Is there a C/C++ Tor API?

I am looking for a (preferably Open Source) API usable in C/C++, that enables one to send/receive data over the Tor network. So I want to build an application that uses sockets to communicate data over a network, but I want that data to be sent over the Tor network instead. Is that possible? Is there a API for it?

firewalls – How to route all traffic through Tor and VPN?

So I am having some problems routing traffic through TOR & VPN.

My first issue:After installing anonsurf and routing all traffic through Tor in Kali everything works fine. However when I have my firewall enabled (gufw) anonsurf will not work when I try to surf the web. It cuts all traffic off to the internet. Does anyone know what the issue is here and why I can’t have anonsurf running as well as my firewall at the sametime?

My second issue is if I start anonsurf routing all traffic through tor after boot and then try to log in to my VPN (nord) I cannot connect to my VPN. The VPN only works if I do not have anonsurf enabled. If I start the VPN first and try to start anonsurf afterwards I get an error on anonsurf saying couldn’t modify resolv.conf operation not permitted. Is it possible to run anonsurf and a VPN at the same time and if so how would I properly do that?

Can Tor browser protect me from being found out?

Can Tor browser protect me from being found out? – Information Security Stack Exchange

NSA VPN Tor security what to do?

I know the NSA can see you if you are using TOR and if your exit node is in the 14 eyes, however if they break your Tor connection will your IP be shown as your VPN or can they crack that to? Also using a VPN that is based Outside the 14 eyes do you still have to connect to a server outside the 14 eyes or since the company is outside of eyes countries can you connect to a US server?……eyes

tor – Problem install OnionSwitch in kali?

I am having an issue installing OnionSwitch for Tor on Kali. I downloaded the zip from Git and and tried following the instructions listed at the Url.

When I tried installing it using a package manager it said that it could not install because it is not a debian package. So I tried to follow the instructions to build it and I just got the following error

 sudo pyinstaller --windowed --icon=Icon/onionswitch_icon.ico --clean --name
(sudo) password for adam: 
41 INFO: PyInstaller: 3.5+498e6ee058
41 INFO: Python: 3.9.2
45 INFO: Platform: Linux-5.10.0-kali3-amd64-x86_64-with-glibc2.31
46 INFO: wrote /home/adam/Downloads/Debian_OnionSwitch_V1.3/OnionSwitch_V1.3/
54 INFO: UPX is available.
55 INFO: Removing temporary files and cleaning cache in /root/.cache/pyinstaller
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/pyinstaller", line 11, in <module>
    load_entry_point('PyInstaller==3.5+498e6ee058', 'console_scripts', 'pyinstaller')()
  File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/PyInstaller/", line 111, in run
    run_build(pyi_config, spec_file, **vars(args))
  File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/PyInstaller/", line 63, in run_build
    PyInstaller.building.build_main.main(pyi_config, spec_file, **kwargs)
  File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/PyInstaller/building/", line 844, in main
    build(specfile, kw.get('distpath'), kw.get('workpath'), kw.get('clean_build'))
  File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/PyInstaller/building/", line 791, in build
    exec(code, spec_namespace)
  File "/home/adam/Downloads/Debian_OnionSwitch_V1.3/OnionSwitch_V1.3/", line 6, in <module>
    a = Analysis((''),
  File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/PyInstaller/building/", line 190, in __init__
    raise ValueError("script '%s' not found" % script)
ValueError: script '/home/adam/Downloads/Debian_OnionSwitch_V1.3/OnionSwitch_V1.3/' not found

Tor – Which torrc file do I need to edit to exclude the 14 eyes?

I have a question regarding the torrc files on my pc. I have a number of them and would like to know which one I need to edit to exclude certain countries. For instance if I would like to exclude the 14 eyes I would add
ExcludeNodes {},{}

Here is a list of all my torrc files on my pc


Thank you

tor – How can I use Bitcoin Core with the anonymous network protocol I2P?

Jon Atack answered this on Twitter. First install and start I2P (version 2.35 or above).

$ apt install i2pd
$ systemctl enable i2pd.service
$ systemctl start i2pd.service

In your bitcoin.conf file add (I will assume you want to use both Tor and I2P but remove debug=tor and onlynet=onion if not interested in Tor):


There are 2 config options for I2P. Only the second one is required to be set for I2P to work.

       If set and -i2psam is also set then incoming I2P connections are
       accepted via the SAM proxy. If this is not set but -i2psam is set
       then only outgoing connections will be made to the I2P network.
       Ignored if -i2psam is not set. Listening for incoming I2P
       connections is done through the SAM proxy, not by binding to a
       local address and port (default: 1)

       I2P SAM proxy to reach I2P peers and accept I2P connections (default:

Then to view your I2P peers:

watch -t ./src/bitcoin-cli -netinfo 4

enter image description here

This was enabled by Vasil Dimov’s Bitcoin Core PR 20685 merged in March 2021 and BIP 155 for addrv2 messages.

Installing tor 10.0.12 on Ubuntu 20.04

Anyone can lend a hand to a new user on what my problem is? I’ve put in “ euro apt install torbrowser-launcher “
It also says “package torbrowser launcher is not available but is referee to by another package “ and at the bottom “ E: package “torbrowser-launcher” has no candidate I tried multiple ways from different articles and have had no success ! Would appreciate it and thank you! If you guys have a working link on a how to that would be better !

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