Find the transfer function from the system of equations

For example, I have a system of equations, e.g.

begin {cases}
a_1 x + b_1 y + c_1 z = d_1, \
a_2 x + b_2 y + c_2 z = d_2, \
a_3 x + b_3 y + c_3 z = d_3,
end {cases}

and for that I have to find $ x / y $ in the edition. These are just example equations. The real equations may be bigger with more variables, but I need one $ x / y $ (Transfer function in the output).

Airport transfer – Lithuanian citizen traveling to Lithuania through Abu Dhabi with a validity of 2 months

The 6-month rule applies only to entry, not transit to the UAE. You will be able to cross the airside, but you will not be able to pass through the UAE.

When you arrive at AUH, just follow the signs for Flight Transfer. It's about a 20-minute walk between the terminals.

Can I transfer a Windows 10 Pro license to another PC?

I recently bought a new PC with Windows 10 Home and would like to update it with the license of my old laptop Windows 10 Pro.

I am very confused as to whether it is transferable. I went through an upgrade from Windows 8 on my old laptop and if I had a key I think it has been lost since then.

Executive slmgr -dli The command in a CMD window displays a pop-up stating that it is a retail version, indicating that it is portable. However, I do see that the key is a generic Windows 10 Pro key.
Enter the image description here
Nor was I sure what the deal with the "Digital License" was. As the Pro license says, it's linked to my Microsoft account.

Enter the image description here

Would this mean that it is transferable?

I tried to find out what all of this means, but I'm a little confused with Windows licensing.

How do I transfer all my photos from my Canon camera to my iPad mini in Wi-Fi?

Both answers to your questions are described in the manual how Andy Blankertz stated. Manuals aren't usually good at telling you what you can't do, but they can usually tell you what features were created. In this case, you have to deduce the fact that you cannot do exactly what you want with an all-in-one button, but instead have to repeat a few steps.

The only way to download "all images" is to select each image individually using the instructions on page 142 and repeat if necessary for each batch of 50 images as indicated on page 141.

That may sound tedious, but just to give you an idea of ​​how Canon software is developing, you can only download one image at a time with the EOS Remote App, which I have to work with on my DSLR, and not even around select multiple images at all (let alone 50).

Page 142 of the SX280 manual:

Enter image description here

Page 141 of the SX280 manual:

Enter image description here

Malware – How do you safely transfer files from a possibly infected WinXP computer to Linux?

There is an old Windows XP installation that was used without virus protection. This WinXP computer has files. These files are important and should be moved to a Linux installation. Given the lack of security practices on the part of the WinXP owner, it seems possible that the data may contain malware.

Now I can:

  • Ignore this and just keep using these files on Linux. After all, Linux should not need AV.
    • At the very least, the files should be scanned to prevent accidental sharing of malware if they are ever sent back to other people
    • For example, the files contain a large number of .odt / .doc documents – maybe it's a very remote option, I don't know, but malicious macros are independent of the operating system?
  • Install ClamAV on a Linux computer, scan the files, and then remove Clam.
    • AFAIK ClamAV is known for its poor detection rate – scanning files with AFAIK ClamAV is only slightly better than not scanning at all?
  • Install an AV on the WinXP computer (Panda Free AV still supports WinXP, right?), Scan the files there and then transfer them.
    • That means you go online with WinXP again – it just feels wrong
  • Any options that I have overlooked?

I feel tight. I don't know how to go on.

Note I do not want to examine the files manually and e.g. B. Remove potentially suspicious files such as EXE files, while keeping safe files such as PNG files intact. The reason is that the data is not mine. I was only asked to transfer them so that they could be used by another user.

What is the accepted best practice in such a situation?

macos – file transfer in recovery mode

My MacOS (10.13) would not boot normally. So I restarted it in recovery mode. Then connect an external hard drive, reformat it in APFS and start it cp -r /Volumes/Macintosh HD /Volumes/External_HDD

After 3 hours I decided to finish the task and find out why it takes so long. The Macintosh HD directory contains 395 GB. The external drive contains 550 GB (and this is only half of the files). In this article, "thrift" sometimes fails. In this case, is there a faster alternative to cp?

Money transfer – where did my BTC go after it was transferred?

I received the following key from and transferred my BTC from my Zebpay account to

The transfer was successful. Then I created my account in CashOutBitcoin and checked my BTC balance in my wallet.
My balance showed 0.0 BTC

My CashOutBitcoin account also shows that I should use the following key to transfer bitcoins:

I have collected multiple tickets with cashoutbitcoin in the past 4 months to find out why they gave me the wrong key to transfer my Btc. You should investigate this problem and put my BTC in my wallet, but all tickets are still being processed. Any suggestions as to whether I will get my BTC.