Optimization – How to create a wipe tool algorithm?

I'm creating an algorithm for the smudge tool, but it has to be done pixel by pixel.

The concept of the wiping tool is simple

onMouseMove – Copy the pixels of the old point to a new point using a brush template

Enter image description here

I have problems with bitwise operations. The algorithm does not draw pixels correctly. (I'm creating this algorithm from scratch, which can lead to stupid mistakes.)

diameter = brush.size;
_bitData = _canvas.bitmapData;
_bitwidth = _bitData.rect.width;//width of canvas

_bitVector = _bitData.getVector();//1d vector of uint

_brushVector = brush.bitmapData.getVector();//1d vector of uint

brushVectorIndex = 0;
for(yIndex = 0; yIndex < diameter; yIndex++)
    for(xIndex = 0; xIndex < diameter; xIndex++)
        yCor = yIndex + oldY;
        xCor = xIndex + oldX;

            bitVectorIndex_old      = (yCor * _bitWidth)        + xCor;
            bitVectorIndex_new      = ((Y+yIndex) * _bitWidth)  + X+xIndex;

            //Creating alpha map of brush and old mouse point's pixel
            brushPixelAlpha = (_brushVector(brushVectorIndex) & _bitVector(bitVectorIndex_old) & 0xFF000000);

            //Adding colors to the aplha map according to old mouse point's pixel
            brushPixel = brushPixelAlpha | (_bitVector(bitVectorIndex_old) & 0x00FFFFFF);

            //Create alpha map for new pixel
            pixelAlpha = ((brushPixel | _bitVector(bitVectorIndex_new)) & 0xFF000000)

            //Adding color to pixel alpha map using brush's stamp 
            pixel =  pixelAlpha | (brushPixel & 0x00FFFFFF);

            _bitVector(bitVectorIndex_new) = pixel;

If you'd like to suggest how to tweak this code, this is also helpful because it executes 10000 times in each frame.

[NEW] Tool for encrypting files

Hello everybody,

I just wanted to tell my story for a moment. Recently, someone stole my laptop while I was in Germany, and I lost all my documents, photos, passwords, and small work-related projects. So I learned not only to pay more attention to my property, but also to create more security for my files that I have. I did a bit of research and downloaded the encryption app for files called Nordlocker (https://nordlocker.com/). It's a totally free app that protects military standard files …

(NEW) Tool for encrypting files

A tool for theme ideas


I'm a web developer and I'm thinking about developing a simple tool that will help the blog audience:

  1. Post topic suggestions that you want to read about in a particular blog,
  2. Tune the suggestions so the blogger knows what to focus on.

The benefits for bloggers would be:

  1. they know what their audience wants to read about
  2. When you publish an article on a particular topic, readers are notified. So increases …

A tool for theme ideas

Excel – quick reference tool with data validation or another function / tool – open for suggestions. Detail below

I was assigned to create a reference tool for my team. I will illustrate the general scenario below:

We sell hundreds of products. Each order is tracked by status codes. These status codes are not consistent for all products.

Example – Pending / P01 for product A may have a different description (eg pending – customer can not be contacted) as pending / P01 for product B (eg pending financial support). This deviation is beyond our control.

I have created a table with the following columns: productname | Status | Substatus | description

I started this table with the data for Product A, so this structure is flexible. When thinking of solutions that require a different configuration, minimal rework is required.

My first thought was to use data validation to create dependent dropdowns. In the first drop-down list, the user selects the product name. In the second drop-down list, the user selects a valid status for this product. In the third drop-down list, the user selects a valid sub-status for this product / status Description as output.

This idea does not work for me. Each product has multiple rows because each product has multiple substates that are related to its status.


>Product A         Pending         P01         “Description”
>Product A         Pending         P02         “Description”
>Product A         Pending         P03         “Description”
>Product A         Cancelled       C01         “Description”
>Product A         Cancelled       C02         “Description”
>Product A         Cancelled       C03         “Description”

I can only make the data validation work if I create a separate product list next to my main table.

The second drop-down list (status) only works if I chain the Product Name, Status, and Sub Status columns and then use = INDIRECT (cell from the first drop-down list). I prefer not to do that. With the amount of products and the available status this will look very chaotic.

Now you're wondering – why can not your team just filter to find the information they need? I hear you. However, the management's policy is that this should be locked, with all data tabs hidden and the user only seeing the "Selection" tab. These job statuses are constantly changing and products are constantly being added or removed. We do not want the many team members to be able to manipulate this data.

Originally, I thought I could do this by using a form in Access, but met with my missing skills pretty quickly a wall. I thought that might be easier to put together in Excel, but I still face challenges.

Do you think that data validation can achieve this? Is there any other feature in excel that works better? Is this something I should write in VBA instead? Do you think access was the better route? I'm as good as on the ground floor. So far I have not tried to give myself what I want. So I'm open to everything. Do not expect that you find out all that for me, I really want to learn it and just look for a guide.

Please let me know if you need more information. I would appreciate suggestions, or know resources I could refer to. Thanks!!

html – Looking for a Google Tool

I was asked by a doctor friend to participate in a marketing call through his website. The host took us to a Google Tool site that opened a right-hand panel that showed a lot of information about the site. One of the first things was an identifier / type of website. It was called "Website". The host said it should be changed to a dentist … Do you have any idea which tool to use or where to change it?

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