Trains – How to cancel the train ticket?

I asked to cancel my train ticket with this form. I currently live in the USA. I received an email three weeks ago stating that my request has been forwarded to the appropriate department. I will receive a confirmation from you. I have not heard of them yet, but last week I received another email (now in German), and I am asked to rate the service I recently used (ie Cancel my card). I am not sure if my card will be canceled or not. How can I confirm this? Should I do anything else?

Many Thanks

Trains – What is the purpose of boarding points on Indian Railways tickets?

If you want to travel from A to B in most parts of the world, buy a ticket from A to B, and that's it.

In India, however, it is possible to buy a ticket from X to B, somewhere along the way to determine a boarding point in A and get on the train from A. Makemytrip, explaining how it works:

What is an entry point?

You can choose an entry point from which you can board the train.
This can be any station between the reservation station and
Reservation to the station. By default, your reservation is from station
also your entry point.

Meanwhile, you can choose any departure point on the route from
On the train, you would have to pay the fare accordingly
Reservation from – reservation at stations. For example, if you are
Book a ticket from Mumbai Central to New Delhi and choose the
Boarding as Kota Jn, then you can only board in Kota
Jn and not between Mumbai Central and Kota Jn. They would, however
to pay the fare Mumbai Central to New Delhi

The unanswered question is why do you want to do that?? It would seem much more logical and Cheaper to buy a ticket from Kota Jn to New Delhi.

Trains – Contradictory Information: Does the Hikari 535 Shinkansen exist?

Short answer. Hyperdia is correct; You can take the Hikari 535 service at 20:33.

Long answer. Hikari 535 is an irregularly scheduled service: There is no regular schedule such as "every day" or "every day of the week", but it will only run on certain days, presumably when high demand is expected. The timeline you link to, published on JR Central's English website, does not show any such services. Hyperdia shows it. You can also view the full schedule published on JR Central's Japanese website. Hikari 535 runs on the 14th, 20th, 27th and 3rd, 11th, 17th and 24th of February. (Schedule not yet announced from March).)

Trains – Tokyo -> Kyoto via Nagano and Kanazawa as a stopover on one ticket – is that possible?

Note: I feel obliged to say that by this time your best deal is likely to get just a JR pass. Your trip from Tokyo to Kyoto costs 18,000 yen, while your trip from Osaka to Hiroshima costs another 10,000. If you also need to return from Hiroshima to Tokyo, you should seriously consider a JR pass. If you have a JR pass, you do not have to worry about anything.

You can easily reach Tokyo via Kyoto to Nagano and Kanazawa. Here is the desired route:

Tо̄kyо̄ — via Shinkansen — Nagano — via Shinkansen — Kanazawa — via the Hokuriku Main Line, the Kosei Line and the Tо̄kaid®̄ Main Line — Kȳ̄to

If you can read Japanese, use a ticket machine and buy one base ticket, You can select the desired route. Then buy all the required limited express tickets while you go. Usually I do that before I go by train. The limited express train operating between Kanazawa and Kyoto is the Limited Express Thunderbird (サ ン ー ー),

If you can not read Japanese, it is best to show this to the person in a ticket sales window:

東京 — 北 陸 新 幹線 — — 長野 北 新 金 金 京都 京都 京都 京都. 長野 北 京都 京都 京都 京都 京都 京都 京都 京都

Your basic ticket should be printed as follows:

由: 幹線 · 長野 · 新 · 金 沢 · 陸 · 道

Note that you do not have to list all the waypoints. Since your ticket is destined for a very long journey, stopovers are only allowed if you are not getting off within Tokyo or Kyoto. Stopovers, however become If you have a restricted express ticket, your ticket will become invalid.

Your second itinerary will work very well. It is 337.8 km from Osaka to Hiroshima. According to JR rules, your basic ticket is valid for exactly 3 days.

Luggage – price difference of trains from Aachen to Munich

I would like to travel from Aachen to Munich on January 24, 2018. I checked the price on Prices for the train started from $ 36 to $ 150. and I also looked at the DB-Zug website for about $ 100.

I am confused as to whether or not to buy a ticket for $ 36, and I also carry a piece of luggage with me 1 bag of 20 kg and 1 handbag. May I take it with me?

Enter the image description here

visa – Do I have to check my luggage when changing trains in Manchester, UK?

Your bag should be checked to its final destination. in the outbound case to Delhi, in the return case to Philadelphia; You do not have to pick up your bag in Manchester or Doha and check it again.

Manchester Airport is able to handle international-international bags for AA to QR. (In fact, it can handle most other interlining elements, except from / out of some very small domestic operators for British reasons, which consist of Byzantine customs reasons that do not concern us here.)

If AA or QR does not properly inspect the bag, ask them to do so or ask for a supervisor.

Below is the information from the Timatic database for airlines on customs clearance procedures for the United Kingdom. The tax exemption 1, internationally marked baggage does not have to be released by the customs.

Baggage handling:
- If Aberdeen (ABZ) is the first entry-level airport, luggage is
cleared in Aberdeen. Luggage of transit travelers with one
The final destination of Heathrow (LHR) or Gatwick (LGW) will be
deleted at the first entry airport. In all other cases
Luggage will be handled at the final destination airport or at the airport
an International Community Airport (ICA) in the United States
Kingdom, if it is marked accordingly.
- freed:
1. Luggage of transit travelers with a destination outside
the United Kingdom if it is provided with that destination;
2. Luggage of passengers who were in another EU member
is not deleted at all (use blue exit).

Outbound travel – Do I have to drop my luggage when changing trains at an airport?

I travel from Philadelphia to New Delhi (Delhi). My flight path is Philadelphia to Manchester (AA), Manchester to Doha (Qatar), Doha to Delhi (Qatar). I am an Indian citizen and I have a valid F1 visa for the USA. Do I have to check out my luggage in Manchester and check in to Qatar Airways again? I called the airlines and each time they gave me a different answer. Today they told me I should be in Qatar again in Manchester. If so, do I need a transit visa for Great Britain?

Trains – Can I get a 5-day visa when traveling from Hong Kong to Shenzhen via the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Train?

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What about using Taiwan's local trains for New Years?

I'm taking a short break in northern Taiwan around the 1st of January and would like to be about 90 minutes away from Taipei on the weekend before the New Year. I had difficulty reserving the desired train tickets for the express trains online. I can reserve some trains on the days I'm traveling, just not exactly what I want.

I have also noticed that the hotels are almost fully booked (I have already reserved).

However, I understand that I can get on a local train at any time without a reservation. How busy are the commuter trains from Taipei to Yilan and back the weekend before New Year? I can stand 1-2 hours if I have to; However, I will have a big backpack for luggage. Many Thanks.

Where do the UK National Rail trains have the rules and regulations for the timetable?

For example, can a train travel earlier than the departure time? If so, how much sooner?

I have looked at travel conditions that set minimum rights, but apart from the mention of "National Rail Timetable", the rail timetable for passenger trains available at can be found in the UK.