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Affiliate marketing is an ever-changing sphere. However, there is a good algorithm for overcoming all unpleasant and abrupt turns.

1. We watch the market
2. We listen to you
3. We are not afraid of implementing new solutions

Using this algorithm helps us keep up with the latest user trends.

In the article – Top 5 market changes and our solutions for them:

▪ Increasing Fraud Fraud with Affiliates

▪️market development and diversification

▪ User privacy issues


▪ SaaS products are rising

If we missed something, write us a message in our telegram community

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Post Time: May 28, 2019 at 4:38 pm.

Track-R: Google Rank Tracker by JudderMan

I've been managing an SEO / online marketing company in the UK since 2010. I have been the customer of all the best rank trackers in the market. And not happy with them. They are either too expensive or do not work well. I helped their developers with suggestions to do better. So I did my own!

As a customer and online marketing, I know what WE want. I am not a developer or computer scientist. I am an SEO guy who manages developers. Track-R was developed for the customer. You know me and know that I am content with nothing less than the best. However, if something is wrong with Track-R, it will be fixed immediately.

The Shopify app and the WordPress plugin will be available from about June 2018.

See below before signing up. Yes, be your own partner and get a discount!

Affiliate Marketers

Receive 25% recurring payments for your customers' term on each package. We use Tapfiliate to process the payments of our partners.

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Höchstes Vertrauen
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Nichts ändert sich, bis Sie es tun
Den harten Weg merken
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Michael Breen – Master Strategies of Motivation
Michael Breen – Mastering Conversational Change wi…
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Lionel Wee – The Language of Organizational Stylin…
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Lee LeFever – The Art of Explanation. Making your …
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Ann M. Brewer – Leadership, Coaching and Followers…
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Andrew Palmer – Smart Money
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Amy Alkon – Good Manners for Nice People Who Somet…
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Adversaries into Allies Win People Over – Burg, Bo…
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Robert Dilts – Systemic Thinking and Application o…
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Rintu Basu – Confidence Booster
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Perry Marshall – 80-20 Life Hacks
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Paula Moore – Posturecise – How To Create A Health…
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Paul Nowak – proving Your Memory
Paul McKenna – Positivity Collection
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Paul Mascetta – Maverick Persuasion
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Michael Breen – Using NLP In Business
Mental Alchemy
Memory The Hard Way
medicale books 2008-2012
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Kindle Technique Treasure Chest RELOADED + All Up …
Kevin Hogan – Goal Acquistion
Kevin Ashton – How to Fly a Horse
Kenrick Cleveland – Magical Objection Mastery
Kenrick Cleveland – Leadership
Kenrick Cleveland – Dark Side 1 and 2
Josh Waitzkin – The Art of Learning
Josh Kaufman – The First 20 Hours
Joseph Riggio & Jamie Smart – Story Control
Jon Benson – The $5M Sales Letter Formula
John Carlton Action Seminar – 2011
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J Cockrum – Silent Sales Machine
J Cockrum – Proven Wholesale Sourcing
Jeffrey Rothfeder – Driving Honda
Jeff Johnson's Traffic and Leads Training Academy
Jay Boyer and John S. Rhodes Open Bucket
Jay Abraham – Your Marketing Genius At Work
Jason Swenk – Marketing Agency Playbook
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Jason Fladlien – Product Creation eClass 2
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Binom – Affiliate tracker for professionals [-40% coupon]

Binomial history

By 2015, when iMobiTrax was already poor quality and Voluum was not good enough, my team and I were running tons of cheap traffic to various utilities and sweepers. We tirelessly paid $ 3,000 for Voluum, but dreamed of our own tracker solution, which would be cheaper on the one hand and on the other hand have all the necessary features for our tasks. So Binom saw the daylight. In the spring of 2016, we started using it for our campaigns and distributing it to friends for testing. It got pretty good with the fall tracker, and we started selling it to the tight circle of heavy traffic partners with high functionality requirements, which encouraged the development of the tracker.

After all, it's even more fun for us to do our best than to do it for ourselves. Through word of mouth, the product has been distributed from one person to another and is now one of the leading figures in terms of overall traffic. Throughout this time, we have constantly improved our creation and have been so happy with their growth. At the same time, we solved a variety of practical tasks related to operating speed, user interface and new features. We also hid from adplexity for a long time and released more than 30 updates.

Over these years, we've put together an excellent support and development team that is able to develop the best product and service we can proudly bring to the broad range of Affiliate Marketing employees.

Currently more than 500 customers from all over the world are working with us. They process more than two billion clicks per month.

Now we take place 2 according to AdPlexity:

Binom is a simple and easy solution with professional skills. During development, we focus on operating speed and flexibility to solve the maximum range of AM's tasks.

Key Benefits:

  • Interface and redirects the speed
  • fixed costs
  • Simple and easy to use (great experience in AM allows us to design it the way it should)
  • Unlimited domains (with free SLL certificates), user, rule set, data retention time
  • Flexibility and customization
  • No-redirect tracking (integrated landings and LP pixels)
  • Trigger system (eg reduced profit for the last hour => You will receive a message to your telephone carrier or if an offer is not available for any reason – the tracker stops it).
  • Tracking events and viewing reports with arbitrary formulas
  • Ideal solution for teams: Unlimited number of users with custom access rights
  • Powerful API for accessing all functions of the tracker
  • Experienced technical support (always online via e-mail, Skype or telegram), free tracker installation and server setup + optimization

Intercom screen:


  • Self-hosted We try to facilitate the technical support that can do anything related to the server. Including the tracker installation itself and server optimization.
    Technical experience is not required!
  • If you save more than 300 million clicks, most servers may not have enough disk space. For this we have monitoring and clearing systems in the tracker.

What is there for your niche?

Pop Traffic, Mobile:

  • The tracker can handle large traffic volumes (up to 600 million clicks per month)
  • The price does not depend on the quantities
  • Super fast redirects and reports
  • Filtering system (including mathematical) for white and black lists
  • Trademarks for publishers
  • Checking the domain of the tracker and the landing on Google ban
  • Detect bots on landings and display them in a separate column for pubs filtering
  • No redirect tracking for loss reduction and cloaking within a URL
  • View bots, scrolls, and backfix percentages or available metrics in any section
  • IP Range Report
  • A powerful API for automation

Native ads

  • Trademarks for publishers
  • Update costs to tokens to match the statistics in the source
  • Tracking of behavioral factors through events, e.g. For example, the percentage of users logged in to social networks
  • Tracking the depth of vision and the starting points of the landing
  • Group campaign reports for cross analysis


  • LP pixels
  • Integrated landings with PHP (Create your diversions without diversion)
  • Replace the domain's index page to track and filter moderators, bots, and view their statistics
  • No restrictions on the deception rules: IP, user agent, proxy traffic filter
  • URL customization up to, understandable URL while using mod_rewrite. You can even create an entire site in the tracker
  • Tracking behavioral factors


Campaign Page:


Traffic distribution:

Mark brands:

What's in the plans?

  • Automatic optimization of traffic distribution
  • App Tracking
  • report visualization
  • Trackers monitor
  • Deep integration with sources and networks


The cost of the first license is $ 99 / month.
Additional (for the 2nd and following servers) – $ 49 / month.

We have discounts for an extended extension.
3 months – 10%, 6 months – 20%, one year – 30%.
This means that a license costs only $ 69 / month.

Discounts for MoneyMakerDiscussion members

We offer 40% discount for the second month of use. The first month is free.

Use coupon BinomCommunity At registration

… or have a look at our live demo

We'd love to hear your feedback on this thread!

We take care of our users and look forward to your participation in this thread.

App Windows – Midi Tracker 1.6.4 | NulledTeam UnderGround

File size: 0.8 MB

MIDI Tracker is a music editor with the ability to import and export songs in MIDI format, supports 128 instruments, allocates the volume and number of tracks, plays and edits them via the PC keyboard. With MIDI Tracker you can create any MIDI file within minutes.


MIDI Music Sequencer
MIDI import routines
MIDI export routines
XM-import routines
Virtual MIDI Piano – optimized for the PC keyboard
pattern Editor
Unlimited number of tracks per channel
Show free channel to the MIDI channel
Order Editor
Copy / Paste works like Excel
Change the MIDI patch using the toolbar or hotkey
Play chords and paste them into the sequencer
Play live performance by switching channels in real time or changing patterns without interruptions
Small file size
Convert MIDI files to optimized patterns
– Play and insert notes and chords

What's new?


Downloading UploadGig

Download Rapidgator


Suggestion – Community Facing Feature Tracker | Forum Promotion

In recent discussions it has been suggested that many conversations and ideas are only raised in employee forums. This is the case first-hand and it is not healthy. What FP needs now is transparency between its employees, especially the admins, and the community. Bring these ideas, suggestions and everything else to the front table. Do not leave the community in the dark, just to wait until the shit hits the fan to say, oh hey, we're doing this and hoping to make it happy. Close

I suggest building a suggestion tracker or feature tracker that outlines a timeline of things in the works. Elements such as new features (such as the mobile app nobody knew about), suggestions raised in the CM forum (soft delete posts) that set the awful permissions (registered users can delete their own posts)) and other ideas. Things are addressed in the CM, then we hear, the community, none of it.

The team needs to be more transparent and more open to the community, because at the end of the day, you are pushing members by doing things in secret and leaving us in the dark.