tracking – How to “accept tracked changes” in a restricted Word document

I am hoping someone can help me! I have been working on a branded Word template that has a specific theme with built in colours and styles for body copy, headings, and all kinds of other styles. Because we wanted to keep people from switching themes and modifying the styles in the template, we restricted editing to a large selection of styles and then added “exceptions” to the areas that could be edited. Then, I locked down the file. One big issue is that it does not allow me to do tracked changes when I do this. If I click on “tracked changes” before I lock down the file, it does do the tracking, however, it won’t let me “accept” the tracked changes. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? I don’t understand how I can track the changes, but can’t actually accept the changes. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

swap – how is it allocated and historically tracked

newbie question here…

looks like my system isn’t using swap…

root@testvm:~# free -m
              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:            985         667          72           3         245         176
Swap:             0           0           0

a few questions

  1. do i have to enable swap? I realize it’s not a good thing and you want to avoid it, but i dont know if it’s something you have to turn on or if the OS creates it as needed? the fact that my server just shows "0" for everything kind of confuses me.
  2. is there a way to see if swap was ever used? i believe the "free -m" command shows current usage. but say for instance somethnig happens overnight that causes swap usage but the situation goes away and the swap is cleared out. is there a way that i could see it was used? (time/amount/etc would be great but i’ll settle for anything at this point).



really scared rn. my first time on the deep web and its definitally my last. So basically i went on the deep web and I know not to go full screen and javascript was off after looking at some sites on how to be safe on there. And clearly im dumb because i did some stupid stuff. I didnt know how to find any sites. so on my regular browser i searched up dark web links or deep web links or something like that. and i clicked on oneand it showed a bunch of links then i copied some of the first ones and pasted them in my tor browser. one was hidden wiki and i looked at that for awhile. and one of the other sites was a list of links, like a long list of links. they were named on the right side but most of them had terrible grammer or names that dont even make sense. also a lot had weird letters that werent even english letters. just saying this now im 16 and on god and my whole families life includng mine, i do not have the slightest intrest in this terrible stuff. my mouse has it where u click the scroll wheel and it opens the link in a new tab. so my stupid self goes through this long list clicking a bunch of links opening them in new tabs. i opened a bunch of tabs the first time and i start from the first one and i close them whenever im done looking at them and go to the next one. most of the tabs i have to close because they dont even load. so i get through all of those and there were some money websites and some “substance” ones. also just some random websites that are in russian or something. so after i was done with all those tabs i did the same exact thing and started spamming middle click on a bunch of random links. so there are a bunch open and i start going through them. i close some of the first ones cuz they didnt load. then i saw a green leaf one then i close that to see the next website, and i almost crapped my pants after reading what was there. it was a yellow screen with black text and some symbol and it said something like “looking for child p***” you ahole? you cant hide from us”. something like that i honestly didnt even get to get a good look or anything because i closed tor and deleted that it instantly. now im just thinking am i gonna get tracked by some dark web hacker or the fbi. this experience has me scarred and im never going on that crap again. if it sounds weird i took out all the curse words to see if it will post.

web browser – Best way to learn every way I am tracked online?

Some resources for you to play with, focussed mostly at the application layer:

Instal the uMatrix add-on in your browser, to get a feel for how it all works on your favourite websites, but also be aware that development has now ended. Study tracking techniques that are tested by the resources I linked to above; Doles 2020 gives a good overview of the various techniques.

Read up on VPNs, and consider using a paid-for service .. repeat after me: “There’s no such thing as a free VPN!” .. but while you’re at it, be aware of the limitations: from Proceedings of privacy enhancing technologies, Pulls and Dahlberg 2020

Website Fingerprinting (WF) attacks are a
subset of traffic analysis attacks where a local passive attacker attempts to infer which websites a target victim is visiting over an encrypted tunnel …

If you’re on your android phone, consider installing a software firewall, eg: NetGuard, which runs as a VPN to capture traffic. (This will be incompatible if you’re using another VPN on your phone, as VPN can’t be ‘chained’ that I know of.)

Another option is to check out AF-Wall which works on iptables (for the most part I think this one requires root on your phone to get access to the iptables binary, but may not in some cases).

I’ll assume you’re considering isolating your browser inside a VM, based on your other question today. Make sure your host is only exposing a generic L2-network interface to the guest(s).

Better yet, if you’re using wifi, and you leak your nearby SSIDs ‘somehow’, then you can be placed in a populated area to within 25 yards or even less – how can you trust that your browser isn’t relaying this information? Your kernel? Consider switching to wired ethernet for your connectivity – for the most part, it’s easier than you think. Disable wifi in the hardware – yep, rip that f***er out and don’t look back! Lounging on the couch doing ‘research’ only leads to crippling rsi in the long run, anyway!

i think my ip is being tracked

ok, so i was on tiktok and i got tagged in some video saying ‘check my bio’ and i jokingly pressed the link and a few minutes ago i looked at the comments and i have now realized that i pressed a link that (i think) tracks my ip. i’m really scared, i’m downloading a vpn in a few hours, so hopefully nothing will happen. i’m really scared. i have been on some sites that i believe track your ip but nothing has happened. any answer is appreciated.

Can Microsoft Flow/Automate enable or disable tracked changes in a Word document hosted in SharePoint Online?

As I am not quite sure about your final goal, I will provide some information about what Flow can do.

Just like you said, using call Http request with Rest API we can get the version number of the file. In other words, we can somehow track the document when it publishes a new version. As we shall make the flow be triggered when a file is modified, simply we can turn on/off the flow as your wish.
enter image description here

And here are some examples getting file version number with flow: