Europe – would it be a good idea to travel to Milan? Could the flight be refunded?

We had planned a short vacation from Germany to Milan from Monday to Thursday.

Around 130 cases of the corona virus have been found in northern Italy and 11 smaller towns have been quarantined. The nearest is about 60 km from Milan.

Flight and hotel were booked together by opodo, we did not add any insurance when booking.

We tried to call opodo today (Sunday), but were in the queue until the hotline was closed. It will reopen at 8 a.m.

To reach our flight, we would have to leave at 6 a.m. and take the train.

Is this an outbreak? near the goal enough to have an additional cancellation right and get a refund?

I take the virus seriously, but I also believe that with a few precautions, the risk of infection should be low enough. And on the other hand, most of the attractions will likely be much emptier, no queues. But the risk is not zero and I don't want to get stuck there if they decide to quarantine Milano too.

In my view, we have the following options:

Leave at 6, take the flight.

Departure at 6 a.m., but call opodo at the airport before boarding and request a refund.

Wait for more information, call them at 8:00 a.m., and then drive there if we think it is safe enough and will not receive a refund. After that I will go somewhere else anyway and the others can take the flight back.

Wait until 8 a.m. and request a refund. If we don't have them, the money will be lost, but at least we won't be trapped in a foreign city.

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esta – Travel to the US in April needs some advice

I'm going to the US in April and have applied for an Esta visa even though the waiver program has been approved, but what worries me is about 12-13 years ago. I think I may have survived the waiver program at this point, but I can't remember that far back and my passport was renewed and I no longer have the old passport. Do I have any problems with border control, immigration at all, if I filled out the Esta visa and asked the question, did I stay at all. I answered no because, as far as I know, I cannot and cannot remember the data from 12-13 years ago.

I was also informed about a b1 / b2 travel visa and applied for it and was not told that I did not need it. The cancellation of my appointment affects everything because I have already been approved by the waiver program for an esta visa.

Any advice would be very helpful since I am really concerned
I am a citizen of the United Kingdom

Thank you very much

Air travel in Mexico for US citizens

I am flying from Mexicali BC. Mexico in July.

The problem is that I lost my US passport. Do I need a visa passport to fly to Mexico? I ask because my two parents have dual citizenship and I didn't know if I would need my passport.

Second question: is there enough time to order my passport within the next week as it will be renewed? Will it be long before I come? This way I can have time to get the visa for a trip to Mexico ????

As all of you who take the time to give me advice I've never traveled to Mexico before, so I really want to travel too. Is that enough time in July 2020 to get my new passport and my new visa for the trip to Mexico?

Air travel – can i cancel my return flight for a passenger?

Currently, two people (1) and (2) have booked a return trip from A → B → A.

I hope to stop person (1) 's trips and Not to person (2). (1) would travel from A → X → B → A and (2) would travel from A → B → A. (2) would travel on the return flight already booked.

What would be the best (cheapest) way to stop an existing reservation for one passenger and not the other?

Second, is there a way not to change the existing round-trip reservation (to avoid United's $ 200 change fee) and keep the return trip for (1)? In this scenario, (1) Not flying from A → B, only the second stage would fly from B → A. (2) However, the entire round trip would fly.

Is there a way to avoid United's change fees if I booked the A → X → B route with you? (I would book two more flights with them; maybe they would waive the fees?)

Nigerian citizens – use Rwanda and Seychelles for travel history, good or bad idea?

I will not ask anything about the travel story. I was refused a visa twice, so I decided to search the travel story and then return so that I could apply again after a while.
Does it have to be the EU? I am thinking of going on vacation to Rwanda and coming home and then going to the Seychelles and coming back home. Now I wanted to ask if I'm on the right track. Please i need advice

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Less than a couple of hours a week.
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United States – Travel to the United States on a tourist visa while distance learning from a U.S. school

I am in a similar situation as
Subject except that I am to study Remote for a college in the US, and not working. The school is an accredited school that grants a degree, and I'm studying for a degree. I plan to go to school for 1-2 months to hang out with classmates, meet teachers, etc. while still studying "far away" for my classes. My school has confirmed that they will Not Sponsor F1 Visa. Can I enter the USA with a B2 visa? The B1 visa for working digital nomads is not valid for me because I don't "meet" business partners.

Before anyone asks, yes, this is a legitimate school and not a diploma grinder. I want to remain anonymous so that I don't reveal what school it is, but it is a famous school. I have an official .edu email, ID, etc. from school, so it's not a scam.

Travel to Britain after visa is exceeded

My wife and I plan to go to the UK. I am an EU citizen and she is Malaysian. She exceeded her 6-month visa, but she voluntarily left the United Kingdom a year ago at her own expense. Can we go back to the UK now? We have our marriage certificate and all documents and want to settle there. We just don't want to have any problems at the border. Has anyone been in this situation before?