If Trump took Coronavirus seriously instead of calling it a Hoax, would we have 103,000 dead Americans today?

More then likely more!

If you tell the average US citizen what to do (or not do) they ignore the directions and do it any way.

So if Trump had cracked down sooner, more people would have rushed out to kiss, hug and embrace every one on the street. Which would have doubled the number of deaths.

But as it was, with him kind of ignoring the problem, the US citizens went crazy, bought up all the toilet paper, denatured alcohol, peroxide, paper towels, bleach and face masks. Locked themselves up at home. Which if Trump had ordered it- would have never happened.

Some say “Keep America Great”. But is it really great when Trump has divided the country?

Trump has failed to make America………..anything………….he’s divided it for sure.It’s not “great Again”………….great from opposed to what?? Let’s see…..I’m an evangelical Christian……..has my bible study time increased under Trump? NO, has my prayer time increased?. NO, Has my outreach to YOUTH gone up? NO, in fact it was more when Obama was in office, but this had nothing to do with either.

Has my job improved? NO, I have a good decent job in the healthcare field, and Trump didn’t improve on that. So KEEP AMERICA GREAT, is just another garbage talking point.

How many Americans will Trump kill before he admits he screwed up with Coronavirus?

When YOU have the intellectual courage to explain what he should have done differently with the information known at the time! He implemented travel restrictions from China in January when WHO and Congressional Dems simply called him racist for doing so! Dems also signed onto and supported the “China method” of dealing with COVID-19, mean a shut down.

Trump NEVER called COVID-19 Hoax. What he said was Democrat criticism of his handling of COVID-19 was a hoax (albeit an strange thing to say).

What else do the people you listen to for your information not tell you? Well?

Joe Biden spends an hour and a half each day getting briefed by medical experts on Covid-19, can Trump top that?

When the campaign really gets going, later this year, COVID 19 is going to play a large part in Biden’s campaign.  It may be Trump’s biggest failure, it’s certainly his most obvious one.

And Trump is going to make it easy for him by insisting states open up, threatening to override them (which he can’t.)  The death rate is around 2,000/day and that number might even rise!

Trump has never been able to speak intelligently about the virus because he doesn’t have the patience or the attention span to learn anything about it.  Biden will really show him up by being able to intelligently answer questions because he’s done his homework.