Permanent Web Traffic on your niche Globally for 30 days for $30

Permanent Web Traffic on your niche Globally for 30 days

Gig explained
This is a special offer due to the marketing times we all have to face.
Value vs Money

If you are an affiliate , then you could be wearing 70% on this service just by promoting our link wherever it is possible, the commission is according with the affiliation terms & conditions of Seoclerck(pls. double-check before you start any personal promotional campaigns).

<<This offer>> is very simple and direct
What do you pay for?

  • 30 days every day posted in Groups with real people interested in your Services & Products on your specific niche , SEO & keywords oriented according to with your interests**
  • You will have your Video Service/Video Product presented for 30 days
  • no links removed but posting every day for 30 days , means every day for $1 your investment(a great deal )***

What is the benefit to pay for the service?

  • you will be visible globally
  • you will have your service, products & Brand well presented*

What really drives web traffic?
free bonus from us:

  • Online Directories
  • Social media posts
  • Video Facebook stories
  • Facebook ads
  • Organic ads
  • Backlinks & SEO oriented =specific niche keywords oriented
  • Hashtags with every post -ex.#online
  • Newsletter to your main contacts over the years with their agreement
  • Landing Page
  • Blogging
  • Vlogging
  • Video Marketing

*you must provide us with your video linked
**you must provide us with niche name or specific keywords to place in the promo
*** This service is a promo as price but not for long.


Premium – AdsKeeper – #1 Solution for Traffic Monetization | Proxies-free

AdsKeeper – #1 Solution for Traffic Monetization

Are you willing to make money with native ads and increase the engagement of your visitors at the same time?
Then AdsKeeper is your perfect choice.

With more than 5 years of experience, AdsKeeper is a global native advertising network with over 5k direct Publishers providing 15+ billion content recommendations DAILY.

Working with our platform, you will get access to the demand for every GEO and be able to monetize traffic from any device worldwide. Due to our cooperation with verified advertisers, we ensure 100% Fill Rate for our publishers with high-quality engaging content. Our automation-driven AI solution picks the content that the visitor is most likely to engage with based on the behavioral patterns they were following on other websites. On top of that, AdsKeeper provides tailored monetization solutions for websites in any language and GEO.

Our key benefits:

  • Innovative Ad Formats​

  • 100% fill rate​

  • GeoEdge protection​

  • TOP eCPM rates​

  • 24/7 support from your Personal Manager​

  • Automatic & Manual Optimization​

  • Flexible payment terms​

Our inventory includes the following formats:

  • Native ads​

  • In-page Push​

  • Push notifications​

  • Native video roll​

  • Video widget​

Payment Methods:

  • Paypal​

  • Paxum​

  • Webmoney​

  • Capitalist​

  • Payoneer​

  • Wire transfer​

AdsKeeper is constantly looking for new publishers to join our ad network. Become our partner and try our widgets, that will perfectly fit any website (both mobile and desktop). To provide extra support for our publishers, we are currently offering a 90% rev share.

Just register via the link and mention “Wjunction” to enjoy exclusive terms.