iphone – How to view purchased items that have not been transferred to mac?

I connected my iPhone to my new mac which runs macos Big Sur, i get the following message when I want to update my iPhone:

There are purchased items on the iPhone “myiPhone” that have not been transferred to your Mac. You should transfer these items to your Mac before updating this iPhone. Are you sure you want to continue?

How can I view which purchases this message is talking about? I want to go through them and see if its just stuff I can easily redownload again (like music I bought from iTunes) or if it’s other stuff (like stuff I manually put on my phone).

Google Doc saved as PDF will not keep formatting when transferred back to Google Doc for editing?

I’m working on creating editable templates. For this I’ll create it in Google Docs and save as a PDF. I’ll then transfer the file as a PDF for the end user. They will then be instructed to open back up in a Google Doc that they can then edit/personalise it.

Issue is that when I convert back to the Google Doc, the imagery is all gone and the text formatting is all over the place and illegible.

Sharing via the normal Google way won’t work for what I’m needing to do. So any advice would be amazing!

Thanks in advance for the help

hard drive – When a PCB fails, why does the ROM chip have to be transferred to donor PCB?

In the context of a failed hard disk (HDD) printed-circuit board (PCB). It is commonly asserted that swapping a failed PCB with an identical replacement (or donor) PCB will not work. The common reason given is that ROM contains unique “adaptives” which have written to the drive during its lifetime.

However, and maybe I’m misunderstanding this, but how does adaptive data get written to the ROM chip if its “Read-Only Memory”?

content – Can I start adding posts, pages and photos to my website before my domaine is transferred?

Right now I have a free .wordpress.com domain, but I’m transferring over a domain name from a previous host (it takes a few days apparently). I would like to start working on uploading content ASAP. My question is: if I create blog posts, pages and upload photos will they be applicable to my site once the domain transfers?

Thank you!

zoom.us – What information transferred in Zoom recorded?

I was wondering how Zoom is with regards to privacy.

When I share my facecam, is my information saved on a Zoom server somewhere to assist with facial recognition? If I share my screen, does Facebook observe and record what is shown? Can Facebook or Zoom observe data sent inside of Zoom calls, regardless of whether the session is recorded?

Thank you.

I transferred files between different Google Drive accounts and now they are dependent on each other

I followed my own instructions for how to transfer folders between different Google Drives here How to copy a shared folder into my own Google Drive?

Basically, share a folder X from account A to B and give B edit rights. Now right-click on X again and a new option has appeared “Make B owner”. This also removes A as owner and makes A editor of X.

I then changed A from editor to viewer and then, as A, deleted a file. Surprisingly, this was allowed and it also removed the file from B’s account and put into B’s Trash (as well as A’s Trash).

Further information

  • After changing the owner of X, the folder was “orphaned” on A’s account. The only way to find its content is to search for a file in it. In other words, you can’t start at the root of A’s drive and browse to it.

  • X consumes the quota on BOTH A’s and B’s account. This is weird. The deletion issue described above indicates that X is stored in just one account (although the fact that the deleted file ends up in both A’s and B’s trash says something different) but the quota usage indicates that X is duplicated.

  • I have waited a couple of days in case there were some delays in updating the quota usage or similar.

  • On A, X is listed under Shared with me.

How do I sort out this mess? I want X at account B, and only there, and recover my space at A.

Update 1 with more details:

If I look at X’s share properties in account B, it is not shared and B is listed as the owner, just what you would expect. However, if I, from account B, look at file F located in X, A is listed as owner and B is listed as editor. This was not expected. A visualisation of the file hierarchy:

B/          (root folder for B)
B/X         (X is a folder and owned by B and not shared)
B/X/F       (F is a file and **is** shared and owned by A!! B only has editing rights.)

Update 2

From account A I tried to change the owner of F to B but that operation was not allowed.