How does a subordinate Genesis topic understand that the Genesis theme is the overarching theme?

While I have no experience with Genesis, I imagine that the child topics work just like the child topics for all other topics. As documented, a child topic is created by using a Template: Line to the header style.css, which specifies the directory name of the parent topic:

 Theme Name: Genesis Child Theme
 Template: genesis

By defining the "template" for a theme, WordPress works like get_template_directory() You know that you need to use the directory of this topic for the path or the URL.

How do I edit a permalink button in function.php with a child topic?

I'm using a WordPress theme named "Business One Page" and it has a slider with the "More Information" button. Here is a demo of the topic (Business-One-Page) 1

I am using a child topic and would like to change the permalink of the button by inserting code into the functions.php file. First, I tried to find the slider code in the homepage template, but I opened all the files and looked for the BTN (class = "BTN-more") without any results. I found the .php file for all sections and pages except the slider. Is it possible that some parts of the code are not included?

Is it possible to edit the permalink with encoding? or do I have to create another button myself?

I just wanted to change the permalink so that it does not point to another page, but (#content) refers to content on the same page.

Thanks in advance, David

How to Post a Topic {Create a Topic} – Advertising, Offers

First you have to a full search to make sure that the program you have is not already listed …

Only one topic per program …

All topics must follow the correct format of

Title: Program name – URL

Description: Plans – Payments Processor

Format for title:

Everything "Make money programs" must have this format in the title:

In the title: Name of the programurl {no http: // or www. – Look at the other topics in the category in which you and you post

can see how it's done …

Format for description:

Everything surfing sites – HYIP sites – investment Programs – Cycler / Doubler & most in the Paid to area as well as References & MLM

In the description: planspayment Processor

Thank you, members, so that our forum remains clean, professional and easy to read …


Selection of a fee-based WP topic

You should be aware of the following questions before buying a WP theme

1] Does the seller offer a money back guarantee?
2] Is the overall rating of ThemeForest 4.8+?
3] Is the topic older than 6 months?
4] Is there a word "bug" in comments or reviews?
5] Has the author of the WP topic been on the market for at least 3 years?
6] Does the subject sell more than 1,000 licenses per year?
7] Is the topic updated at least once every 2-3 months? Is the topic updated frequently?
5] Does the theme developer respond publicly within 24 hours?
6] Which PHP version does the theme need?
7] Is the topic accessible?

Is it worth it to play WoW Classic? Many players talk about this topic today. – Forex training

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For nearly 15 years, this game has stolen the hearts and minds of millions of players. Many WoW players have dreamed of reliving their Vanilla World of Warcraft adventures. The completely imperfect masterpiece that is World of Warcraft Classic.

Magic of Vanilla WoW

World of Warcraft was not just an MMO. It was a game that bounced on the scene and instantly aroused the hearts and attention of countless players. The game sold more than 240,000 copies in the first 24 hours, more than any other PC game in history. More and more people were impatiently waiting to register and experience Azeroth themselves.


In Vanilla WoW the community was a breath of fresh air. The players played together, grouped and worked together on a goal to open the gates of Ahn & # 39; Qiraj. There was even a sense of friendship between the players of the opposing factions. Server communities were tied together. The players on the server knew each other for their reputation, and when they killed each other, there was still this moment of recognition on the battlefield. It was a living, breathing community of different personalities, all of them united for a common cause – for the love of Warcraft and the love of compelling gameplay.

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email – How to send a topic invitation to a contributor

I asked a question a month ago, and when I read other questions and answers I see two highly rated contributors who could probably answer my question immediately – but there does not seem to be any mechanism on the site to send them a direct message send or send a link to the question, etc. It seems I am relying on a bit of random timing added to a Hit & Miss algorithm.

So – are there any steps I can take to ask my question to the right people?