applications – How can I select multiple recycler view items and delete them with the help of action mode, simple toolbar, I mean I can delete multiple items by this

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java – ¿Como solucionar el error appCompatActivity al querer agregar la funcion de regresar atras desde toolbar en un fragment?

en esta ocasión vengo con un error que me salio ya que quiero agregar la función de retroceder hacia atrás desde fragment, ya que tengo los títulos en toolbar solo me falta el retroceso y me lleve al menú principal.

public View onCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, ViewGroup container,
                         Bundle savedInstanceState) {

    // Inflate the layout for this fragment
    return inflater.inflate(R.layout.fragment_volcan_popocatepetl, container, false);


** Captura de error**
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gui construction – How to make a better self-closing toolbar button that always works?

My DockedCellstoolbar has a self-closing button that sometimes decides to permanently stop working on that particular notebook. closing and reopening file always loads all previous toolbar even when restarting kernel or frontend which is bad enough for the end user but even worse for the developer who then must copy all code to a new notebook to evaluate his edits.

The following function pulled out from the last button is the only way i know to close a docked cell from a button within the docked cell. A quick look reveals a few problems. It doesnt just target my toolbar. It removes all custom toolbars even those useless native ones.

 SetOptions(EvaluationNotebook(), DockedCells -> Inherited, 
  TaggingRules -> Inherited, CellContext -> Inherited))

The following is a greatly trimmed version of my toolbar given to given to provide a more complete picture of how i use it.`

toolbar(cellbg_ : RGBColor(.8, .85, 1, 1)) := Block({},
   cellbuttons = Row({
      Button("go to top", FrontEndTokenExecute("ScrollNotebookStart")),
      Button("go to bottom", 
      Button("close toolbar", 
        SetOptions(EvaluationNotebook(), DockedCells -> Inherited, 
         TaggingRules -> Inherited, CellContext -> Inherited)))
    DockedCells -> Cell(
       Background -> cellbg,
       CellMargins -> 0, 
       CellFrame -> {{0, 0}, {2, 2}},
       CellFrameMargins -> {{20, 0}, {2, 2}}


My questions are… can i rewrite the function so that it only targets my toolbar preferably by identifying it with cell tags.

  1. resetting options isn’t very reliable. why isn’t possible to just delete the offending code like we do with everything else in life?
    there has to be a better way.

Note: I could not get the trimmed down code to install (this explains the echo) but that is not the important part. what i really need is how to make the close function in the button more reliable.

settings – How to set which options appear on the text selection toolbar?

I’m referring to the menu that appears when you tap and hold on some text to select it. How do you change which options appear by default and which appear in the extra (. . .) menu?

I have to translate text regularly, and Google Translate used to appear on the text selection menu without tapping into the extra options. As of a week ago, Google Translate has been moved to the extra options menu, and a regular Google search is in its old place, so it’s an extra tap for me to translate text. I feel this is a system setting somewhere but cannot find anything about it.

Thanks in advance!

gnome – Hide text for Kate toolbar butons

I am under Ubuntu 20.04.2, using kate 19.12.3.
My toolbar looks like this

enter image description here

Is there any way to hide the text next to each icon in the toolbar?
Ideally, they would show as a tooltip, as in many other applications (at least in Windows… not that I am a fan of Win but in this the UI seems better). But otherwise, just show the icons.

I already used gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface toolbar-style 'icons' (source), and it doesn’t work (I didn’t expect it to).

magento2 – Move Catalog Search element into Toolbar block

I need to move the catalogsearch.leftnav element inside the Toolbar block, it is currently inside the sidebar.main, I have tried:

<referenceBlock name="catalogsearch.leftnav.clone">
        <action method="setTemplate" ifconfig="layered_navigation/general/enable">
            <argument name="template" xsi:type="string">layer/view-clone.phtml</argument>
        <container name="" as="layer_additional_info"/>
        <container name="layer.content.before" as="layer_content_before"/>

<move element="catalogsearch.leftnav.clone" destination="content" before="product_list_toolbar_pager"/>

but it has not worked, since I have left the element inside content but not inside the Toolbar, any suggestions?


android – KivyMD Toolbar left_action_items can’t switch screens?

I am new to KivyMD and presently working on MDToolbar. I learned to add left_action_items onto the toolbar. But my question is how to use those action_items to change screens, ie when I click those action_items it should go to a different screen, that’s what they are used for right(change screens). I checked dozens of solutions on the internet including StackOverflow, but none of them helped me. Can someone help me rectify this issue…..