Drupal 8 Is it possible to add an Ajax action to a button defined in a topic view template?

I am new to Drupal

I saw where I adjusted the Views View field … html.twig
In each row I added a first button A.
This button A opens a div as a modal
in this div I have 2 other keys
Button B to confirm the action
Key C to cancel the action

When the user clicks the B button (confirmation)
I would like to programmatically create a new content and close the modal

I imagine using Ajax

How can I implement this in context?

Many Thanks

Widgets – Full width, colored horizontal bar, responsive design, topic questions

Nowadays it is common to see this type of design:
example 1
Example 2

This is … a page made up of horizontal, full-width colored parts.
Both sites use WordPress with custom themes.
I can not find a topic that implements this kind of design. Am I missing something?

So I created a topic.
My idea is that my index.php looks like this:

Logo and
Main title and content
Widget content

As you can see, the idea is that each "line" of this page is a "widget container" into which the user can enter data.
Each row or widget container has a unique color, and so on.

Is this the right way?
Do I have to have a Fininte number or predefined widget ranges, or can I just specify an area on the page where & # 39; n & # 39; Wid number is available

New topic and forum layout! | Forum Promotion

Recently we updated our Xenforo installation from 2.0 to 2.1, which brought some desirable improvements. However, it also came with a broken theme that contained no updates for 2.1

Against this background, we were able to find a new topic that actually looks much cleaner than the previous one :)

We've also reconfigured our entire board layout to make it easier for people to find discussions that belong to what they'd most like to discuss.

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Topic Development – How do I list articles by year based on URL?

All in all, I try to list posts by year based on the provided URL (for example: wordpressite.com/2004 – this should include all articles created in 2004). Unfortunately, all proposed methods from previous solutions solve the problem when the year is queried.

I've tried to create the year.php file suggested in the wordpress hierarchy as well as in date.php, but the_loop () just prints everything and does not list any articles from that year.

And that is the individual article I would like to have

<a href = "">
<img src = "http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/"class =" archive card image "/>

<? php $ categories = get_the_category (); if (! empty ($ categories)) { Echo & # 39;

I'm still very new to WordPress, I would appreciate any help.

wp_get_archives (& # 39; type = annual & # 39;

The documentation does not specify how I can use my article structure mentioned above.

views – How is the language passed to the topic template?

I am trying to override the titles of the knots on my Drupal 8 view page. Since my entire website is in English, but only on one view page, I need to get the French translation of the titles without translating the entire interface.

For that I override the view-view-field.html.twig template with the custom views-view-field – my-view – title.html.twig

In the preprocess function in my theme.theme, I send the language = & # 39; fr & # 39;

Function my_theme_preprocess_views_view_field__my_view__title (& $ variables)
$ variable['language'] = & # 39; fr & # 39 ;;
$ variable['#cache']['contexts'][]    = & # 39; route & # 39 ;;

The topic template receives the language, but still displays titles in English. This is how my topic template looks right now. How can I say that the output should be in French?

{{ Output }}