Advanced way to preview the Outlook PST file – PST Viewer Tool – Everything Else

Free PST Viewer Tool is an advanced way to preview the Outlook data without the need for an MS Outlook application.
Preview the software support of all elements that make up the selected .pst file, for example: B.: E-mail, Calendar, Task, Attachments, Notes, Posts, and so on. You can preview these data items in a single view by selecting the Folder List icon.
The software not only allows the user to read PST files without Outlook, but also provides the ability to save emails as the most requested format, such as PDF.


WINDOWS – Deploy CIS hardened image with SCCM (or other deployment tool)

My goal is to deploy multiple Windows Server 2016 computers using a golden image. I've read posts where people configure a reference server that contains all the needed applications. Next, they recreated the image and used SCCM to capture an image from the reference server and use it for deployment.

However, I have not found a good resource that shows how to provide a hardened golden image. I have thought about making my Golden Image CIS L1 compatible using systems that are hardened from the first start. Does this make sense? Or is Sysprep reversing my hardening efforts? I'm just wondering why I found no examples.


Visualization – Is not there an efficient visualization tool for C language?

I study physics at the university in the second year of study 🙂

And I'm especially interested in numerical analysis and computer physics. So I'm trying to find a good visualization tool that works well with C language.

Recently, I've spent a lot of time finding such a tool or header file to practice many aspects of computing and visualization. But I could not.

Is there any useful software or techniques for visualizing scientific data? I hope I can get pretty good information.

Many Thanks 🙂

Dice – What's the name of the tool that makes it less likely that the same number will be rolled consecutively?

I'm looking for an online tool that a friend once used in an RPG and that has adjusted the probabilities of an otherwise fair dice roll so that it's less likely to roll the same number multiple times. So, if you roll a 1d6 and get a 4, it's less likely that your next roll of 1d6 will be a 4 than roll 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6.

This was a pretty interesting game as it forced a wider value distribution for dice that we would not have seen otherwise. We still diced the same number on average, but the distribution was wider.

Does anyone know where I could find this tool?

How can I convert a daemon tool batch file to Virtual Clone Drive?

I want to convert a batch file that I used for Daemon Tool Lite to use with Virtual Clone Drive. It is important that the drive is properly loaded before starting the program. But I have not tried luck so far. Any help appreciated. This is my current batch file:

@echo off

set mds_file = "G: GAMES Other Games WipeoutXL Wipeout.XL.mds"
set DTLite = "C: Program Files DAEMON Tools Lite DTAgent.exe"
Prg_run = "G: GAMES Other Games WipeoutXL Wipeout2.exe"
@echo off

IF NOT EXIST% mds_file% go to missing_mds
IF% DTLite% DOES NOT EXIST, go to missing_DTLite
IF NOT EXIST% Prg_run%, go to missing_PrgToRun
Echo MDS Location:% mds_file% ok!
echo DTLite location:% DTLite% ok!
echo program location:% prg_run% ok!

: mount_image
Echo Scsi virtual drive letter% errorlevel% ok!
Echo (drive letter: D = 3, E = 4, F = 5, G = 6, H = 7, I = 8, J = 9, K = 10, …)
echo installation image …
% DTLite% -mount scsi,% scsi_count%,% mds_file%

% Prg_run%

: missing_DTLite
Echo error:% DTLite% not found.
go to the exit

: missing_mds
Echo error: file not found% mds_file%.
go to the exit

: missing_PrgToRun
Echo Error: Program unable to run the file% prg_run%.
go to the exit

: error_add
echo New virtual scsi drive could not be added!
go to the exit

: error_letter
echo The letter of the virtual SCSI drive could not be retrieved!
go to the exit

: error_mount
Echo error: The image file% mds_file% can not be loaded!
go to the exit


Easy Repair of PST Files – Inbox Repair Tool – Everything Else

MS Outlook is a very popular e-mail client that stores all user mailbox data in a .pst file. However, due to some technical issues, this file is vulnerable to damage. In many cases, a minor corruption of the .pst file has occurred, which can be corrected with the Inbox Repair Tool. However, due to insufficient knowledge, users have lost access to their file and can use a third-party PST repair tool. To get the Inbox Repair Tool recovery, here is a very informative guide to the Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool.

, – Why does the Google Structured Data Testing Tool not load external JSON LD files referenced in @context?

When playing with the Google Structured Data Testing Tool, I noticed that it can handle inline @Context OK in JSON-LD:

"@context": {
"Product": "",
"name": ""
"@type": "product",
"name": "test"

Enter image description here

However, it can not handle external JSON LD files that are referenced @Context:

"@context": "",
"@type": "product",
"name": "test"

Enter image description here

Instead, The terms are resolved relative to the current URL,

And when I check the server logs from, I can see that no attempt has been made to request the context file.

Is this a deliberate violation of JSON-LD because Google only cares about certain vocabulary? like, or did I miss something?

Bonus question: Can we expect the same behavior from GoogleBot? H. That external JSON LD context files are not being downloaded?

What is the best tool to run the Landing Page user test, Unbounce or Axure?

We plan to run several tests to validate the best solution for a landing page to increase lead generation. I'm thinking about creating prototypes (a few prototypes because we also want to do A / B testing), publishing this prototype, and promoting campaigns to generate traffic in this prototype to collect user input. Therefore, it will be very important that this prototype has a high fidelity with refined interactions.

The problem is that I conflict with my product owner about which tool we should use to generate these prototypes

I am very inclined to use Axure. Not only are we more familiar with the tool, but we can also be very flexible and create a high fidelity prototype that looks like a final website. However, she insists that we should use unbalance.

I can not find an answer to help me choose the tool that suits me best.

Does anyone have any input that could help me clarify this question?

Many Thanks