[ Politics ] Open question: Last Sunday in church, my pastor told us that liberals hate President Trump because he is a Christian. Do you agree?

[ Politics ] Open question: Last Sunday in church, my pastor told us that liberals hate President Trump because he is a Christian. Do you agree? ,

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For fans of localization or for those who are worried about their travels, take a look at new addresses as they are sure to be on the horizon.

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Are you buying that Trump really "canceled" a strike against Iran? How many fall in love with his stunt?

The explanation he gave is comedy relief. At the last moment, he asked the military for an estimate of how many Iranians were killed.

I think he can only bluff. Iran has an impressive military. Trump knows that any retaliation can kill Americans. Accordingly, he also knows that, for the same reason, we now attack only weakened opponents, as the lives of American soldiers are politically valuable, especially for reelection.

I think his ridiculous explanation is Psyops. Way to keep his support base depressed to follow their leader. As a (North Korean) dictator would do.


Do you believe AOC? Does President Trump intend to bring African-Americans to concentration camps?

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