air travel – Problem at filling self declaration COVID – 19 Italy

As noted in a comment, this is apparently the form for travel to Italy and not from Italy to Spain. That’s why it seems modelled after the Italian national ID card and the information it contains.

In case you still have to provide the information, “By” is the authority issuing the document, for example a municipality or embassy. Italian identity cards and the documents issued by many other countries mention it but it seems your Spanish ID card doesn’t. You could just write “Spain“ in that field.

“Resident“ is the place where you live or your address. I would just use the “lugar de domicilio” mentioned on your card.

This is highly unlikely to have any serious consequences, simply put something reasonable on the form.

air travel – I’m American. re: COVID restrictions, can I fly through Portugal on my way to the Czech Republic in September?

I am a second year masters student who will be traveling to the Czech Republic in mid-September in order to continue my studies. All flights have layovers somewhere, and the cheapest/fastest flight I can find has a layover in Portugal. I will have a valid study visa for the Czech Republic, and will be required to have a negative COVID-19 test prior to entering the Czech Republic, and to show this before entering the country.

I have visited the websites of the Portugese Embassy in the U.S., the U.S. Department of State, and the U.S. Embassy in Portugal to see if there is specific guidance for traveling into Portugal in order to continue on to a third destination, but cannot find information on whether it is possible to simply travel through the country. The websites say that only “essential” travel is permitted, which includes traveling for the purpose of studies (though I won’t be studying in Portugal), and that I must have a negative COVID test in order to enter the country.

I will have a COVID test and will travel with my results (as long as they’re negative of course! Otherwise will not travel), so I am hoping that it will be fine to travel through, as I will not leave the airport. But in these uncertain times, I want to be absolutely certain that I will be allowed to a) board the flight, and b) enter the airport to take my connecting flight, before I book. Any insider knowledge on how such cases are handled in Portugal, or recommendations on who to contact to have this question answered?

lens – Sigma 20mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art vs. Voigtlander 21mm f/1.8 Ultron – which one is better for travel?

If you’re interested in a travel lens, I’d definitely take the Sigma F1.4 because it’s an autofocus lens, which is a lot more convenient when taking pictures on the go. In addition it’s 2/3 of a stop faster than the Voigtlander. It is indeed quite heavy at 950g, but assuming that would be your one lens it shouldn’t be too noticeable.

If you provide us with the type of camera you’re using we could provide some alternative suggestions for lenses you can take.

cancellations – Refund request for a flight cancelled and rebooked by airline pending while original date of travel comes closer. Should I contact the airline?

In January, I booked a return ticket from France to the UK via Schiphol with KLM. My journey was due to commence less than two weeks from now.

In June, the airline cancelled part of the journey (the first leg of the outbound flight) and automatically rebooked me on a different flight which would require a layover at Schiphol. Because the new schedule isn’t viable for me, I submitted a refund request for the entire ticket. The airline sent me a case ID but no updates since.

I looked up the status of my booking and found all parts of my journey crossed out, whatever that means. There’s also a note saying,

You’re eliglible for a refund. Bear in mind that conditions vary, depending on who cancelled the flight (you or the airline) and when it was done.

Because I’ve already requested a refund, I didn’t click Request a refund again.

Is it safe to wait for the airline to respond?

Or do I need to take further action before the original date of travel, and if yes, how?

To put it differently: Do I need to get approval of my refund request from the airline before the date of travel?

air travel – Covid flight refunds from reseller very slow

I had books a set of flights that were due to occur in early April.
When everyone started locking down the borders etc we cancelled them.
Most were through an airline directly, and were converted to credit immediately (could have pushed for refund but credit is fine as we still wanted to make the trip at some point).

One leg however was through a travel agent/reseller.
I think (my partner has the details), but I want to keep the question general anyway.

They emailed us back when we asked for it to be cancelled saying that it would be refunded, but that they are very busy with the volume of refunds they are processing and it might be a while.
We contacted them again a month later, and they said similarly they are very busy but to expect to hear from them in 6-8 weeks.
It has now been much more than that and have heard nothing.

I can keep emailing them, but is there anything in particular I should be saying?
Do I have a certain right to a refund that i should be highlighting?
Should I attempt to solve this though my travel insurance? I have a year round travel-insurance policy taken out long before Covid.

air travel – How to get airport tax refund of unused flight with Wizzair 2 years ago?

The only way to get the airport tax refunded on Wizz, is for flights departing or arriving in Germany. Again, you can’t or they’ll just ignore you.

I’ve used a website from Germany specialised in this (google it: Geld fuer Flug). It takes just 2min to fill in the request, and they will get back to you if it’s successfull or not (1-2days from personal experience). They don’t specially exactley (they’ll take their comission from the tax, around 20-30% probably).

The only downside that they don’t specify on their FAQ, even though you sign that you agree with their terms from you mobile (when accepting the offer they make you), they still need to send you the papers for you to sign (transfering the ownership of the airfare tickets from from you to them). And they only send those papers in Germany, Austria or Switzerland (they provide for envelops, stamps all the thing required to send them back). So if you’re living there, or have someone living there, they can assist you with this 😉

You can go back for the last 3 years to ask for the refund.

air travel – Am I entitled to compensation under EU261 if my flight was rescheduled to four days later with only six days notice?

I have been notified a little less than six days before my originally scheduled departure time, about a schedule change resulting in my flight departing four days later. The flight numbers are the same, and the airline is refusing compensation in accordance with EU261 as they state that this situation does not regard a cancellation. The airline has stated that the reschedule was done because of commercial reasons (so, no extraordinary circumstances).

The airline offered me a refund, but that seems ridiculous to me – to me it seems simply unethical and unfair to reschedule a flight with such an extreme difference (96 hours) out of commercial reasons, and not compensate passengers, who booked unrefundable hotel stays and such, accordingly. Am I right that I am in this case entitled to EU261 compensation?

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