Travel visa for a week to India

I am an American citizen and I hope to visit India for a week in October. According to the Internet, there are several ways to use the VISA route, but the online route seems to be the easiest. However, it costs a decent amount, so I want to make sure I get everything right before I apply. Do I have to remove my ticket before I apply? Is it a big deal if I'm not sure exactly Data that I will be there for (I would be absent only a day or two). What else should I consider? Thanks a lot!

Is it okay if I do not travel to Canada on the dates stated in a visa application?

The form (5257e, I think) for a Canadian visa application states "how long I want to stay" (from … to …) and "name, address and relationship of a person (s) or institution (s) (s) I will "visit" (I assume that in my case this would be a name and an address of the hotel.) Is it okay if I do not travel to Canada on the dates I have indicated (and instead a few Months after this date) and / or not stay at the hotel I have indicated?

Indians – travel to Mexico with the B1 / B2 USA visa

Yes. There are many flights that allow this from the UK. If you have a visa from countries like the US, you can use it to enter Mexico.

if you have a valid visa for countries like USA, Canada, Japan and UK or if
If you have a valid Schengen visa, you do not need a separate visa for up
to 180 days stay in Mexico. (Source, another source)

What to Remember: Your passport should be valid for 6 months after arrival and you should check if the US visa is the right one. If the type of your visit is tourism, you should have a visa that falls into this category, for example.

Travel related with expired H1b visa

I travel to India with an expired H1b visa. My journey leads from Atlanta to Frankfurt and from Frankfurt to Bangalore. I would like to know, traveling with an expired H1b visa becomes a problem. I have stamps in India and will therefore come back with a legally stamped visa.

My only question is while I get in and wait for my connecting flight in Frankfurt.

Can anyone tell if this is safe to travel?

Customs and Immigration – Travel to Europe with expired H1B stamp

I work in the US on a H1b visa. My visa stamp & I94 expired last year, but I received my I797, which allows me to work legally in the US. I just need the H1B stamp for re-entry after leaving the country. I am planning to travel to Portugal (Lisbon) to stamp my H1b and return to the US. I have a valid Schengen visa.

Do you think I will have problems getting into the US or landing in Portugal because my stamp has expired? I have read stories in which the airlines do not let you in because you can not return to the US. Ironically, that's exactly why I'm traveling at all (for stamping and thus returning to the US).

Appreciate all your feedback! This is my first post – I like to correct it if it is not up to standard.

Air travel – which non-EU / EFTA countries offer EC261 compensation?

The EU website states that EC261 compensation is only offered if:

  • the journey starts in the EU / EFTA, or

  • The journey ends in the EU / EFTA and takes place at an EU / EFTA airline.

In practice, however, several countries offer EC261 compensation independent of the EC261 rules.

Please list all countries that offer this as reference.