8 – Is the hook topic suggestion logic running every time the page is loaded, and does it affect server load?

I have been working with Drupal for a while now and have a tricky question as to whether the logic in my * .theme or * .module files affects server load.

Suppose I have this code in my * .theme file:

/ **
* Implemented hook_theme_suggestions_HOOK_alter ().
* /
Function MY_THEME_theme_suggestions_page_alter (array & $ suggestions, array $ variables) {

if ( Drupal :: routeMatch () -> getRouteName () == & nbsp; entity.node.edit_form & # 39; &&  Drupal :: routeMatch () -> getParameter (& nbsp; node & # 39;) - > bundle () === & # 39; blog_general & # 39;) {
$ Suggestions[] = & # 39; page__no_sidebars & # 39 ;;

This code bit adds a template topic at the page.html level. I only need this for about 1% of my website and it bothers me a bit that this has to be done every time the page is loaded, just so that 1% of my website can be displayed correctly.

So my question is, would this code be executed on every pageview? Or does caching care about that? If it is executed at every page load, this one code bit may be trivial. However, I am slowly building many of these types of change hooks, and it annoys me that they could burden the server.

I'm happy about findings. Many Thanks!

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Does not Facebook let you go through a series of things to prove your identity when this happens?

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magento2 – Does a child topic need to be used?

In every development you have two options:

1 – use child topic. Fully separate development to add or rewrite some features.

2 – Using template and CSS overrides. Partial CSS changes within the core topic.

Children's theme is the easiest way.
If your development takes too long, you can update the master topic multiple times during this time to fix security and design issues, and you can safely override any file in the master topic.

You keep all the changes in the child topic.

Option 2 is for small changes only, such as custom CSS files for moving designs.

Forum Authority V.2 topic WIP. | Forum Promotion

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Each participating member of our beta bug test will receive an exclusive V.2 award for FA.

We hope you like the new design and layout. If you have comments on the new topic or would like to express your opinion, please let us know below.

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Theming – How do I force the branch output from my custom module instead of the topic?

I am new to Drupal and create a module with block and branch.
I want to call my branch (modules / custom / footer_block / src / templates) and store data there when build () runs in block.

However, a branch is output from the topic folder (a template folder in the topic folder) that was not created by me.

How can I force the output from my module folder?

my block only the build () part (footerMenu_block.php)

public function build () {
return [
        '#theme' => 'footer_menu',
        '#address_title' => $this->configuration['address_title'].
& # 39; # address_content & # 39; => $ this-> configuration['address_content'].

Branch (footer-menu.twig.html)

{{}} Address_title

{{}} Address_content

my module (footer_block.module)

      Array (
& # 39; variable & # 39; => array (
& # 39; # 39 & address_title; => & # 39 ;,
& # 39; # 39 & address_content; => & # 39 ;,

If I move my topic to this output folder (inside the topic folder), it can not save my data.
When I'm in the build () a simple output of & # 39; # markup & # 39; do, that works fine. Therefore, other codes in the block should work fine.

My Drupal version is 8.6.x. Hope can help.

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