Schengen tourist visa – Switzerland / Hungary

My wife and I plan to visit some European countries (France, Switzerland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands) and have to apply for a Schengen visa. Since we spend most of the nights in Switzerland, we will apply for a visa through the Swiss consulate in Sydney. However, I will apply for a business visa as I attend a conference while traveling and a tourist visa for women.
Could someone clarify the following

  1. I have the invitation letter from the conference (conference in Hungary) which I will provide as a section "Host and / or Accommodation Information". But what should I put there for my wife? Do we have to put the details of the individual accommodations below for me and my wife?
  2. We will use Airbnb accommodations. So do we have to provide all of these bookings in the online application or just the copies of the booking as separate attachments?

Are there luxury tourist train cruises in the US?

Tourists can book luxury train cruises in various countries around the world. Those who usually only travel several times a year, use traditional carriages, are far more expensive than regular trains, are booked as complete packages including luxurious meals and excursions and can take up to two weeks. Some examples:

  • RENFE Al Andalus, 7 days / 6 nights, prices from € 3,700 per person
  • Belmond Royal Scotsman, the Grand Western Scenic Wonders, 7 days, prices from £ 10,450 per person.
  • Shongololo Express, 15 days, from R95.400 per person
  • The Rocky Mountaineer, 2-3 days, from € 1172.88 per person.

For such trips, the travel experience and the excursion itself is the goal, not completely different from a sea cruise.

Are there such luxury train cruises in the United States?

Mumbai a center of tourist places – advertising, offers

Mumbai is known as a financial power plant and a perfect union of modern buildings and Dharavi slum. Most preferred by the tourist Mumbai tours Well-known tourist attractions include Gateway of India, Haji Ali Dargah, Chowpatty Beach, Juhu Beach, Marine Drive and Elephanta Caves. Mumbai offers a wealth of activities for a dream vacation. The beaches, the movie city and the fashionable shopping centers are the perfect place for entertainment that will take you on a trip to Mumbai. If you're looking for a cheap Mumbai tour package, contact Indiator, known for its excellent travel service. You can even put together a tour of your choice that fits all possible destinations you would like to visit in the city. They also offer additional services such as transportation and hotel accommodation for a better travel experience.

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Can I travel to Canada on a tourist visa while waiting for the Working Holiday Visa?

My friend is British and would like to go back to Canada with me. She has entered the visa pool (she is waiting to be selected to apply and then has to submit her application). We try to find the best way to do this. She wants to come with me, but we have to wait for her to be selected to apply for the Working Holiday Visa. Once selected, we have to wait for the visa application process. I would stay here until it is picked up, but my visa expires in 2 months. Can she come with me on a tourist visa or a temporary residence visa until she is taken out of the pool for work vacation? If she is picked up in Canada, does she have to go back to England to apply or can she apply from Canada on a tourist visa?

Limits – Thai Tourist Visa and Exemption

Your opinion or expertise is requested.

On September 10, 2019, I entered Thailand with an exceptional stamp. On September 12, 2019, I flew to Cambodia with friends.

Returned to Thailand on September 17, 2019 with an exceptional stamp.

Flew to Phnom Penh to get a 60/90 day visa on October 16, 2019.

Received a visa and returned to Thailand by plane on October 20, 2019.

Received a 30-day extension on December 13, 2019 (through January 18, 2020).

On January 13, 2020, I flew back to Phnom Penh to apply for another 60/90 day tourist visa.

I was rejected.

The only question the officer asked at the counter was why I hadn't used the exit ticket I had presented as evidence of my last tourist visa.

I replied that I had planned to go home for Christmas but had changed my mind because I had started taking Muaythai classes and wanted to continue with the classes and now I was planning to return to the States instead for spring. She asked for evidence. I gave her my schedule and continuation

Action details for my Muaythai teacher.

The "consulate" refused my visa.

Does this prevent me from getting a visa waiver stamp?

I considered flying to Laos and trying to cross the land border. However, I am nervous that I am in the system as "deny entry" or something.

I am not dealing with drugs. I am unemployed. I have a lot of money in the bank and of course a bank statement. I have given a schedule for the Thai boxing lessons and the contact details of my teacher. I'm from the United States if that's important.

It seems that the whole point was that I didn't fly in accordance with the ticket I used for my last visa application. I don't want to fly to Suvarnabhumi because I don't want to risk being deported to the United States.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Under these circumstances, how often can you enter Thailand on a tourist visa?

I'm a little confused because I've read quite a bit of information online.
Let's assume the following scenario:

  • British passport holder. Older than 18 years but younger than 50 years. Otherwise, no criminal records or exceptional cases.
  • I've never been to Thailand.
  • Fly to Thailand (no prior visa).
  • Will be stamped for 30 days.
  • Another 30 days will be renewed 30 days ago.
  • Renewed 30 days ago (now almost 90 days)
  • Flies out 90 days ago (no overstay)
  • Flies back to Thailand within a week and repeats the same process.

When I search for regulations online, I don't see a visa policy for Thai tourists that specifically avoids this.
However, I see many people on the Internet who claim that this is not possible in practice.

Are there numbers about how often this can be achieved?
Is this in a regulation or is it just randomly carried out by the immigration officer on duty?

USA – refugee in France; can I apply for a US tourist visa with a titre de voyage?

Your travel document can be submitted instead of a passport. After all, that's the whole point of the document. The US will accept it as such.

The definition of "passport" in U.S. law includes all travel documents issued by a foreign government or international organization, whether or not the word "passport" is printed. What matters is that the traveler must be identified and valid to return to the country in which they were issued.

The definition of "passport" is contained in INA 101 (a) (30), (8 USC 1101 (a) (30)) and reads:

(30) The term "passport" means any travel document issued by a competent authority which shows the origin, identity and, where appropriate, the nationality of the holder and which is valid for the holder's admission to another country.

This is interpreted by the State Department in accordance with the Foreign Affairs Handbook, which sets out the following in the relevant part:

on. The term "competent authority" used in INA 101 (a) (30) means an official authorized by the government of the country of issue to issue passports. The term is not linked to the maintenance of diplomatic relations with or recognition by the United States. Accordingly, the Ministry determines on a case-by-case basis whether an issuing authority is a competent authority within the meaning of INA 101 (a) (30).

In other cases, the visa can be included in the travel document or must be issued on a separate sheet of paper. (For example, North Korean citizens receive their US visas on separate paper, as does the Queen of England, who does not have a passport.)
Form DS-232