vmware workstation – Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS Gtk WARNING **: The topic engine in the module path can not be found: "murrine"

Thank you in advance!
When you try to install VMWare 12.5.9 (VMware Workstation Full 12.5.9-7535481.x86_64.bundle) on Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS, you receive the following error message:

(vmware-installer.py:13363): Gtk WARNING **: The topic engine in the module path can not be found: "murrine",

I tried installing and reinstalling Murrine engines. Tried the i386 version. Nothing seems to help.

Any help would be appreciated !!

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Total hours for a topic in Google Sheets "Assignment Tracker"

Enter the image description here

Hello everybody!

I love the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis Assignment Tracker in Google Sheets. However, my goal for time management is to figure out how much time I spend on each topic.
Is there a way to automatically sum up the number of hours associated with each subject while I put them into the master sheet above?

Many Thanks! And please let me know if you need more information.

Looking for a topic …

Evening everybody,

I am looking for a new site that is very specific to the niche, and I wonder if anyone can help me find a good WordPress theme.

I will list many articles … one line of text per article, which is just the name of the article. I would like to put a hyperlink on a page where I can learn more about the element. (almost like a software directory).

If someone can help me, I would be very grateful. I've reviewed many WordPress themes and just can not find what I'm looking for.

Something similar, https://alternativeto.net/


topic – How can I redirect to a different page after the Webform submission in Drupal using a custom href attribute?

I have this snippet in one of my node folders:

node – experience.php

At the moment, the section has a download button that contains a URL:

    array ('class' => array ('btn', 'btn-border'), & # 39; target & # 39; => & # 39; _blank & & gt; # 39)));
} else {
// print & # 39;Download the info pack& # 39 ;;

So I have to open a webform as soon as I click on the button "Download Info Pack". After submitting the form, the page should be redirected to the link currently held by the variable $ entry_info.

How can I do that?

I tried to put jQuery into the PHP file, but for some reason nothing works but console.log or alert expressions.

Problem with my topic "search.php"

When I try to search something, I see that there is a mistake in line 9

The code in line 9 on my page "search.php" of my topic

Looking for POST_COUNT; _e (& # 39; & # 39;); _e (& # 39;& # 39); Echo $ key; _e (& # 39;& # 39); _e (& # 39; - About & # 39;); echo $ count. & # 39; # 39 & ;; _e (& # 39; results & # 39;); wp_reset_query (); ?>

The error message

Enter the image description here

To select a topic / niche

Hi Guys,

I want to specify my internet marketing plans and you write your opinion and criticism about that, ok?

As I know, when choosing your niche, the following three points are important:

1. You have at least some knowledge about this topic / this niche. Otherwise, it's difficult to interact with your audience or develop good product ideas to offer.

2. There is a possibility to turn to interested persons to market them. That said, there are viable ways to get a fair amount of traffic so you can build a target audience.

3. Your audience (which you build in # 2) is ready to buy something. That said, there are some products that you can offer (affiliate marketing or your own products.) (Preferably after you've built trust).

Topics where I have at least some knowledge:

– Mathematics: I have a Bachelor / Master in Mathematics (and Economics). How to reach people who are interested in "math": I am not sure … I will try different methods. What could I sell to this audience? I'm not sure, maybe udemy courses or books on math (probably on Amazon) (for students) or maybe even later on a course / book … but only if I see that there is enough demand.

– Business: How can I reach people who are interested in "business"? Not sure yet. Will try different methods. What could I sell to this audience? Maybe (later) my own business advice (coaching or scalable: better digital products) or other people's products and services or books (probably as an Amazon partner).

– self-development. What could I sell to this interested audience? Courses and books.

– martial arts / self-defense. What can I sell to the interested public? Not sure. Maybe courses, but I only want to sell if it really helps people and I know that they would NOT benefit much from an ONLINE course. Maybe I could sell information about why most self-defense is useless and how to find a teacher who is really good at self-defense.

– Healthy food and nutritional supplements, especially how you can benefit mentally. What can I sell to the interested public? Information on the topic and also on food and possibly as cross-selling products that relate to a healthy lifestyle, such as fitness.

– Cars. What can I sell to the interested public? Car insurance or at least I can forward them to a page where they can compare car insurance (I would get paid per lead). Or other car topics, maybe something with tuning.

– "logical and analytical thinking and processes", if I can see it as a topic. But since I'm a mathematician, this is my most important skill. What can I sell to the interested public? Hard to say … Everyone can benefit from having more logical and analytical thinking and processes in life, work, and private issues. But maybe people do not want to be educated in this field or do not realize the need. At the moment I can not think of a product that would (in my opinion) arouse much interest. Maybe I can link this topic to the business topic and create a new subtopic, "how to implement rigorous logic to make business decisions" or something like that, or how to implement math to grow your business or something similar. The disadvantage, however, is that this is probably such a niche that I could not find any products that I could market to the public so I would have to build my own products that I wanted to avoid if I did not know the ROI is good , This is true for all topics: I want to sell other products first, and only after some time, when I'm sure it's a good idea (in terms of ROI), would I first think about buying my own products for this audience ,

– Make money in the financial markets. What can I sell to the interested public? As I see it, there is really a lot of money in teaching people to get rich with trading / stock picking. So I could probably make a lot of money with it, I could even come up with my own course quickly, because I have good academic knowledge and also work experience with it. But the only problem is that I want to sell / market things people profit from, and I know that anything I could market to them is nonsense and they would only lose money. And even my own course would be bullshit, because I know that there is nothing that makes it "rich with trade". I am very sure of that because there are enough scientific possibilities. People have even won the noble prize for showing and proving this. But 99% of ordinary people do not know that because they only see the bullshit of marketers offering them courses (even marketers often do not know they sell bullshit). This information itself is worth a lot of money as people would at least save money on the courses and avoid trading losses. So this information is very valuable, but how can I sell that information to people? People want to buy something that promises them to get rich, not something that tells them that this is not possible. I could write about it and about alternatives to achieve a (much less than the Bullshitter promise) profit, but I'm not sure if there would be a good ROI.

– How to deal well with women? What can I sell to the interested public? Generate courses and books or leads for dating / sex sites.

– How to become muscular and strong: What can I sell to the interested public? Courses and books.

– Real Estate: What can I sell to the interested public? Courses and books may generate leads for "places" where they can buy real estate or get credit. Maybe there is a lot of money to be made here too.

On the equally important question: How can I reach people who are interested in these topics? Not sure yet, will try different methods and see along the way how it works and probably adapt. I would also focus on the German audience first (since it's my native language). Can later be extended to English audience. And also to the question of what should be sold to the public: Probably valid for most topics: I could also pass on the audience on the side of other people, that is, generate leads and be paid for the leads.

Please tell me what you think about my thoughts – criticism is also very welcome. Many Thanks.

object-oriented – My topic is __init __ (). No "argument" is created with the parameters Name, Strength, HP, Dexterity, and Dodge, causing a type error

Class STAT_CALCULATOR (object):

def __init __ (self, name, strength, hp, skill, dodge): #This must follow the parameters for the program
self.name = name
Self-strength = strength
self.hp = PS + strength
self.dexterity = skill
self.dodge = dodge + skill
__meta__ = ABCMeta # This is for me to use subclasses like & # 39; Leader & # 39; and & # 39; CommunityMembers & # 39; can create.

communityMember = STAT_CALCULATOR (name, strength, horsepower, skill, evasion)
print ("stats, NAM:" + str (name) + "STR:" + str (Strength) + "HP:" + str (hp) + "SPD" + str (Skill) + "DOD:" + str () #) This shows each stat the player has

Class Community (STAT_CALCULATOR):