magento2 – Is there is a way to apply automatic coupon code in Magento 2 if total is greater than 1000?

I have a Magento 2.4 Store in which i want to auto apply coupon code when the total of the product is greater than 1000.

Like i don’t want to enter that in discount box
enter image description here

Like here i don’t want to enter here it will be auto apply when subtotal is greater than 1000.


plugins – How to show the total number of upvotes a person has received in bbPress?

So the question has everything really. But I want to show the total number of upvotes a person has received and I want to put that number near the name. I have access to the backend, so I was thinking maybe I could get the number of upvotes from the database and put that number next to the name. Any help with this would be great!

Thanks in advance!

javascript – como devolver un valor de cantidad total de booleanos?

tengo una funcion que recibe como argumento un objeto ‘usuario’, cada property de ese objeto es un objeto cada usuario tiene una property ‘online’ que es un booleano y tengo que devolver la cantidad total de ‘true’.
lo que podido realizar es lo siguiente pero no funciona.

var nombre:{ 
       edad: 24,
       online: false}

var contador = 0; 
for (let i = 0; i < usuarios.length; i++) {
  if (online === true) {

return contador;

formulas – How to get total tally of items in a column in Google Docs?

As remarked by Isolated, it would be far better if the sum values were at the top of the columns rather than the bottom. The benefits of this include the ability to put those lines in the frozen zone so that the totals are always visible.

In any event, your goal can be done by inserting one additional row at the bottom of the column that can act as the bottom edge of any formula range.

  • Insert a new row in row#7 (above the total row for “s”) enter a label of “Total”
  • Insert these formulas:
    • Cell B8: =countif(B$1:B$7,"=s")
      • copy this across the column
  • Cell B9: =countif(B$1:B$7,"=h")
    • copy this across the column

Note that the formula range is absolute on the row numbers. This means that if/when any new rows inserted/deleted below row#1 and above row#7, the formulas will automatically expand/contract to accommodate the new/deleted row.


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W3 Total Cache Pro – The Ultimate WordPress Performance Toolkit

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plotting – Cannot divide a list of numbers by their total from uploaded data

I have a list of numbers in a CSV file which my code uploads to Mathematica. I upload the file, then flatten the list and sort it to arrange the numbers in ascending order.

After doing that, I would like to divide each number in the rearranged list by the total of the list and then plot it. I am using the code shown below, but it says it is ‘not a list of numbers or pair of numbers’. What am I doing wrong? What do I need to change?


FormPage[{"data" -> "CSV"},
 a = NumericalSort[Flatten[#data]] &;
 b = a/Total[a] &;

pathfinder 1e – How to calculate Power Point total for multi-calss manifesters?

Figure out your power points from each class, and then add them together.¹ For the “high ability score” table, you use your manifester level for each class—not your total character level. So since a 6th-level aegis has 9 + 3×Int power points,¹ and a 1st-level vitalist has 2 + ½×Wis power points,¹ a 6th-level aegis/1st-level vitalist has 9 + 3×Int + 2 + ½×Wis power points.¹ With Int 18 and Wis 16, that’s 9 + 12 + 2 + 1½ = 24½ = 24 (cuz we always round down).²

You only have one pool of power points and can use that for anything you use power points on—aegis customizations, vitalist powers, and so on.

  1. This is all assuming you don’t have any bonus power points from your race, feats, items, or whatever. If you do have any of those things, those get added after figuring out your base power points from your class and bonus power points from high ability scores. So if you are naturally psionic and have 2 bonus power points from your race, a 6th-level aegis has 9 + 3×Int + 2 power points, a 1st-level vitalist has 2 + ½×Wis + 2 power points, and a 6th-level aegis/1st-level vitalist has 9 + 3×Int + 2 + ½×Wis + 2 power points (not +4 at the end, which you’d get if you added the +2 to each class and then added those together). Also, if you have bonuses to aegis and/or vitalist manifester level, you might have higher multipliers than 3× and ½×, respectively, since those numbers are based on your manifester level in each class.

  2. The table for the bonus power points from high ability scores lists just “1” for the bonus at 1st level and a score of 16—that’s because the numbers in the table are rounded down. The formula is ½×ML×ability modifier, so ½×1×3 in this case, for 1½. It doesn’t really matter here.