[ Politics ] Unanswered question: why do people support Trump's handling of the coronavirus epidemic if he refuses to tell manufacturers to make more surgical masks?

Every doctor needs decades of training to be trained, and they are difficult to replace if they die due to lack of protection from the virus. Some doctors ask him to do this.

In Trump's America, healthcare workers carry garbage bags to protect themselves. Aren't you ashamed?

Hospitals are responsible for their PPE. Governors are responsible for the readiness of their states. The CDC provides guidelines for healthcare workers. Governor Cuomo of New York should take some responsibility for the terrible health conditions in his state, rather than blaming others.

The news that the pandemic was coming was public information. Everyone got the same information. It was never a secret. Stupid people act like Trump is the only responsible person. Every member of the authority should equally share responsibility.

Trump's approval rates rise every day, higher than Obama ever was?

No, his hair is dyed gray and blonde; it is his face that is strangely orange.

If he wants to keep this approval rate, tell him not to lose the quarantine discipline as he already did. If we finish this too early without actually smoothing the curve, it doesn't help. Millions of Americans still die when the hospitals are overwhelmed, and all the economic sacrifice that has been in vain. It would be really helpful if he kept consistent messages instead of jumping back and forth here.

What is more likely that Trump's re-election, corona virus or stock market will stay lower? Are you sure that Biden will win?

Probably his abuse in reporting the "corona virus". Even Sminions can see that he's incredibly incapable. I wouldn't have accused him of anything, but his rhetoric over the past two weeks shows that he's going over the head (and that's still fine – after all, a president is not automatically an MD or an epidemiologist), but rather to boast ( "I know all of this" is pathetic at best … Sometimes it is best (politically AND morally) to just say "I don't know, but I will find out for you …" (Trump does not appear in the Being able to admit that He is not a "superhuman" who knows EVERYTHING.)

United States – Individuals exempted from Trump's COVID 19 proclamation. What is the quarantine / review requirement?

President Trump's full proclamation on travel conditions between the United States and the Schengen area can be found here. Nowhere in this proclamation is a quarantine mentioned.

However, some large news agencies seem to report different (and contradictory) things.

BBC reports:

The federal government has banned President Donald Trump
Non-citizens from regions affected by coronaviruses, but US citizens
are allowed to return to the country after two weeks of quarantine.

Still, says CNN

Returning travelers will be screened before entering the U.S. and asked to quarantine themselves for 14 days.

My question is, what is it? Are people who are exempt from the restriction quarantined at the airport or asked to self-quarantine? Nowhere in the official proclamation do I see the mention of screening (which I am all for). If one of these exempted people passes the screening (negative for the virus), can they go?

Trump's answer to the corona virus "Another Tax Cut". Isn't it obvious that he only cares about the lower dollar and not about our health / safety?

Yes, he made that very clear. He recommended that the cruise ship with coronavirus patients be kept on board at sea and never dock in the United States. He actually said that if they docked, it would increase the number of sick people in our country, affect the stock market, and we didn't deserve it, it wasn't our fault. Yes, we have a third grader.