Tracking saved files

Suppose I create a word or a PDF document on my home computer. I then save this file to a location on my computer's hard drive and send it to a friend via email attached to Gmail.
My friend downloads this file to his computer and uploads it to a corporate website.
Can the company see my name and my computer ID in the file properties, even though I emailed the file to my friend and uploaded it from his computer (not mine)?

Image Processing – Tracking Moving Filaments in Videos

I recorded a video of nanotubes in solution with a confocal laser microscope. I usually follow these nanotubes with Fiesta or Fiji, but in this case there are differences in brightness that disturb my tracking programs.

Enter image description here

Here is a link to the full video (.tif file)

What I tried was with ImageCorrespondingPoints and ImageFeatureTrackbut the results were pretty terrible. I had hoped that some CV experts could help track the nanotube over all frames.

Help with adding transaction tracking data

The PHP video web script that I want to change has a process where users generate credit units from displayed videos.
The total balance of credits is stored in the mysql db table named "User" in a column titled "balance", where each balance is displayed in a user row and the total balance is updated (up or down). , depending on the activity of the credits.

However, if, for example, 2 credits are added to the balance, it will not be possible to track what type of activity caused the total change in the balance.

I think a separate table should be created, in which a new line will be inserted for each transaction that affects the amount. but I do not know how to do that. Any guidance you want to share is welcome.
What else could this need? Or do you have a better idea?
I look forward to any comments / suggestions.

Database Design – Microservice – catalog and inventory tracking on different tables

I am currently investigating the microservice architecture and relying on what I have read so far. It's good to separate the microservice / database catalog into inventory, and I want to go there.

The problems:

  1. Since the catalog is located in another database (PostgreSQL / MongoDB), compare it to the inventory (PostgreSQL). If I want to create a report on stock movement with product code, how do I best model it? So far, I'm sending the product ID to the inventory but not the code, as it may change.
  2. What is the best way to track the camp movement? I have this scheme in mind:

-action (IN/OUT)

InventoryTransactionSummary <- updated daily
-prevTotal - total from the previous date
-total - prevTotal + productIn - productOut
-productIn - in stock
-productOut - sold, pullout, etc

magento2 – Magento 2.3.2 No conversion tracking data

I am having problems with Magento 2.3.2 Conversion Tracking in Google Analytics. I have tried many different free extensions, but still have not been lucky. We use Magento's native checkout and payment gateway

Code extract

Our conversion tracking data does not include order data

Does anyone else have experience with this problem? I read some time ago that there was a bug fixed in Magento 2.2.x.

Thank you very much

User Tracking – What Information About Me Receive Online Shops Through My Credit Card?

I found exactly the same question about physical stores:
What information about me receive business through my credit card?

Although I am interested in online shops! Is there a big difference between PHYSICAL and DIGITAL store transactions and their associated processes?

What information do merchants from this transaction receive about me (or my credit card)? For example, I know about BIN and AVS what else they can find out. What other APIs do they communicate with …

This is probably very specific for different countries. But are there standards? If not, in this case I am most interested in cross-border European transactions (eg France-> UK, UK-> Hungary, …). If you only know about US specific information, you are welcome to post it. Maybe we can collect a good collection of information!

Thank you very much for your information!

Probability – finding a distribution that meets countless limitations: tracking in a more restrictive environment

Recently, I asked the question of how to find a distribution that meets countless limitations. Any relevant references? Bjørn Kjos-Hanssen pointed out quickly and ingeniously that a solution without further assumptions was not tenable. A more restrictive formulation introducing a continuity assumption is as follows:

To let $ X $ to be an innumerable amount, and $ Y = {0,1} $, Accept $ f: X times Y to (0,1) $, and $ f (x, 1): X to (0,1) $ is continuous; given $ mathcal {H} subseteq Y ^ X $, Find $ P $a distribution with support on $ mathcal {H} $, so that

for all x, f (x, y) = int_ {h in mathcal {H}: h (x) = y} dP (h),

provided it exists.

If someone has references that he thinks are useful for solving this, or more about why it may not be worth thinking about, I would be very grateful.

Autofocus – Is it possible to use a tracking focus to add AF to MF lenses?

This looks like a video / cinema focus tool [albeit a budget tool]
Even the good ones will not focus like the AF of a still camera. They should be "smooth", not "fast".

Even if you could access the API of the camera [unlikely, as already mentioned by scottbb], something as cheap as either refuses to keep up, burn itself out in half an hour, or if you try it, either the gear teeth or the Lens mechanism damaged To follow the AF of a still camera in real time.

This is not really relevant, but a "real" Focus Pulling Kit will cost you about $ 8-10,000

… and you still have to calibrate it individually for each lens. The number of turns on the outside does not correspond linearly with the distance focus movements on the inside. The Pro rigs have interchangeable cuffs, which you attach to the driver's remote control to adjust the focal length of the lens to the position of the remote control dial. Regardless of how good the stereoscopic distance systems mounted on high-end film cameras are, every Focus puller has one tape measure,