Will my Ireland visa from India be denied, as the travel date has already expired?

I submitted my visa application to the Irish Embassy in Delhi on 17 October 2019. And I mentioned the date on which I will travel on November 4, and also provided the appropriate itinerary. The travel date for my Ireland visa from India has already passed, but my application to the Irish delhi embassy is still in progress and the decision is pending. Will my visa be denied because it is 2 weeks after my travel visa date?

Air travel – Why are connecting flights within the Azores free?

According to SATA Inter-Iceland website for connecting flights

According to the rules of the air transport model on routes from mainland Portugal – Azores and the Azores – Madeira, SATA Air Açores is obliged to provide a free routing service to any passenger traveling within the Azores to or from the Portuguese mainland or Funchal to any gateway in the Azores use.

This means that, for example, if you are not flying from the main island (Ponta Delgada Airport on the island of São Miguel) in the archipelago to the continent, you will receive the free connection ticket from your location to the main island.

Soon I will fly from Flores to Porto, I just bought a ticket from Ponta Delgada to Porto and requested one from Flores to Ponta Delgada, I got it for free as expected.

I'm just curious – why exactly does SATA Air Açores need to provide this service? Who pays for these flights? What is the motivation for this?

My friend comes here from Australia as part of the VWP. Does his travel plan look okay?

He will stay in the US for 89 days. He has no cash but about 500 in his bank account. His parents have also stated that they can occasionally send money. He will stay with me. He has no job in Australia because he has just graduated from college and when he returns, he will join the job search program. He has also set up the program for jobseekers with centerlink and told them how long he will be away. We have been told several times that border guards rarely require proof of support and that submitting a credit card usually works. Does this also apply to a bank card or should he apply for a credit card? Should he say that he stays with friends or that he stays with his girlfriend? We are very worried that they will send him back because they can for some reason. We want to be fully prepared as the trip is in 6 days.

Schengen – If I am in Spain as an international student with an expired TIE, can I travel to Italy and back with a return permit?

I am currently a Dominican student who is in Madrid. My visa / TIE expired last August. Since then I have done all the paperwork and all I have to do to renew it first months of 2020.

This December my whole family comes to Europe for the holidays, they plan to stay in Madrid for a few days and then we plan to go to Italy for the rest of the holidays. Knowing this, I have just been given permission to leave and return to Spain, but this permission is "not valid for transit through Schengen states". I'm a little confused about it, what does that mean? Do I need another permit? Is that enough?

plan – How do you travel without room reservation?

I read this question: Would it be a bad idea not to book hotels in Thailand in advance?
and think about traveling without prebooked bookings.

Personally, I freak out a bit when traveling, when I do not know where to stay next. Usually, I book everything in advance to know where I live and to get cheaper rates.
The problem with my approach is that it leads to very inflexible routes. It often happens that I want to stay in one place for a few days or I want to leave earlier and make a detour on my planned route.

How can I book things only 2 or 3 days in advance (or even on-site) with the assurance that I will have accommodation? Is there any good tips or instructions online?

How to travel without booking rooms or beds in advance?

Air travel – Why do air tickets have titles as well as names?

Each time you book a ticket, you will be asked for your title on the airline's website. As an example, here are the options available on the Lufthansa website:

Enter image description here

But why do airlines ask for the title in addition to their name? It's not like she's ever asking anyone to prove herself as a doctor or a professor. So why not drop the title box and just ask for name and gender?

(inspired by this somewhat related question)

Schengen Visa – I'm from Mumbai, India. I would like to travel to Europe as a tourist but my salary is low (190 € / month). I have described my situation in the body

I plan to visit different EU countries like Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain or Portugal within 25 to 30 days.

I have a friend in Germany who is a student (and I would like to meet) and who is willing to write a sponsorship letter, as I suspect that my monthly income when applying for a visa would be a problem. He is also Indian and has lived there for a year. Is that a viable option for me to get a tourist visa? If so, please suggest for other conditions / documents that I have to submit to the visa office.

If not, please suggest me how to get a tourist visa. I really want to visit Europe. It was a childhood dream of mine.


dnd 5e – Can a player with the Ethereal spell travel to Feywild?

I've read and read the Planar Travel section (p.301 in the PHB),

essential Enables adventurers to enter the Etheric Plane and travel from there to any of the planes that touch them – the Showfell, the Feywild, or the Elemental Plains.

This is pretty clear that the aetheriness spell can be used for planar travel. The saying is:

When the spell ends, you immediately return to the level from where you came from where you are.

I would continue with the description in the spell when the spell ends, but I was curious as to whether there are portals in the etheric plane that could lead to any of those levels, much like the astral plane.