dnd 5e – Players are frustrated when they fail to solve a tough diplomatic problem of how to get them to think outside the box


Players got into a diplomatic problem that they know is likely to be above their salary level in terms of difficulty. They spent one session figuring out this problem by speaking to people and performing various charisma checks to convince people they were unlikely to have a business with (roles were average, arguments were not particularly convincing). The party had no big plans, no extraordinary strategies, no clever ideas on site, but tried a very simple head-first dialogue.

This has happened in the past in relation to the fight, and the party had to think outside the box on a recent fatal encounter (one player even said, "Guys, we have to plan more and think less about it, sometimes just hacking and to cut up. "") Now it's a more diplomatic problem that doesn't seem to be as easy as doing a single charisma check and hoping it works.

In the end, the party failed to solve the diplomatic problem (although there will be room to try again with the upper hand in the future), and one of the players said they had not enjoyed the session. Player enjoyment is my top priority. But I also think dnd is best when there is risk, when you can roll the dice, when the PCs don't always win (not that I am actively looking for it).

How can I get the party to act less linearly on dialog related issues?

An example problem:

P: When you try to make a bad person with a lot of influence in the city smart

ON: There are ways to accuse the person, bribe people, spot them to find their weakness, tarnish their reputation, prove their wrongdoing by looking for evidence, and a number of other ways.

I tried to have a short session 0 discussion again about whether they would like to have problems related to the dialogue and they didn't seem to accept it but felt like they tried everything and didn't know what else to do. I also post-mortemed this issue and tried to provide various options that they could have tried, but I feel that the players still feel they have tried and failed and the session was "a waste" (although they're still exp, I still have loot and more action.

A bit of a clue as to how to address this issue, not just "Watch some podcasts for ideas, or read the X, Y, and Z resources on the subject."

[ History ] Open question: Was Hitler a tough man?

He was a World War I soldier and worked for the most dangerous army position ever. He was charged with treason during the 1923 uprising and somehow left him alive. He also survived more than 20 attempts, including the July 20 attack.
The most interesting fact is that the Allies and the USSR did not personally kill him and fled him from his enemies, hid in South America and live his fruitful life there. There is a rumor that he killed himself in his bunker, but it still cannot be proven.

rom flashing – Is it possible to repair a tough device?

I work as a technician in an electrical repair shop and I started 4-5 years ago, but something really bothers me.

Why can not we repair hard-walled equipment? Like device hardware perfectly fine. Is there a device for this problem?

I have 5-10 gadgets lying dead just because of the hard brick because some amateur was trying to flash a ROM without any experience

I also do not know if this is the right place to ask this question. I'm basically trying to flash an Android ROM, but if it's not the place to do it, I can delete my question and please, if you're not% 100, do not write "You can not fix hard-walled equipment," I have heard and said that for a long time

Looking for Divorce Lawyer Referral-Need a tough nose go getter

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    I'm in the middle of a divorce and my soon-to-be ex was not a decent guy, to say the least. I'm looking for recommendations for a really hardened lawyer who is not afraid to nail someone to the wall.
    I do not want to be flamed, but I desperately need a VERY good lawyer to take my husband to the cleaning ladies, so to speak.
    If you knew what was going on, you would agree that this man deserves to pay royally.
    If you know someone who is not afraid to hold onto someone, please let me know. I'm not a criminal, but without going into too much detail, I'm just saying that this man needs to know what to expect.
    I am talking about maximum maintenance for children, maximum maintenance, etc.
    Thank you for reading.

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    I felt that the law firm Carr really looked after me as a person, not just a client. They have seen things that I have not seen, and have steered me in the right direction every time we met. These people will always be the lawyers I recommend for a "graceful divorce solution".

dnd 5e – How can I kill a tough Druidian NPC outside the scene for the plot?

In a campaign I made myself, there's an 8th-level Druid NPC (good guy) who has an item that I want the bad guys to steal from him (killing him the way to kill him) dramatize).

My main concern is that he can easily turn into a bird and fly away (with the object).

There should be a witness who informs the players that the bad guys took the item. His defeat should be credible.

Here is the question:
Should I say as GM that the druid is dead and ignores all resources that a character of this level needs to defend himself?

Or should I, on the other hand, make an encounter (offscene) with a detailed composition of the evil forces to defeat him?

How could I work out this event?

What are your tough NVMe drives?

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We only use Supermicro servers. Our standard server we sell uses 2-4 drives and is based on the E3-12xx v6 CPUs (or the new E-21xx). Please show me an offer from one of the major manufacturers (Supermicro, Dell, HP, etc.) that will allow me to offer a client with a Hotswap U.2 Bay NVMe drive.

HPE Gen10 entry-level servers offer Hotswap U.2 NVMe.

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There are also many Enterprise M.2 NVMe drives. Including Intel and Samsung like the PM953. Many of the server boards have Supermicro M.2 slots. Supermicro sells a PCI card that can be used to install 2M.2 cards. Therefore, the use of 2-4 drives with M.2 NVMe with high-quality devices is widespread and still in budget.

Sure, the PM953 is also offered in a 2.5-inch form factor. There are many solutions where you use the M.2 slots for the boot / OS drives and then the hot-swap U.2 slots.

Most vendors / data centers that use NVMe in bulk typically use hot swap because they also have less time to spend – and ultimately save money – and when you can afford to buy or sell laptops with vendors buy through their contacts at various suppliers.

Most people do not go to dell.com or whatever, to buy a single server, then just throw away money.

Break a tough password with John

I'm trying to crack a fairly advanced password on my computer, and I'd run it for about a day with John's default settings.

His passwords went through approximately (one day by 23000 kp / s).

I've tried to figure out how many characters it has exhausted, but it's in an unconventional order, so it's hard to say.

How can I optimize john to break this faster considering the attempted passwords?

Low Code v / s Custom Software Development Solutions

Comparisons are always beneficial when it comes to technologies, industries, mobile devices, entertainment media, or anything under the sun. Each has its own characteristics and some that turn out to be ordinary. In the fast-paced era of digital transformation, time is the most important thing for everyone. The organization called for results faster and more effectively. Custom Software Development Company has already established a niche around the world and proves its finesse in almost every industry.
Custom software solutions are known to all as they provide the best customer experience. They require no introduction. It does not have to prove its control worldwide. However, the development of low-code software is relatively new.

Custom software solutions and low-code software solutions – when to use what?

You can select custom software solutions if:

• There is a massive transformation of business processes into the software application, and there are multiple entities involved – different segments, regions, departments, functionalities
• Designing business workflows requires a lot of customization and it is difficult to adapt to solutions designed to understand what is needed
• The number of employees is huge and there is a huge infrastructure that needs to be taken care of
• The emphasis is more on the security, reliability and flexibility of the business information involved
• There is an increased need for third-party integration and migration of legacy versions. Many external applications need to be integrated to ensure a full functional flow
• The focus of management is on aligning business goals with the software solution

You can opt for low-code software solutions if:

• There are limited IT resources and it is difficult to find dedicated resources that can help
• Companies are looking for small changes to business processes that do not require a lot of data transfer, integration, or business complexity
• There is limited infrastructure and fewer employees
• The budget is very limited and it is a difficult task to tailor each requirement as needed