Why do millions of Americans hate Donald Trump?

The other half of the equation is: "Millions love him."


Far from love or hate.

I think his lack of political experience, coupled with an aggressive personality and inability to keep his mouth shut (and thumbs up) makes him a certain obligation to the Republicans.

Sometimes, however, he manages to make a good call.

I think we're in much better shape at this point than a Clinton presidency would have expected. And we already know from experience that if a Clinton takes over the presidency, they won't be ousted.

In other words, the liberals and the press would make sure that they stayed seated no matter what. Most likely re-elected.

Do you agree with Trump that the best solution to the rising sea level caused by climate change is pugs and buckets?

Which sea level is rising?

is that the rise the climate alarmist was talking about in 2009 told us that NYC and Miami would be under water by 2015

If you keep lying and making things, people will notice.

It's pretty easy to see that neither NYC nor Miami are under water

Donald Trump is a Nazi?

No. Nazi is an abbreviation for a political party that held power in Germany. Since this party ceased to exist at the end of May 1945, nobody can actually be a Nazi. They can be neo-Nazis, Nazi empathists or followers of the Nazi ideals, but they cannot be real Nazis.

With that said. Trump is not a Nazi, he only has a small fraction of the ideals it takes to be a Nazi or to be accepted as a member of the Nazi Party. Mind you, almost everyone as a fraction of the ideals of National Socialism, including liberals.

If Trump has never done anything wrong, how did he deal with growing through three women and how many whores does God know?

Suppose you need sensitive heart surgery. Your doctor said you should find the best cardiac surgeon you can find, as the mortality rate for this surgery is 50%.

Would you rather have a surgeon who is the best, who has performed this operation over and over for years, who has the best success rate BUT he is known to occasionally cheat on his wife? After mediocre work at the medical school, he has never done this surgery before, but would like to try and he is a wonderful virtuous Christian?

I don't care about the man's private life. I'm just interested in how well he can do the job I give him. Clinton was known to have a few girls by his side, but he was a competent president. Trump is known to have a few girls at his side and he is a TERRIBLE president – incompetent, dishonest, corrupt. And he's a total idiot! That is my problem with Trump. His infidelity is between him and Melania.

Why doesn't Trump just publish the full call log and let the people who could prove his innocence testify on his behalf?

As someone who is conservative … but not a full-fledged "Trumpster", I will comment on this in detail.

As President, I call it as if I see it with him, neither blinded by hatred nor partiality.

He made some "good calls" along with some bad ones.

The Ukrainian phone call was definitely bad, but on a scale of one to ten in the importance scale, I put it on four.

There has been no investigation into Biden (and, to my knowledge, no upcoming investigation). No "clear" reason for bribery or extortion can be found AND … when it really was a matter of getting Biden out of the way in 2020 … So what?

Yes, he technically violated an obscure law (oddly enough, Bill Clinton also violated what you and the press successfully hushed up and ignored.) I just see it as a "dirty campaign", something you should understand, Hillary have on your team.

Then THE FUNDS … the funds for Ukraine (which I personally don't think we should give) were released long before there was any public hooplah about the case … and someone actually had to comb through and look into them The fact that keeping the funds was also technically illegal.

Bill Clinton was also in hot water because he had done something "technically illegal", and when the dust cleared (despite the allegations … MANY allegations of further misconduct), he was still POTUS.

My question to you is:

Why do you expect a different result in this case?

I think it's possible … REMOTE that you get your wish … but the likely outcome is not just the same as Clinton, I think it's quite likely that Trump will be re-elected despite his mistakes.

So … unlike the others, I'm not going to tell you that he didn't do anything wrong … but I'm going to say that nothing more than he did wrong, it's really hypocritical to expect a result other than the Senate for Democratic Majority at Clinton has been charged.

Bring us something that's worth it, or leave the man alone and let him do his job.

Don't you want him for four more years?

Fine. Lead someone who is not so far away that they hope to be elected by someone who is NOT a Democrat.

Hell … I'm right from the middle and voted for Obama. So it is possible if you choose a candidate who understands that most Americans do not want the "textbook liberal agenda".

Is Trump really one of the smartest men who ever lived?

Pants on fire … totally wrong. Check this:

https://www.jacksonville.com/www.jacksonville.com ›Reason› Fact-Check-How-Smart-President-Ele …

Fact check: how smart is the elected President Donald Trump? IQ …

The graphic is based on a real university study by a real psychologist, but the claim that Trump has an IQ of 156 is not true.

NOTE: There is also an equally false claim that Trump received a 76 IQ rating in high school.

[ Politics ] Open question: Almost a dozen US soldiers were injured in an Iranian missile attack. Why did Donald Trump hide this from the public? Trump Tweet: "Everything is fine"?

[Politics] Open question: Almost a dozen US soldiers were injured in an Iranian missile attack. Why did Donald Trump hide this from the public? Trump Tweet: "Everything is fine"?

[ Politics ] Unanswered question: does Trump have the authority to add disgraceful lawyers like Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr to his team of lawyers?

One was fired from a university job and the other had relationships with underage girls on Jeffrey Epstein's island. Both also worked on making a deal with pedophiles. How can Trump choose them? You should be rejected.