Problem with new topic in faulty menu order and in faulty information on the main page (the higher-level page settings are correct, but the menu order is incorrect)

We are entrepreneurs in incubator Growth Entrepreneur. Currently, the Expert Center supports me with troubleshooting the website. With his limited username and password for the WP site, he has granted me access to the site's settings.

The page before changing the menus can be seen here:

and :

Enter image description here
The elders are here:

Enter image description here

New menus that are confusing due to the installation of new menus can be seen here:

Enter image description here

You can see the site issue below:

Enter image description here

When I talked to the person in charge of the site, he told me that after changing the theme of the site, there was a problem and the menu order was corrupted and the pages too … while the page editing content was in the correct order see here:

Enter image description here

Looks like there is a problem with the menus in the topic, I have manually ordered menu content as you can see here:

Enter image description here

This could be resolved by rearranging menus in the Appearance section. However, there is another problem where the information of the first page is damaged.

I would like to know why this problem has occurred and if logs are required for this question. How can I find these logs with a partially restricted user ID?

Thank you very much

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Paid – $ – Hire someone to help me develop my next topic. | Forum Promotion

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Topic of the month? | Forum Promotion

I've just worked through a few ideas, maybe more later, but I thought I might put the topic of the month, perhaps every month, at the top of the discussion forum. For example, "In November 2019, try to create issues related to women's rights, and the user (whom I refer to on my website as a member) with the more related topics will receive a cool reward."

Any buyers of this idea?

spfx webparts – variable for the text color of the topic

I have a custom web part that I want to format properly regardless of the color scheme installed on the site. I have this working properly for my button background colors like this:

.myButtons {
    background-color: $ms-color-themePrimary;

.myButtons:hover {
    background-color: $ms-color-themeDarkAlt;

My problem is that I need to know which foreground color to use. For example, the default Web Parts change the foreground color to black or white, depending on which color theme is selected, and I want my Web Part to do the same so that users are not forced to read white text, a yellow background, or anything.

Is there a variable to get the right text color?

Allow the same message to be used by different instances of the same service from a Kafka topic


I have subscribed to several instances of the same service for a Kafka topic. A producer publishes 1 message on a topic. I want this message to be consumed by all instances. When the instance is started, the messages should be read from the end of the topic / partitions. I do not want the instances to receive messages that were published before the service started (but this is not a big problem if some old messages are processed by the service). I do not want the instances to lose messages if Kafka's instances are dropped for some time or Kafka is down, which means I have to commit offsets on a regular basis. Message can be processed twice, it is not a big problem.

1) Is the following method best suited to archiving the behavior described: Do you create a new Kafka group ID with a new guid or timestamp for each instance each time the instance is started?

2) What disadvantages can the approach described in point 1 have?

Where is Ieo / ico Fans? This topic for you

Hello everybody
This is a new IEO with these details
You can see the parameters of IEO below
Asset Name: iExchange
Trade symbol: IEX
Total tokens available in IEO: 30,000,000 IEX
Number of decimal places: 4
Contract address: tradeiexcoin
Block Explorer:
IEO Duration: 15 days
Price 0.0000011 BTC for 1 IEX
Trading couples – IEX / BTC
Minimum order quantity – 1000 IEX
During the IEO, only one purchase is possible. We inform you about the opening date of the news.
Unsold tokens are returned to developers. The IEX payout will open the day after IEO's completion.
Best wishes

Doubt the topic lists with an iterative method in JAVA

I have a problem with the following problem:

Iterative method that creates and returns a list that contains only this data
from the original list, which lies between the beginning and the end. In addition, the data is in reverse order as in the original list (this).

Make sure that the index is greater than or equal to 0 and the last index is less than the size () of the list.
Otherwise, the corresponding exception must be triggered.

EJ If the original list (s) contains the following data:

and the reverseList method is called with the indexes start = 3, last = 8

the resulting list must be: 9,8,7,6,5,4,

That's the method

public list single reverse list (int start, int last)
throws IndexOutOfBoundsException {

The question I have is how this would happen, because this is a new problem for me, and I think I am quite lost when I try to implement it. Someone could help me.

Thank you for your attention