfs? Well, karma is an idiot.

Then we wonder why these ignorant meat sacks are out there and say that the orange commander with the Cheeto fingers in half a tweet is the new savior. No secret, they are only looking for the latest and greatest demagogues to live up to their beliefs.

Hence my position on things like bootcrap, tailwind, responding, vue.js etc. etc. Garbage systems that are built entirely on a fabric of lies, by people who are not qualified to express their opinions on web development, and by Bandwagon, card are advertised – stacking, indoctrination, glittering generality and complete exploitation of the hopes, fears and dreams of the ignorant.

Just as a preacher or other "believer" is rarely or never qualified to open his ignorant traps on the issues of decency, morality, or the nature of the universe. Again, they use the words, but are clearly not aware of the meaning behind them.

The bottom line is always a comedy when Bigots and their followers try to scream "bigotry" when called for their ignorant, intolerant bullshit.

What did George say? "I know I'm a prima donna! Hell, I admit it. I can't stand Monty … he won't admit it!"

But of course, oh no, someone is "confrontational" – let's cry in front of moderators because it goes against our own preconceived bullshit. Wah wah wah. Then we wonder why places that involve their panties in the discussion of such ideas are little more than a collection of suckers and sycophants, where fraudsters are allowed to run over the Nubes and Rubles as long as no one uses anything naughty words or " "the status quo; let alone call out the grubby dirt bags for your dirt bag surgery.

From where "it's not what you said, but how you said it" copout, used by those who can't really defend a point of view and those who just keep cheating on others or wanting to deceive themselves.

For more information, see Confirmation Distortion and Cognitive Dissonance.

Distributed Systems – Why is a Byzantine Fault Tolerance Threshold Set on an "Asynchronous" Network? (where it can't even tolerate a faulty node)

In the following answer (SHORTCUT: has been shown for Asynchronous Byzantine Agreement::

"We cannot tolerate that 1/3 or more of the knots are dishonest or we lose
either security or liveliness. "

The following conditions / requirements were taken into account for this verification:

  1. Our system is asynchronous,
  2. Some participants may be malicious.
  3. We want security.
  4. We want liveliness.

A basic question is:

Taking into account the well-known paper with the title: "Impossibility of a distributed consensus with a faulty process" (SHORTCUT:

Shows that:

No fully asynchronous consensus protocol can tolerate a single unannounced process death.

Can we still assume that the network is asynchronous? As in this case, the network cannot even tolerate a faulty node.

How does a distributed system tolerate both the network partition and consistency?

The GAP theorem states that you can only achieve a maximum of two of the three properties of consistency. Availability, and partition tolerance, So if you want to achieve consistency and partition tolerance according to the CAP theorem, you have to Got to Giving up availability.

Or to put it simply: when you recognize a partition, you simply no longer respond to requests! If you never answer, you can never answer with an inconsistent answer.

If the network partition is between two replica computers, isn't it impossible to achieve consistency?

Yes, it is. However, keep in mind that the CAP theorem states that in this case you will lose availability. So you just don't answer, and if you don't answer at all, don't answer with an inconsistent answer.

How can we have both P and C in the second case?

By giving up A.

By not condemning the anti-Semitism of Ilhan Omar, the Democrat does not tolerate anti-Semitic hate speech?

Democrats never condemn immorality.

As long as there is an anti-Christian or anti-Jewish bias, the democratic leaders are silent. With silence, they can maintain plausible denial about their anti-Semitism

The following is a theorem that accurately predicts left-liberal politics: if two possible alternatives exist, leftists / liberals will always choose to defend, promote, legalize, and finance the option that in the long run is the greatest, creates an immoral result.


blockchain – How does Specter tolerate spam transactions?

Sure, there is a desire to avoid unnecessary load. However, apart from the warning of people not to hurt the system during its growth phase, it is pointless.

In a system without identities, there is no way to apply a quota or quota limit per attendee. The global quota limit only leads to a denial-of-service attack. In practice, the only thing preventing spam is a free market. If people want to pay for something more than for others, it will come in. This is independent of the type of consensus algorithm used to build the chain.