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Kiểm tra Trust rank

Các cao thủ cho em hỏi trang nào kiểm tra trust rank chuẩn nhất ạ, em vào :TrustRank
checker – kiểm tra thì Trust rank thay đổi liên tục, mỗi lần kiểm tra là 1 lần thay đổi, ko biết đâu mà lần nữa:chet:


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microservices – Passing an OAuth Token between services with Zero Trust and audience checks

Let’s say, we’re using an OAuth / OpenID Connect (OIDC) flow (in a Zero-Trust situation) to secure two APIs: ServiceA and ServiceB. To implement some of the functionality of ServiceA, it depends on Service B. ServiceA is calling ServiceB on behalve of the end user.

How would we deal with tokens in this situation:

  • The end user does not need to know that ServiceA is using ServiceB (implementation hiding)
  • The end user gets a token from an IDP, that both Services trust
  • The Services are developed by two separate teams in a large corporate enviroment, with Zero Trust. That means that ServiceB doesn’t (completely) trust ServiceA.
  • The end user would authenticate at the IDP and pass the token to ServiceA.
  • ServiceA verifies the token with the IDP and the IDP checks the audience.

But now the hard part:

  • ServiceA wants to call ServiceB and let ServiceB know (Zero Trust) that it is doing so on behalf of the end user.
  • ServiceA cannot use the token it got from the end user, because that has ServiceA as an audience. ServiceB will not be able to verify that token.
  • We could use the same audience for both services (since we’re all one company). However, in a typical corporate environment you could have hundreds of services and you don’t want to put them all in the same audience.

A similar question has been asked on, but that ignores the audience in the token.

trust – how end certificate refers to intermediate certificate

As far as i know certificate chain is accomplished based on the issuer’s CA name. It is possible that the algorithm to create certificate chain first reads end-certificate’s issuer area and get the value of CA. Then make a search in trust store with this data, it reads the subject ares’s CA value for all certificates. If there is a matching, algorithm accepts that certificate as a certificate in the chain.

At this point i wonder that; what if there is another certificate whose subject CA name is similar.
Here are my questions:

How the algorithm choose the suitable one?

Is there any reference except than the issuers’ CA name to the certificate in chain?

Briefly how certificate chain accomplished?

Thanks in advance.

macos – I downloaded a shell executable and man pages from a source I trust. Where should I put them?

I downloaded a binary file for a shell executable, and the corresponding man pages, from a source I trust. Unpacking the archive returns a binary file and some man pages. There’s no installer. Which is the “canonical” location to put this kind of stuff? I guess it should be somewhere on my PATH. echo $PATH returns:

$ echo $PATH

Of these, I seem to recall that tampering with /usr/local/ is considered bad practice. Logically, Users/.../google-cloud-sdk/bin:/anaconda3/bin:/anaconda3/condabin also don’t seem appropriate. This leaves me with /usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/opt/X11/bin. Which one should I use? Or am I going about this the wrong way?

Also, do the binary file and the man pages go into the same folder? Or do they go to different folder?

PS I really wonder how much effort would have been to add a damn installer….

digital signature – How to list all of the known root keys in docker (Docker Content Trust)

How can I list all of the Docker Content Trust root keys on my system?

I am setting up a CI process that will use the debian:stable-latest docker image to build my application’s releases in ephemeral cloud instances. I want to make sure that every time my fresh build system does a docker pull debian:stable-latest, it doesn’t just blindly TOFU the root public key used to sign debian’s docker images–thus defeating the entire security model of DCT.

Before downloading a given docker image, how can I check to see if the system already has the image’s root public key or not?

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