Samsung – Transfer files via USB

I am trying to connect my Samsung S8 to a Windows 10 laptop. Windows 10 shows a problematic MTP device in the computer management console:

Enter the image description here

I downloaded and installed drivers from the Samsung site, but that didn't help. Connecting to a different USB port does not help either. How can you solve this problem?

sshd – Allows an Active Directory group to transfer ssh to the server

I'm trying to get my AD group SSH_Users to transfer SSH to our server. I added a line to the configuration file in / etc / sshd: AllowGroups ssh_Users and ssh_Users? Tried That does not work. When trying to log in, a message appears stating that access was denied. I also created a local group called localsshgroup on the server and added the DOMAIN.COM ssh_Users group to the local group. Still the same mistake. Any help will be great!
I was able to get the domain administrators to sign in using domain administrators, but I can't get the group called SSH_Users that I want to sign up for. I created a test user and added it. However, the user still cannot log on to the server

Transfer files to Windows via WireGuard

I'm trying to find an app for Android that can send or "push" files between my phone and a Windows computer over an already configured VPN network that provides static local IP addresses for these devices. Linux support and transfer to the clipboard would also be nice.

I expect the following from this hypothetical app:

  • Sending data must be a deliberate action. No remote file system browser, no "dragging" of files or automatic clipboard synchronization.
  • Endpoint addresses should be specified by the user, no route detection.
  • Encryption at the protocol level is not required, but it would be nice to have cryptographically authenticated peers

Has anyone ever stumbled across such an app? Would you like to share a link to it?

PHP – Ajax Json [object Object] Transfer of web sockets variable

I receive data from a PHP via AJAX and have to send it to another JS.


$arrayjson() = array(
    'id_pedido'          => $peid,
    'id_cliente'         => $clienteactual,
    'fechaservicio'         => $FechaServicioUP,
$OK= 'Pedido insertado.  Pedido Nº '.$id_pedido_nuevo.'';
$datos_a_enviar = array($OK, $arrayjson);
echo json_encode($datos_a_enviar);

When I get them in AJAX, they look correct.


var dataString = $('#PedidoDeCliente').serialize();

// Enviamos el formulario usando AJAX
       type: "POST",
        url: "pedidos_clientes_insert.php",
        data: dataString,
        dataType: "json",
        async: true,

 beforeSend: function(){      

"); }, error: function(data){ $("#ResultadosDeMovimientos").html("Error al insertar datos. Intente nuevamente."+data); }, success: function(data) { datoA = data(0); datoB = data(1); if(datoA == "ERROR"){ $('#ResultadosDeMovimientos').html(datoB); }else{ console.log(datoB); send(datoB);// array JSON para socket $('#ResultadosDeMovimientos').html(datoA); } } });

The result of console.log(datoB); is

({…})0: id_pedido: "ped_5c74110a85680"id_pedido_trafico: 39192id_cliente: "3"fechaservicio: "2020-03-28"horaservicio: "23:24"tiposervicio: "2"

Here I send to JS, from send(datoB); into the file ancywebsocket.js


var FancyWebSocket = function(url)
	var callbacks = {};
	var ws_url = url;
	var conn;
	this.bind = function(event_name, callback)
		callbacks(event_name) = callbacks(event_name) || ();
		return this;
	this.send = function(event_name, event_data)
		this.conn.send( event_data );
		return this;
	this.connect = function() 
		if ( typeof(MozWebSocket) == 'function' )
		this.conn = new MozWebSocket(url);
		this.conn = new WebSocket(url);
		this.conn.onmessage = function(evt)

		this.conn.onclose = function(){dispatch('close',null)}
		this.conn.onopen = function(){dispatch('open',null)}
	this.disconnect = function()
	var dispatch = function(event_name, message)
		if(message == null || message == "")


var Server;
function send( text ) 
    Server.send( 'message', text );
	Server = new FancyWebSocket('ws://localhost:12345');
    Server.bind('open', function()
    Server.bind('close', function( data ) 
    Server.bind('message', function( payload ) 

function actualiza_mensaje(message)

Here is the result of console.log(message); is (object Object)
Therefore, I cannot process the data that the variable contains.

I've already tried:

        var JSONdata    = JSON.parse(message);
				var id_pedido = JSONdata(0).id_pedido;
				var id_cliente = JSONdata(0).id_cliente;
				var fechaservicio = JSONdata(0).fechaservicio;

The result is Undefined variable

I also tried it

$.each(JSON.parse(message), function (index, item) {
					var id_pedido = item.id_pedido_trafico;
					var id_cliente = item.id_cliente;
					var fechaservicio = item.fechaservicio;


And the result is

jquery-3.3.1.min.js:2 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot use 'in' operator to search for 'length' in (object Object)
at C (jquery-3.3.1.min.js:2)
at Function.each (jquery-3.3.1.min.js:2)
at dispatch (fancywebsocket.js:63)
at WebSocket.conn.onmessage (fancywebsocket.js:29)

Windows 10 – Transfer the progress of Candy Crush Saga to another device by copying files

I need to transfer the progress of Candy Crush (which comes preinstalled with Windows 10) from one laptop to another that is also running Windows 10 (and the games are preinstalled there too). After some quick googling, you can do so with Facebook Connect or if you have a Kingdom account, but I want to avoid creating accounts if possible.

I hope it is possible to only save files from e.g. %APPDATA% with a USB stick, but I'm not sure where the files are located. I am also not sure whether there are registry keys that also need to be transferred.

Does anyone know what files to copy?

How long after the cancellation can I transfer a booking to another flight with easyjet?

At the moment, with easyJet, I can change my booking to just about any route they fly at no additional cost. How long do I have to choose? If I don't rebook, does easyJet automatically offer a refund or revoke the option to change the flight for free?

As a background, I had paid for some flights that were supposed to take place in the past week and had unusually cheap tickets (the total booking for 2 people on a return trip was less than £ 90). The original flights were canceled (not surprisingly – the low price indicates that it is probably one of the first aircraft that is no longer economically viable).

This was one of my first experiences with the "Manage Disruption" portal, which we found surprisingly easy to use – and with which you can select pretty much any flight with available space without any additional changes. We took the opportunity to change the flights to flights that were at a preferred time and from a preferred airport than the one originally booked but were previously excluded for price reasons. So we initially thought that this was a win.

It later became clear due to the evolving corona virus situation that the trip would be poorly advised, but until then easyJet had waived the normal change fee. If the second flight was not canceled, I instead changed it to a future date (March 31 – April 2), on which I found two cheap flights to hold the booking while we considered our next step.

The intention was never to fly on March 31st, but to use this time to decide which future flights it should be carried on, or to request a refund if that flight was canceled …

Now the second flight has also been canceled and the "Manage Disruption" portal is available again, with which I can rebook an easyJet flight that is currently available for booking without any additional changes.

We have plans (as definite as they can be in the current situation) for a trip in September, but plans for the summer are likely and we would prefer to see how the current situation develops before we fix it and it happens I think this effective "wildcard" booking is very valuable. It seems that I can only select a flight once that easyJet operates at no extra charge.

At this point, it seems a shame to waste this wildcard option on a flight that is quite cheap to book directly anyway, but even more a waste if the option is limited in any way.

The normal intent of this wildcard booking is, of course, that you can switch to other flights at very short notice if they are usually extremely expensive and can be booked at short notice. In this unusual situation, however, we no longer have immediate travel plans, so I want to keep this option as long as possible!

Relevant information:

I don't want to bother easyJet customer service with such trifles – they will be busy enough to sort out stranded passengers on return flights, etc.

I don't want a special refund at this point – I would have to pay the full price for my next trip, which will almost certainly be at least a little more expensive. The current booking, which is now valid for "any easyJet route at no additional cost", seems far more valuable than a refund.

How do I transfer files in ClockworkMod between my tablet and my computer?

I have a question about ClockworkMod Recovery v5.8.3.1.
I have an old Samsung Tab 10.1 that does not have a micro SD slot. The tablet only starts in ClockworkMod and is not shown as an external drive under Windows. I want to use the tablet again and install a custom ROM on it. Now I have the question of how I can still access the internal memory.

Kind regards and thanks for an answer!

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Facebook keeps saying: "There was an error. Please try again later." when I try to approve the page ownership transfer request

I have set up a business page. Then I set up a new company account in Business Manager and request the transfer of the page ownership. I tried to approve the request in the old account, but it keeps saying: "There was an error. Please try again later." Could you please help? Very appreciated.

Workflow – SharePoint Online List: Transfer a previous value as the default value to a new item?

So far I have only read passively. Now it's time for my first post 🙂

I have a SharePoint list that stores inventory for different industries.

Structure of this list:


It is fairly easy to sum up the final credit with the calculation column in each low (final credit = starting credit + plus – minus). But how do I automatically transfer the final credit (from a previous low) as a default value to a starting credit (in a new low / element)? How can the list recognize which previous value belongs to which branch?

Thank you in advance and stay healthy,