Privacy – How to buy Bitcoin anonymously and privately via Tor?

First of all, anonymity and privacy are two different things. Bitcoin is designed to be pseudo-simple – which comes close to anonymity, but instead of being completely anonymous, you are linked to your Bitcoin address or pseudonym.
You can not make a private transaction on the Bitcoin network, but you can try to be as anonymous as possible.

It is possible to run Bitcoin Core as a hidden Tor service and connect to such services.
The first step is to run Bitcoin Core behind a Tor proxy. This will make all outgoing connections anonymous, but more is possible.

Further instructions at Github:

Security – I've suddenly lost access to many sites, including TOR, torrent sites and express vpn

Today, I tried to sign in to expressVpn and was redirected to a site by NeuStar that told me it was a security risk. Then I tried to install the browser on the TOR site. However, I was also told via NeuStar that this poses a security risk. Finally, I tried 1337x, but received the same message. I use xfinity internet. any suggestions

Command line – Although tor is the default proxy, it does not work as a default!

I installed it with suitable and it automatically started working on port 9050 as a sock proxy.

So I set my network proxy to manual mode:



I restarted my system and expected my requests not to reveal my real public IP address, but they did. So I installed the Foxy Proxy extension from
Set the Chrome webshop to use the SOCKS proxy of port 9050 for requests. It worked! But I have no solution for using tor in the terminal. I want it to be my default, and it should be like that!

xubuntu – Tor browser does not start in the terminal

I've downloaded a new version of the Tor browser because the old version I used before could not connect to the network. After unpacking the archive, I made the script "start-tor-browser" executable and tried to start the browser with ./start-tor-browser … and nothing happens. There is no mistake, nothing. The same if I double-click on the * .desktop file in the same directory.

It works when I start Ubuntu in a virtual machine. This means that it should be a problem with my Ubuntu and not with the browser. What can this be?

I'm on xubuntu 18.04. The browser version is 8.5.4 x64. Also tried 9.0a with the same problems.

TOR Corporation – – HYIPs

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Encryption – does the combination of TOR and VPN lead to absolute security and anonymity?

I want absolute anonymity online without anyone being able to track me or the sites I visit. Are TOR nodes safe? If you use VPN, does that mean that someday somebody can trace the exit gate node and then your VPN code, or are you totally sure? Is this 100% secure, are you safe from the United States Government or not?

What are the security risks of connecting to Tor through an SSH SOCKS proxy?

Suppose I have a user account on a remote server that is being run by a friend.

I'm creating a SOCKS tunnel on my computer that forwards connections from a local port to the remote server: ssh -N -D 12345 john@ (ie all local connections to localhost: 12345 will be forwarded to the Server).

I configure the connection settings in the Tor browser so that a connection to the Tor network is established via a proxy: the SOCKS proxy localhost: 12345 that I have just created.

The question: what are the security implications of this scheme? What can the remote server ( Do you see when I surf the Internet via the Tor browser?

Presumably, the remote server can log connections and determine the size of the HTTP requests sent through the Tor browser. But can he or she check the websites visited or listen to POST requests?

Homology Cohomology – If $ textrm {Tor} _n ^ A (-, A / radA) neq 0 $? ($ A $ a finite-dimensional $ K $ algebra)

This question arises from a proof in paper form: Unlimited derived categories and finite dimension presumption – Jeremy Rickard, more precisely theorem 4.3.
The question is:

To let $ A $ Be a finite dimensional algebra over a field $ K $ and $ M $ a right $ A $Module with projective dimension $ d $, So let it go $ P ^ { bullet} $ Let be the minimum projective resolution of $ M $ considered as complex. Then
$$ textrm {Tor} _d ^ A (M, A / radA) neq 0 $$
This is, $ P ^ { bullet}[-d] otimes_A (A / (radA)) $ has a non-zero cohomology in degrees zero. ($ P ^ { bullet}[-d]$ the complex is moved $ d $ times to the right)

I am thankful for every help.