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Day trading require strong pshycology on market moves, it can be really profitable if u are experienced trader. I really recommend you swing trading, and journey all your behaviors, there is a group Elite Traders, the best on the market so far, it is just a signal provider. Trading requires learning with your mistakes, so there no 100% winning accuracy like those gurus promise

trading – Crypto exchange – what do BTCUSD SELL and LTCBTC SELL mean?

I just downloaded an app that forecasts the crypto market. The app seems to be nice but I don’t understand the forecast interface. What does this mean?


Does it mean that I can sell my bitcoin to someone that has dollars?

For the second, does it also mean that I can sell my LTC to someone that has BTC that is invariably buying BTC with LTC?

The Actual Financial Solution Of 2020 – Forex Trading – General Forex Questions & Help

Forex trading has proven to be a steady source of income for many traders across the globe.

The amazing statistics in 50+ Forex & Trading Industry Statistics & Trends show why Forex trading is gaining increasing popularity in the business world.

Sadly, many traders are not getting a corresponding value for their efforts. They mistakenly chose the wrong trading platform, a costly mistake.

This article provides addresses this issue, gives some practical trading tips, and intimate you with the benefits of Forex Trading.

Why Forex Trading?

If you are still skeptical about creating a source of income from Forex trading, consider some of the reasons why it will turn out to be a good investment decision:

1. High Liquidity

Liquidity is one of the hallmarks of the Forex market. No other market comes closer. This implies that the market enjoys an influx of sellers and buyers who are looking for an opportunity to trade on the market.

Thus, companies, individuals, and banks make $5 trillion worth of transactions daily. With its high liquidity that ensures swift transaction completion, the market offers you the opportunity to trade in your preferred investment idea with ease and make some money for your efforts.

2. No Time Restriction

Forex trading is done around the clock because the Forex market has a global presence. Regardless of your schedule, you can participate in the market at your convenience once the market is open for transactions in any part of the world.

To leverage this, be conversant with market activity in countries that are active. That way, you are guaranteed to make money at your convenience without the unwanted time restrictions associated with most businesses.

Thus, if you are looking for an investment opportunity without time restriction, Forex trading is your best choice.

3. Several Investment Opportunities

With Forex trading, you have several investment opportunities to invest in. Some of the available investment options in the market for investors and traders with different investment needs are:

Commodities: Stocks are not the only available investment options in Forex trading. You can trade commodities such as agricultural goods, livestock, coffee, gold, and others too. Other commodities include beef, grain, precious metals, crude oil and its derivatives such as gasoline.

Stocks: Stocks are great investment assets for shrewd investors. As an investor, including stocks in your portfolio, is a surefire way to increase your financial power. You can purchase companies’ stocks and make impressive Return on Investment in the future.

Crypto assets: If you are a Cryptocurrency enthusiast, invest in digital currencies. Since the first cryptocurrency was developed a decade ago, several others have been released into the Cryptocurrency market.

As a booming industry, investing in crypto assets will be a smart move. The article “Crypto Trading: What is Cryptocurrency Trading?” gives a detailed guide on trading crypto assets. The covers how it works as well as factors that move the market.

Hence, if you are not passionate about any of the above options, you can move to the next. You’re not stuck with an investment idea you are not comfortable with.

Forex trading platforms have a well-defined mission. They are dedicated to providing well-researched resources that include data, useful news, and content that will not only empower readers and prospective traders cum investors but will equally allow them to boost their chances of making it through Forex trading.

On a daily basis, you can update your Forex trading knowledge through the available information provided by these platforms, a necessity if you desire to be on top of your game and increase your success chances.

Economic Calendar

The Economic Calendar is a must-have tool. It helps you to stay connected with economic events in the industry. From the convenience of your device, you can track market indicators and explore valuable historic events too.

Keeping up with developments in the market can make a huge impact on your trading since you are conversant with every piece of information that can help you to make wise trading decisions.

Holidays Calendar

Since Forex trading is done on a global scale, the Calendar intimates you with holidays around the world. It also provides an overview of stock exchange status across the globe as well. With this piece of information at your fingertips, you can identify exchanges that will soon be close to the business.

You can also get relevant information about the exchange of a specific country by filtering your search by country. The Calendar will display all upcoming holidays in the country of your choice.

Currency Converter

The Converter comes in handy when trading currencies. You can make conversions from one currency to another with ease. This tool enables you to know the real-time value of currencies you want to trade.

You will also find the Converter useful as a Cryptocurrency trader. Making payments in different currencies is easier when you can make conversions swiftly.

The article “Top Nine Forex Trading Tools That Every FX Trader Must Have” gives detailed information on the nine must-have Forex trading tools you must-have in the tour toolbox.

What if you have zero trading knowledge and will need a little professional assistance?

Well, not everyone is a pro trader. Yet, your lack of the required trading knowledge shouldn’t be enough to prevent you from earning an income from trading. You can hire the services of a proven broker to cover your inadequacies.

Also, if you work with a regulated brokerage company then you’ll also be getting a lot of advantages such as the latest trading news, effective Forex strategies, daily Forex signals, and what not?

Hence, regardless of your location or trading experience, you can find a broker that meets your investment or trading needs. Go through the options before you make a choice.

Forex trading offers you a steady stream of income once you are familiar with the concept. You can trade from the convenience of your room or hire an experienced broker to handle your trading.

Regardless of your trading choice, rest assured that you have a global market to trade and make passive income for as long as you wish.

However, before committing your hard-earned money to Forex trading, do a background check of the available trading platforms, investment opportunities, and credible brokers, especially if you won’t personally handle the trading. This increases your success chances in the Forex trading market.

While you have an avalanche of trading platforms to choose from, the MetaTrader5 comes very handily in the picking.

MT5 offers high-quality features that include the provision of all the necessary trading tools and a comprehensive review of brokers to enable you to hire the services of a tested and proven professional.

Thus, you can leverage its zero charges to kick-start your trading. You’ll find its guide useful while its updated trading-related pieces of information will keep you abreast of the development in the industry.


Fear in forex trading – General Forex Questions & Help

Fear is the natural reaction we show to threats that can harm us. Fear is normal. This feeling is considered essential to our survival. If you are not afraid, you will find yourself in danger, and it is difficult to escape from it. But in Forex trading, fear is harmful as it allows loss-bearing threats to cause us to make irrational and unhealthy decisions.

transactions – Can a trading platform not provide TxID?

I am very new to crypto sphere and I would very much appreciate some expertise knowledge
I’ll try to only include what is relevant information and get straight to the point.

Recently, I have transferred some USDT from a platfrom called Lemoncoin, (ftdime.com)
I have binded the address of currency withdrawal with my Huobi account and have double, triple checked the address to be identical with deposit address for USDT of my Huobi account. The chain type was ERC20.

Upon withdrawal from Lemoncoin, it sent me a short message on the bottom of the screen that it will arrive after 12 confirmation, which disappeared on its own within about 1 second. Other than that, there has been absolutely no signs of proof for my withdrawal from this platform and there seems to be no way for me to access a TxID for this transfer.

Is it possible that I have been scammed? Or am I missing something?

Is trading really a zero sum game? – General Forex Questions & Help

I used to argue that unlike futures and options, the stock market is not a zero sum game. I would cite how an IPO could rise in price on the first day of trading and how the many shareholders made money the moment one share traded at a higher price. Or perhaps after a good earnings announcement, shares rocketed.

What changed my mind was when several people pointed out that stocks do not create money. The value of those shares was greater but that was notional wealth. If you paid $10k for the shares and they’re now worth $15k, it’s just a paper value. It’s no different than my telling you that the $50 watch on your hand is worth $2k. It’s just a notional number. You don’t achieve that $15k (shares) or that $2k until someone gives you that money in return. And then, his loss (the money) is your gain. It’s just the transfer of money.

Suppose the amount of money in the stock market was fixed. Shares would trade hands (along with the cash) and some would gain while others lost. The only difference from that hypothetical is that new money comes into the market and it simply repeats the process of exchanging shares for cash. It’s the perfect pyramid scheme.



The Forex Game is a free game about the forex market which can be played from your favourite internet browsers. Forex Game is designed specially to act as a forex trading simulator which enables the average Joe in the street understand how the $6 trillion forex market works.

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Investing Bitcoin and cryptocurrrency brings back return in a few time, but saving it in a wallet and keeping fora a time being will bring you Bitcoin interest but in a very slow form, maybe within years.

I have been earning by buying bitcoin when the price has fallen , and selling it when the price rises . this has been helpful .
What I want to venture now is forex trading , that’s why I am asking to know if it is better than cryptocurrency .
I don’t want to make mistakes .

Virtual Trading and the Global Economy​​​​​​​ – General Forex Questions & Help



We have seen the rise of the virtual world in the twenty first century, which is a world that exists entirely on the internet. The currency that is used  is known as bitcoin, but it does not possess any physical form. Bitcoin has now become a widely used currency, especially in China, the economic powerhouse. However, the lack of physical form makes bitcoin completely different to what money should be. 

A long time ago, the value of money was exactly what it was made of. Gold coins were made, and their value depended on the amount of gold in circulation. Nowadays, most money is printed on paper, which does not have that much value. Therefore, the government can print as much money as it wants as long as it has the cheap materials needed to print the money. 

Bitcoin is the next step in this worrying trend regarding the creation money. Bitcoins have no physical form, and they cost almost nothing to create. However, using bitcoin is very convenient as online transactions can be carried out  using a currency which is suitable for  expediting simple financial transactions. 


more details : Virtual Trading and the Global Economy

How new Technology Helps On Forex Trading – General Forex Questions & Help

Hello Guys,
Forex trading is a risky business. But if you do hard work and perfect experience can provide you success on Forex. Today is the globalization world. Day by day science invent new technology. that’s technology helps our daily life and our professional life. So, here are some analysis about new technology and forex trading. actually I want to show you how new technology helps us with our forex trading. 

According to the foreign exchange (Forex) broker Alpari Philippines, a mobile app that lets you track your daily spending plays a vital role in ensuring success in Forex trading. What used to be a tedious activity that is done manually can now be solved with a few taps on your smartphone. It is not the only technology continue to make Forex trading method is simple, though.

The basics of Forex

To get into Forex trading, one must first understand what is actually involved.
Simply put, traders anticipate changes in the exchange rates of different currencies worldwide. They exchange one currency for another, in the hope that the value of the purchased currency will increase versus the currency used to purchase-in other words, more and less. A closer examination reveals that the history of the Forex trading industry has been around even before the Common Era (BCE). Silver and goldsmith basically moneychangers from ancient times.

The forex industry is a reflection of this technological revolution; where once the flagship platform offered by most brokers was a desktop platform, now the innovations in internet accessibility are leading to more traders than ever favouring the flexibility offered by mobile trading apps and mobile enabled websites. Within the financial sector, forex trading has historically suffered from a false perception that it is reserved only for the elite trader that has the extensive experience necessary to successfully navigate the markets. However, with the rise of the mobile era, this persona is changing.

Technology And Forex Trading These Days

It’s worth noting that the modern Forex market is open 24 hours a day on weekdays. Paired currencies and traded based on the quoted price, in three sessions spread throughout the day. It allows investors in various parts of the world to trade in different time zones. Not surprisingly, many Forex traders call the largest and most liquid financial market in the world. Fortunately, you no longer need to physically go to a money changer to become a Forex trader today. In fact, with the right tools, you can easily do it in the comfort of your own home. This is a blessing of new technology.

Artificial Intelligence And Future Of Forex

Even artificial intelligence (AI) has managed to find its way into the discussion of the overall Forex.
According to experts, combining AI in Forex open up a world of possibilities for predictive analysis. In short, this will allow traders access to predictive analytics software from AI. Through predictive analytics, the trader can make a better strategy for trade, based on existing data on market trends. And with AI basically do the heavy lifting, traders can focus on planning the transaction instead of manually monitoring and analyzing data themselves.

Freedom and mobility
The technology revolution has led to a higher level of freedom and mobility for investors who are now able to monitor pricing and pip changes from almost anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet. Even the once restricted space of air travel is now no longer a barrier to internet access and online trading.

Social media and the rush to copy trading
The explosion in social media in the past decade has subsequently led to the creation of entire online communities where like-minded investors can share up-to-the-second market insights. Whole communities of traders can get real-time insight from some of the most successful traders around the world literally at their fingertips and this access to shared knowledge and experience is providing additional confidence for investors.

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Hope you understand that, how new technology help us in our Forex trading.

Thank you.