Trademark Registry Business Serving 10 Countries. Recently Launched and Doing Well Already

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Regmarker is an online international trademark law firm registering trademarks in 10 territories namely; United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, China, Europe, Pakistan, Brazil, Australia, Russia and Mexico.

The company was recently launched in July and has already made 9 high ticket sales.

This business is 100% outsourced and you do not need to know any law in order to run it.

How it works & How you can make money from it:

As mentioned above, the business model is 100% outsourced meaning you do not have to do any work. Here is how it works:

1. A customer places an order on and makes the payment

2. You take part of the payment and place your order with the service provider (that I will link you with)

3. The provider does the work and returns the finished job to you

4. You take the finished job and send it to the customer

5. You keep your profit

That’s it!

Why you should buy it:

You will be literally owning a multinational business with ‘presence’ in the 10 territories mentioned above. The potential is exceptional!

In addition, the business is 100% outsourced meaning you do not need any knowledge in the trademark industry in order to run it!

The margins:

Profit margins are about 50%. You can increase the price if you see it fit

What you will get after the sale:

1. The catchy domain name: pushed to your namecheap account

2. The website and all files

3. Free transfer of the website to your hosting

4. The Facebook page (138 followers)

5. Free linking of your PayPal account to the site

6. Introduction to the service provider where you can outsource

7. Free hosting of the site for 3 months if you do not have a host yet

8. Free ideas and suggestions to grow the business even further

I will also consider serious offers to end the auction instantly.
Feel free to PM me so i can show you proof of sales or if you have an offer or question.

Payment accepted is PayPal



legal – Where is the line drawn with domain names that contain a trademark?

I am not a lawyer and that is NOT LEGAL ADVICE!

To update

I read an article about Blogger Law and came across this direct problem. Here's an example case they quoted:

A leading case in the area of ​​trademark litigation is Continental Airlines, Inc. against In this case, the dotcom simply redirected visitors to a travel site where they could buy Continental Airline tickets and pay an additional $ 15 to use the service. The court awarded the airline's domain due to a trademark infringement.

I strongly recommend reading # 5 on this page as this is an excellent answer to this question.

Original answer

I would say no. You will not get permission from Google and the likelihood of confusion is high.

Here is an example:

In 1988, Quality Inns was planning to open a new chain of economy hotels 
under the name "McSleep." After McDonald's demanded that Quality Inns not 
use the name because it infringed, the hotel company filed a suit in federal 
court seeking a declaratory judgment that "McSleep" did not infringe. 
McDonald's counterclaimed, alleging trademark infringement and unfair 
competition. Eventually, McDonald's prevailed. The court's opinion noted that
the prefix "Mc" added to a generic word has acquired secondary meaning, 
so that in the eyes of the public it means McDonalds, and therefore the name
"McSleep" would infringe on McDonald's trademarks.


You can accept the same for YouTube as people would think it would be for a YouTube-sponsored or YouTube-sponsored branch.

It's not always about money that matters when a user confuses your domain with the Youtube domain and the answer is most likely yes.

A good book on copyright is intellectual property: patents, trademarks and copyrights by Richard Stim. Published by West Legal Studies. This book provides you with a good foundation and is used in law schools and you can understand it.

The best bet would be to name something generic against a mark.

SEO – Google refuses to rate a US trademark page

The following page is indexed, but searches do not display "DirectCore" (replace "example" with "signalogic"):

There are 14 pages of search results, mainly e-commerce results for fishing lines, but not for the software product actually called DirectCore. If you click on "Search with omitted results", the page is displayed. If you search in "DirectCore Software", the page is displayed.

DirectCore is a registered trademark. DirectCore software is a network infrastructure product provided by network operators and LEAs in telecommunications applications and used indirectly by Google (through their Google Fi and voice applications). There is no doubt that the product is valuable and has an indexed, descriptive, accurate website based on 100% original content.

I posted this question in the Google Webmaster Support Forum, but the thread was quickly hijacked over unrelated 404 issues. Not the first time that happened. They're not Google employees, and although they're trying to be helpful (and in many cases, too), they can get out of hand.

Does anyone know of any other way to contact Google Technical Support to resolve such a problem? I assume that there is no legitimate and legal way for me to hit 14 pages of fishing line search results, but maybe there is one? Many thanks.


Domain vs Trademark

I have a domain name that I have been using for several years, and unfortunately it was not published, so I also had to register the trademark we used under the Spanish patent system.

A local person has seen that we are a successful company and has registered our brand name
as a brand. His lawyers ask us to remove all advertising with the name we have been using for years.

Can he force us to stop using this domain name? Or do we have rights?

Responses to a trademark examiner

If you make another mistake, the examiner will tell you again that you are wrong.
Does your letter state that a fee will be charged? I suggest that you follow the instructions in
In the letter you received from the examiner, you should first study your classifications
Send your next answer, or you'll find that you get another negative letter ….

The examiner stops responding when you stop responding, so if you do not respond
In the foreseeable time your mark will be regarded as abandoned / dismissed ….

Why did not you hire a lawyer for something so important? If you can not
Now, to hire a lawyer, why would you think you could afford the defense?
Your brand and litigation can cost many thousands of dollars ….