wi fi – How to transfer files from PC to Android via wifi without special software?

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Android_11 came out in late 2020, when most home networks use wifi.

After searching for hours, I have been unable to find a built-in way of transferring files from my Windows PC to my Android Pixel (and ideally the reverse too) without downloading a special app from the Play store.

This is shocking to me.

Is it really the case that Android doesn’t natively support wifi file transfer?

(I’d rather not need to search for (and decide whether I trust) a third-party app. And I’d certainly rather not use a physical cable for file transfers like it’s 1990.)

Can an SD card be damaged because of different transfer speeds between a device and the card

I have a Nintendo Switch that accepts SD cards that transfer at speeds 60 – 95 MB/s


I bought and SD card that is UHS-1 compatible, but is slower in transfer speeds than what the console asks.

Can that SD card be damaged because of different transfer speeds between a device and the card ?
Do I need to format it before using that on a cell phone (or other device) ?

I have looked for this information, but this is the closest to what I need.

SD Card Read–Write Speed, Error and Recovery

This is also a similar question but not the same that I’m asking
Can a device ruin an SD Card or microSD card?

When existence of transfer map of algebraic $K$-theory implies rational injection.

Given a map of projective varieties $f:Xrightarrow Y$, there is a projection formula in algebraic $K$-theory given by $f_*(alpha.f^*(beta))=beta.f_*(alpha)$. I was wondering whether this implies that algebraic $K$-group of $Y$ rationally injects into $X$?

The natural approach is to plug in $alpha$ to be the class of trivial line bundle $(mathcal{O}_X)$ in $K_0(X)$. This implies that $f_*f^*beta=beta.f_*((mathcal{O}_X))$. So the problem is identifying $f_*((mathcal{O}_X))$ and seeing whether multiplication by it is rationally an isomorphism or not. This leads to GRR and some complicated formulas which lead me to think this is not true in general. Is there a situation that it becomes true (other than the famous etale case)? Does the transfer induce rational injection if the map is finite?

copy – What is the data path of a file transfer?

copy – What is the data path of a file transfer? – Super User

Selling – Vanlog HLS P2P (Ownership transfer) | Proxies-free

*This is ownership transfer not reselling which mean if you bought it you will be owner of the script and I wont be able to use this script.

I would like to transfer my ownership of my HLS P2P straming script. Original price is $2,000USD, I would like to sell it for $1,500USD.
You will get 500$ of from buying a new script from Vanlog. You will get support from Vanlog and me in case if anything happen like player stop working.
SO far I have been using this script for 2 years with no issues.

The reason for selling, because I could not make enough money to pay of server cost (like $160USD/month). My site has 15k visit a day and it’s English movie site it’s Thai movie site and Thai get very low paid CRM for popup ads and it didnt make enough money to pay of server in USD dollar.

I stopped making it and 2 months past, I just want to sell this script as I no longer want it.
I start working as full time now and barely have enough time to do anything except from my work.

Player Demo: admin.vanlong.stream/p2phlsplusmaster

You will need 3 servers to run this system.
– Master server uses to store movie files which will be upload from google drive.
– Load balancing Server
– Slave Server uses to steaming movies to users. (one slave can handle 200 real time user) if you have more just add another slave server. You can have many slaves.

Maintain cost per month
– Mast server $50USD
– Load Balancing 50 EURO
– Slave 20USD (if want to add more plus 20$ each time)

Total cost per month for running server will be 160$ (this can handdle 10,000 user visit per day)

if anyone interest pls contact me via Skype : ookamisamaz


data transfer – How to download any file to iPad from a cloud drive through the browser?

Is there a way to download files from a cloud drive to the ipad through its browser?

I made a dummy text file and uploaded to a cloud drive with a public link,
and then accessed it through the iPad through both Chrome and Safari.
The link works, but I’m not able to download the text file (or any other file).

This download-via-browser was also confirmed successful in all other non-apple devices (PC, phone, etc.).
Is there a step missing?

I transfer bitcoin to someone i don’t know ,

how could i get back the money?

You can’t.

Bitcoin transactions cannot be reversed, cancelled or undone.

[I transferred] my bitcoin to someone I really don’t know

If you have contact details for the person, you can ask them if they are willing to create a new transaction to send some money back to you.

If you only know a Bitcoin address, you cannot get contact details from that address. A bitcoin address does not identify a person, a place or a business. It is just a number, effectively a random number.

How to Transfer Files Into Chromecast with Google TV?

The new Chromecast with Google TV has a few gigs of free storage space but I can’t figure out how to place files in there? There does not seem to be an obvious way to do that but it lets people install VLC which, of course does not find anything,

How do I load media files onto the Chromecast with Google TV? If there is anything to do so that they are visible to the installed VLC, that would be good to know too.

NOTE: Posted this a few days ago on StackOverflow that has some Chromecast related questions but there were no answers. I will delete one of the two questions when there are answers on one.

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