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Placeholder text can be a good place to start to introduce what is expected of the user before they begin interacting with a field.

Once they have focused on a field, subtext could appear beneath the field which elaborates upon the previous placeholder text–providing more context for the user, without the need for a tooltip.

Tooltips can be useful in scenarios where a user has many fields to fill out and–for some reason–these fields can’t be spread out across more screens. Then, a tooltip (usually a ?) can be used to ‘show’ further information.

Bare in mind: if the information is important to the user, it should never be hidden behind a tooltip.

tooltips – New features announcement / app cue

I am working on the announcement of new features for our existing portal users. The announcement will be made by displaying a distinctive modal element that is triggered by some specific events. Through this element, the user can either upgrade, get more info or close the modal by clicking a standard icon. The question is if there is any pattern/research about how many times this element can be displayed before the user considers it annoying? How insistent should we be promoting new features? I am sure you know what I am talking about :] Thanks in advance.

hover – Alternative to tooltips from title when viewed on a mobile device

I have a simple webpage that is a photo of 50 people. I have a map of the photo for each person’s face. When the user hovers the mouse pointer, the title (name of person) is displayed.

  <area target="_self" alt="p44" title="Joslynn Baker" href="" coords="1400,1531,65" shape="circle">

Naturally it does not work on mobile devices or tablets.

Is there something simple I can add to the html that would show the name (Joslynn Baker) if a touch/click were registered in that mapped area?

Many Thanks

tooltips – Good example of tips design in text editor

I’m designing a text helper on web. The text input is for people who are used to applying excel offline to write f(x) expression in a “SQL” way online. Target user have no experience of writing sql but the web offers some useful functions from SQL. Therefore, we designer need to offer some tips on these functions.

I refer to the markdown tips upward👆 but my boss challenged my design for the movement of input frame.

Look forward to YOUR help! I’m welcoming url and page clips😄

2013 – SharePoint Image Map Tooltips

In order to show a tooltip, you can use the title HTML attribute attribute

For example:

<area title="Texas" href="...">

This is another example:

<map name="workmap">
  <area shape="rect" coords="34,44,270,350" alt="Computer" href="computer.htm" title="computer!">
  <area shape="rect" coords="290,172,333,250" alt="Phone" href="phone.htm" title="phone!">
  <area shape="circle" coords="337,300,44" alt="Cup of coffee" href="coffee.htm"  title="coffee!">

enter image description here

guidelines – What do you call tooltips that stay on hover?

I am trying to create a style guide and have two types of tooltips and am having a hard time finding a semantic naming for them.

Type 1 – Stays if you hover over the tooltip, so that you can include links. This type is to include information or explanation on features (About 1 or 2 paragraph). Example

Type 2 – Disappears as soon as you hover out of the help icon. This type if generally to include quick short information (a few words). Example

Do you have any ideas? I don’t seem to be able to find it even referencing Bootstrap or Material Design.

Design Patterns – What is a better alternative to using tooltips for a modal box on mobile devices?

I am working on the mobile web customization of a desktop design. The desktop version uses a modal box. This modal box contains tool tips that you can move your mouse pointer over or click on for more information.

I don't think it's good practice to adopt this design on the mobile web, and this leads to a "modal in a modal" situation. What is a better alternative design pattern that I could use for it?

javascript – Jquery Tooltip with Callback Hover Further tooltips show delayed content

I have an HTML table with multiple rows and columns.

Using Jquery UI – Tooltip, each td element should load different tooltip data with the following logic:

    content:  function() {
      //display loading icon gif
      return $('#tooltip_loading').html();
    open: function( event, ui ){
        var elem = $(this);
        var id = elem.attr('id');

        var el_tooltip_id = 'tooltip_' + id;
        var el_tooltip    = '#' + el_tooltip_id;

        // Logic for caching tooltip content
        if ($(el_tooltip).html() === undefined) {
          // Tooltip content not rendered yet - create a new one 
").attr('id', el_tooltip_id).appendTo($('#tooltips_container')); $(el_tooltip).load("backend_call_with_parameter&id=" + id, function() { elem.tooltip('option','content',$(el_tooltip).html()); } ) } else { // Tooltip content found - display it elem.tooltip('option','content',$(el_tooltip).html()); } } } }); }

Basically, it works well for individual recalls.

However, when a user quickly hovers over two or more items (more callbacks are called). There may be delays in the callback output and all tooltip elements that the user hovered over are filled with the last callback output.

Refactoring tips are helpful.

python – To programmatically enable or disable tooltips in GTK

I'm working with an old application written in Python2 using PyGtk and can not find a clean method to enable or disable tooltips in the application that does not go through all the widgets and widget.set_has_tooltip (true false). Although this seems to work well, I would think there would be a way to do this at the application or window level.

title – How do I remove nav menu tooltips? (Wp globe plugin)

I would like to remove all tooltips from my nav menu, as it can not recognize in which language the title stands. I used the Wp-Globus plugin for a multilingual website. This issue occurred after the sites were created in both languages.

Enter the image description here

I do not need the tooltips, so I found a tooltip deactivation plugin (, but it's not compatible with my design.

Do you have an idea or solution to this problem?

Many Thanks!