Topic switch_theme problem with permanent change during session

I want to use switch_theme to change the template on the site with the button.
But it only works until I click somewhere else on the page, because the page then returns to the previous template.
How can I do this after clicking on the template change? The change takes until the page is closed.

add_action( 'setup_theme', 'switch_user_theme' );

 function switch_user_theme() {
            $theme = "twentytwelve";
    else {
            $theme = "twentyseventeen";


How can I access the admin topic programmatically?

Similar question as how can I get the topic name programmatically? and How do I programmatically change the admin topic ?.

I just want to get the current computer name and administrator theme name, even though I may not be on a page that has the administrator theme active.

This information does not seem to be directly accessible through the ThemeManager class.

Topic development – Elementor Pro and Astra have different breakpoints – how can you save?

So I read all this hype about Astra being the best Elementor theme for non-theme developers. I am not a theme developer. TBH, I don't use WP as my preferred platform, but of course if the customer requirements require it, I will stick to it. In my opinion, Elementor was the best fit for this customer … and I thought Astra was the best starting topic. Current propaganda says that they work together famously – not so much. They have different breakpoints! And while I can match Elementor's breakpoints to Astra's, Elementor's breakpoints are far more suitable for this use case. I know I can override ALL Astra breakpoints in CSS, but that doesn't help my client trying to use any of Astra's customization features in combination with Elementor after I'm gone.

In short, I picked a bad couple.

If I am not mistaken, there is no way to create Astra with these matching breakpoints. Again, I know that I can do everything using CSS, but if I need to, I should start with a rather bare topic. Maybe that's what I need.

Anyway, I know this question probably sounds subjective most of the time, but what I'm really asking is:

Is there a way to match the breakpoints of Astra (or any other topic) with those of the page creator I use (Elementor in this case)?

Plugins – Customizable collection topic

I'm creating a truck listing page.
However, all topics relate to vehicle lists and the fields for adding new offers are incorrect. I need to be able to adapt these fields to my site.

Can anyone recommend a topic or topics can you change these fields (if so how do I check)
Or should I just create my own entry?
I don't want to buy a topic and it doesn't help me.

Topic Development – Add the_post additional elements in a custom post_type

I managed to create a custom post type (I called it stores) that worked in the loop. I plan to create a template with Bootstrap so that all stores have the same design and all can be changed with the editor. ,

What I need is a way to add additional items to the item (items like the_title, the_content, or the_time, but customized, like "the_type" or "the_storetype", etc.)

Topic – Why use blocks, widgets and LESS when creating standard websites?

Why should I use blocks, widgets, and LESS to build a website if CRM supports standard website creation?

I try to understand the entire logic and strategy of creating topics and content in the CMS and front end. I have little knowledge of PHP and XML, so my purpose is to use CRM. I'm sorry if that's a little confusing … so my dilemma.

I am currently not building anything deeper than a website that I can sell from.

  • I created my content in pages without blocks or widgets. Is this a security issue?
  • I add LUMA with the field "Header> Scripts and Style Sheets" in the CMS backend.
  • I use categories for my navigation.

The site works great!

After recently researching how to address Magento in Dev Docs, I realized that I might be using Magento incorrectly.

I ask:

  • Why should I use blocks or widgets when I'm not building a business?
    Type functionality for my website?

  • What are the advantages of blocks over creating direct HTML in a page besides disabling and enabling?

  • Why should I add LUMA with a LESS document if I only have to write CSS externally, internally, inline or via the CMS frontend via the field Content> Design configuration> Header> Scripts and stylesheets? Is it a security issue?

  • Do I confuse the boundary between Magento2 development and the creation of the Magento2 front-end website?

  • I work in PRODUCTION mode. Is there a reason for me to switch to DEVELOPMENT mode because I am installing the CMS?

I know I've asked a lot of questions, but I've been using Magento for about a year and I still have so much to learn. At some point I would like to be a Magento developer, but unfortunately I stand at Magento's front door and look inside.

Any light you throw on my search for Magento2 enlightenment is more than appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time and expertise. – Strong temp. By the way: Thanks Prince for all your previous help

Computer Science – Suggested Topic

I'm thinking about going into scientific initiation. I have a degree in CC, but I have no more ideas. Suggestions for problems that need to be resolved or suggestions for topics to be developed.

User-centered design – is it possible to separate a topic from context?

This is a bit theoretical, but I wonder if it makes sense to separate the context from the subject when examining the context of a particular subject.

For example, would it make a significant difference if I worked with UX and studied the context of a water treatment plant worker without knowing anything about chemistry or the concepts of water treatment beyond the basics? My point of view is that these "details" and the topic (chemistry) are needed and are part of this context, which is used to inform the user experience and to create suitable interactions and / or interfaces.