windows – Large files can not be transferred over Wi-Fi (> 10 GB)

I come here to get help with my problem. I can not transfer large files over Wi-Fi from my Windows 10 computer to my Ubuntu server with Plex. I use SMB on my Ubuntu server to transfer files from Windows. My desktop PC is on the other side of the router's house, so it's pretty hard to route a wire directly to it, which is why I use Wi-Fi. I use a Netgear AC Wifi network adapter that communicates with a Ubiquiti AC point of direct view connection at a distance of about 20 to 30 feet, and the AP is ceiling mounted. I have not uploaded large files over Wi-Fi before, so I'm not sure if it's a Wi-Fi or Windows problem.

Additional Information: Sometimes the progress bar gets 1/3 or 1/2 way through the transmission. Then an error is displayed stating that the transfer is not possible. Most often, however, the transmission begins at the beginning of the transmission while "calculating" the time that is needed.

Blockchain – Bitcoin has been transferred to an address and is being transmitted to another address instead of being sent, and the receiver is displayed as zero

The Bitcoin transaction can be found in an explorer, some explorers are:

If you execute the transaction in the blockchain and the transaction has been confirmed, The bitcoins can not lose but it was sent.

In your case, you have created in this date 21.08.2013, 20:32:59 clock the 0.00989381 BTC at this wallet id 14YEokiQaSti8uDfCBJ42WC8WWza7KAfTe

Look at this information in the Explorer and click on me

So the result of your transaction is fine

Artificial intelligence – Can a virus be transferred to AI systems by viewing image / video?

Scenario: AI progressed until we use it on spaceships to see what's out there. Then the AI ​​system would have to process every image it sees of the stars or videos if we add it in time.

A jpeg file may contain viruses in our PC, but we need to click on it for the virus to take effect. For the AI, the click seems to be standard, yes, or it's basically blind.

If there are sophisticated hyper-AI that want to transfer viruses to other possible AI to either destroy or assimilate them, may they send light signals that can become viruses when processed by our image processing AI?

How can large volumes of files be transferred to Linux over MTP?

I try to copy all my pictures from my Samsung Galaxy S9 + to my laptop (under Linux Mint). I can easily transfer a few files at once, but I've collected thousands of files in my picture folder.

Attempting to copy the folder using File Manager will cancel the operation and will fail every time. I would prefer to do it through the terminal, but since Samsung phones use MTP to transfer files, I have no idea which commands to use.

ios – How do I get the date the photo is taken from the Android phone and transferred to iPhone via Xender?

I clicked a few pictures from my Android phone a few months ago. If I transferred those photos to my iPhone today, the creation date will be displayed as today. Is there a way in the iPhone to determine the actual creation date (the date the photo is clicked on by the Android phone)?

Why do not half of the files in a JPEG shoot transferred from my phone to a USB stick be recognized as JPEGs?

Agreed with the others who have described problems with USB drives, and as a computer geek who belongs to such forums …

I noticed similar issues with new USB drives. You may want to use a 4GB stick or less, or format larger sticks than exFAT. The standard FAT32 format used by many sticks can handle large files of high-resolution photos and videos only when formatted as exFAT. You can also try to reformat the USB drive that you already use as exFAT. If you're using a drive that you've been using for years, you probably should reformat it exFAT. Note that everything eventually wears off. If reformatting does not work, you may only need a new USB drive.

In addition, many new cameras can send files directly over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (you may need to download the full manual from the camera manufacturer's website to see how this works, as they are not always included, just a quick setup guide) ). If your camera does not have these features, such as: For example, my slightly older model camera, you can use a device called eyefi, an SD card with built-in WIFI that syncs well with your phone to upload to YouTube and other online galleries.
Here is her website:

Hopes that help and good luck.

16.04 – The file transferred by SCP is not displayed on the local computer

I'm trying to transfer files from a remote Ubuntu 16.04 server. To transfer the file, I execute this command:

sudo scp -P 443 asgeir@my_ip:/home/asgeir/nodejs/first_test_app/server.js UsersAsgeirDocumentsSFTP

The answer on the command line is:

server.js                                     100% 9005     8.8KB/s   00:00

It looks very much like the file has been transferred, but it's nowhere to be found on my local computer. Not in the specified folder, and a search for the file returns nothing. Any ideas what's going on here? (Breakfast)

linux – Can rsync be configured to return NO code 23 on exit if a file was successfully transferred after a retry?

I have a script that, among other things, syncs files from one host to another. Sometimes I get the following errors during this rsync process:

2019/07/19 15:03:26 [22635] <f..T ...... reps / images / image_1.jpg
2019/07/19 15:03:26 [22635] rsync: Mapping error "/home/blah/blah/fake/path/reps/images/image_1.jpg": No data available (61)
2019/07/19 15:03:26 [22635] <f..T ...... reps / images / image_2.jpg
2019/07/19 15:03:26 [22635] rsync: Mapping error "/home/blah/blah/fake/path/reps/imges/image_2.jpg": No data available (61)

Further down in the log output, the following is repeated:

2019/07/19 15:04:01 [22635] WARNING: Verification of reps / images / image_1.jpg failed - update discarded (retried).
2019/07/19 15:04:02 [22635] WARNING: Verification of reps / images / image_2.jpg failed - update discarded (retried).
2019/07/19 15:04:03 [22635] <f..T ...... reps / images / image_1.jpg
2019/07/19 15:04:03 [22635] <f..T ...... reps / images / image_2.jpg

This tells me that the files were successfully transferred the second time, but rsync still exits with code 23, indicating an error.

If the retry was successful, I want my script to continue and complete its tasks. If the 23 (more) legitimate, z. For example, another error should exit the script. I know I can loop if there are 23 codes, but is there anything else I can do faster? Does anyone know why rsync still finishes at 23 in this particular case?

video mp4 files get corrupted when transferred to ubuntu 18.04

Hello, this seems to be a strange problem, so I have some mp4 files via FTP on Ubuntu and some of them seem to be broken, more specifically, the header. I get this message when I try to play it with VLC

"[mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2 @ 0x7fa7a0c812e0] moov atom not found "

also this message with ffmpeg:

"moov atom not found
myfile.mp4: Invalid data found while processing the input "

This is not the weird part, because the ftp transfer itself could corrupt the files, so i fixed and transfered different files via USB and it happened again, no movement from the flash drive, no interrupted stream, no problems, some of they were well transferred, others not, so what could be the cause of these files being corrupted? Is it a codec I miss?

More info:

Files worked before transferring to Windows.

If I transfer the damaged files back to Windows, they are still damaged.

I use both VLC and my own app with VLCJ (in both the files are not played).

The file size is the same for damaged and undamaged files.

The file size also does not seem to matter. Some files are only 12 MB, others 16.5 GB and both are damaged.