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linux – What’s the most versatile single 32g thumb drive rescue toolkit i can make today?

What’s the most versatile single 32g thumb drive rescue toolkit i can make today? Well clearly “today” is whatever day you answer. it should secure-boot, or as efi, or bios, and be useful with the widest range of problems you might encounter on at least linux, freebsd, mac, and windows, in a datacenter, or at your mom’s house. Made from a single .iso is fair, but a collection of .iso’s is likely better. i encourage answers that involve fewer than 40 steps to create. A step being a command i type, or other action i take. Anything in an ubuntu LTS repository is fair game. Any “well known” and “well regarded” free .iso is fair game. Any tutorial posted in a well regarded free public forum is fair game insofar as it also qualifies as described here. i discourage any answer that includes downloading anything else. i encourage any answer of the form “a better place to ask this question is….”

c# – Unity: XR Interaction Toolkit: Best way to override XRRayInteractor from an interactable GameObject

I’m very new to C# and Unity. I’m adding some custom interactions to XR Interaction Toolkit, I’m trying to make it so when a user “grabs” a certain GameObject they can resize it with the thumbstick on the controller. However on other GameObjects using the thumbstick will rotate and move the object which is the default behavior when Anchor Control is turned on.

enter image description here

My first thought is override the Anchor Control method which appears to be called ProcessInteractor. But this is inside the XRRayInteractor script. Whereas because this functionality is specific to certain GameObjects I feel like I should be writing this code as part of XRGrabInteractable and placing it on the GameObject that’s interactable.

Am I correct in thinking this? And if so what’s the correct way to implement this, is it possible to override ProcessInteractor in XRRayInteractor from the GameObject that has the XRGrabInteractable on it without ending up with the entire XRRayInteractor attached to the GameObject? Can’t quite get my head around the best way to do this.

installation – Sources disagree on hashes for supposely identical version when trying to install CUDA 11.2 toolkit

I am new to GPU computing and I am trying to install CUDA on my linux 20.04 focal with kernel 5.4.0 workstation that is equipped with NVIDIA quadro p4000 GPU.

I have followed the instructions in this link:


and when I did step 3.8 (sudo apt-get install cuda) I get this message:

Sources disagree on hashes for supposely identical version ‘11.2.2-1’ of ‘cuda-command-line-tools-11-2:amd64’
and when I tried nvcc –version after the installation finished with the above message and a few other similar messages I got nothing which means it didn’t install.

Actually I am trying to do the installation on a remote machine so I was not able to do any restarts during the installation if that is actually needed, because I don’t have access to the physical machine.

can you please help me figure out what is going wrong with my installation?

windows – Win Toolkit “Parameter is incorrect”

Estoy tratando desde hace unos días de crear una versión simplificada de Windows, descargue una imagen de Windows 10, y estoy tratando de remover algunos componenetes que considero podrían optimizar los recursos que ocupa Windows de forma basal. Utilicé Win Toolkit para remover dichos componentes, y las primeras versiones las pude editar aunque me dieron problemas a la hora de la instalación (no corría Windows), sin embargo desde hoy no he podido manipular más el archivo. El ISO de Windows está descomprimido y el archivo que se tiene que editar con el programa es el “Install” de la carpeta Source, este tiene extensión .esd, pero se la cambié utilizando Powershell a .wim, el problema es que Win Toolkit no reconoce más dicho archivo, dice que el parámetro no es correcto
(1): https://i.stack.imgur.com/GuQNQ.png

8 – How do Image Optimize pipelines coexist with core’s Image toolkit optimization?

I have the Image Optimize module installed. I’ve also installed and configured Image Optimize Binaries and Image Optimize reSmush.it.

I’ve created a simple pipeline that processes an image through reSmush.it’s magic, setting the desired quality to 80%. This basic setup allows me to apply an optimization process to images after they have an image style applied. (The Image Optimize module adds an option to the image style creation form to choose your optimization pipeline.)

From my understanding, for any particular image, core’s process might look like:

  1. Original image uploaded via image field (1200x800px, unoptimized).
  2. In my display, I apply the image style to scale and crop this image to 300x200px.
  3. When this image is accessed, the image is scaled and cropped to 300x200px, and then core’s JPEG quality would take effect and optimize this cropped image.

With the Image Optimize pipelines, I’m not sure if core’s JPEG quality settings are still used: does the image get core’s optimization plus the Image Optimize pipeline? or does the Image Optimize pipeline override core’s optimization? I can’t seem to find an answer to this anywhere. How do these options coexist?

The7 — Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit for WordPress | Nulled Scripts Download

1. New: Icon shortcode.
2. New pre-made website: Modern Business – https://the7.io/modern-business/
3. Improved: blog list, improvements to images styling.
4. Improved: сaching of HTTP request result added to Flick widget.
5. Fixed: albums carousel does not show featured images.
6. Fixed: missing grid styles in Portfolio masonry and grid shortcode.
7. Fixed: issue with wrong active menu item indication when using anchors navigation.
8. Fixed: issue with related portfolio items…