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GeoIP – Moderator Tools – Provides GeoIP information and mapping to post-IP tools.

Extends the standard IP moderator tools with GeoIP / Location information and Google Maps integration to improve the information available to moderators.
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GeoIP – Presenter Tools

Python tools or languages ​​for creating workflows

I design a service workflow that depends mainly on REST calls to multiple systems. I want to interpret it with features like rollbacks and error handling. I realize this is the best way to do it with raw code (like Python), but I wanted to see what other possibilities exist.

I was thinking about Ansible. This seems to be a good mechanism for creating a workflow to call multiple REST endpoints. However, with my limited understanding, it can be difficult to pass data from one block to another.

Mobile app development tools

1. Sencha:

Sencha Ext JS is an MVC-based JavaScript framework. This mobile app development tool provides a fast response for the apps. It helps to increase customer satisfaction.


1. Developers can set up in HTML5 format with the Sencha Touch software development
2. The code can be translated using another tool, such as Telephone Distance
3. It is a useful tool to develop native programs without wasting installation
4. It is currently supported by World Wide Web Kit browsers, including popular Apple iOS and Google websites
5. Rationalized configuration program
6. Enables scaling to different resolutions for maximum compatibility with different devices
7. Wide support for animations and increased touch events

2. Kendo UI:

Kendo UI is an end-to-end solution for developing mobile apps for the development of modern clients. It is based on modern web standards and offers highly modular app development solutions.


1. It works effortlessly with AngularJS
2. Create cross-platform web applications. This can be adjusted for the screen size of the user on desktop, tablet and mobile phone
3. It's the simplest tool that virtually any JavaScript developer can get started with
4. Enables the jQuery Info Source component for easy data binding for local and remote data


Tools to Create a Quiz with Personalized Product Recommendations?

Does anyone know if there is a software, a plugin or a library to create something similar to the quiz in (several questions that end up with personalized product recommendations based on the answers). The hard part is not the quiz (there are many tools for that), but linking the quiz answers to the product database to give personalized recommendations.

And the like, but with a chatbot instead of an interactive quiz? (the chatbot asks …

Tools to Create a Quiz with Personalized Product Recommendations?

Mobile App Development Tool – Kony

If you want to build your mobile app from scratch, there are a number of tools available as part of advanced mobile app technologies. The tools below are ideal for developing a complete app from scratch, and provide multi-platform capabilities to reach a broad audience. Echo Innovate IT has put together a list of mobile app development tools that help you create a bug-free app from scratch.


When Kony connects to a single IDE, a developer can create JavaScript apps that run on all platforms. However, this tool is a bit of pinching the bag, especially if you want to create more than one mobile app, want more than a hundred users, etc.

The Kony mobile app development tool can support a variety of things including API management, catboats, voice, customer reporting, augmented reality, reference apps and many more. While the tool itself can be installed on both Windows and Mac computer systems, the associated mobile apps are used for previewing and testing on the device on which it is to run.


Any tools to improve the existing form?

I use a few types of autoresponders (eg Mailwizz), and these types of autoresponders provide the normal HTML form, for example

<form action = "https: // ....

Code (markup):

Are there any tools that I can put into the code to improve the form's GUI before I can embed it on my website?

Basically, all of this form is pretty simple and not attractive, and I do not have much idea about coding like css. I'd like to create a better form before lifting my WordPress page

To create an image sitemap with our pay tools

To create an image sitemap with our pay tools

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  1. To create an image sitemap with our pay tools

    Since I've been able to improve my SEO rank, please suggest free image sitemap tools

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xml sitemap – Common HTTP Error: HTTP 403 Error (Forbidden) from Google Webmaster Tools

My website has dropped off the google map. I used Google Webmaster Tools to submit my sitemap and test it as a Google tool. However, you receive the following messages:

HTTP Common Error: HTTP 403 Error (forbidden)
HTTP error: 403

I used this tool to check my headers and get HTTP / 1.1 200 OK on the sitemap page and the homepage for my site.

I do not know what to do to fix it.

Why should you use code boost wrapping tools?

It is well known that code is read much more than written. Does this mean that if a tool generates code that is checked in, this is a negative result (which saves the author some time in writing, but more than the time that others spend reading the document)?

If not, why not?
If so, is there any reason to use code scoring tools (eg. Yeoman).

Mobile app development tool – Apache Cordova

To modernize legacy systems or bring scalable internal or customer-oriented apps to market at the right time, I recommend that you immediately jump to my cross-platform enterprise mobile development guide.
It includes open source tools and free, cross-platform mobile app development tools that any developer can instantly enjoy.
Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova tops this list because it supports the design process for most free cross-platform mobile application development tools, and many that are not free. Previously known as Phone Gap, Adobe released Cordova as an open source project that has received contributions from BlackBerry, Google, IBM, Intel and Microsoft at this time.

By embedding web code in a native Cordova package, Cordova provides access to native APIs. By incorporating community plugins, apps can connect to any number of these APIs using simple JavaScript.


Cut out the middleman. By working directly with Cordova, developers have access to the latest updates from the Apache team. With each release, Cordova gets access to critical operating system improvements. These enhancements can improve Cordova's performance and give it access to new APIs. Build directly on Cordova and you will never miss it.


Cordova is UI and Framework Agnostic. It leaves the designer all design and architecture decisions. This may not be a problem if you have previously created mobile-first websites. However, if you're working on a mobile application for the first time, consider using a framework that will do a little more with your hands. According to the developer survey by Stack Overflow, the developers are particularly concerned about working with Cordova.


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