About the abnormal problem of iPhone’s ‘Trust this computer’?

My iPhone trusted a Mac mini that named ‘haha’ before with USB cable. but today, this iPhone alert ‘Trust this computer’ again without USB connecte,same content: "Your settings and data will be accessible from ‘haha’s Mac mini’ when connected wirelessly or using a cable."!!!

Although this Mac mini and my iPhone use the same WiFi,but why this happend? alert a ‘Trust this computer’ window by connected wirelessly? I can’t reproduce this situation. Hope knows why and how reproduce this.

ssd – Should I trust that the Android factory reset actually erases my data?

I bought a Galaxy S20 Fe, logged my LastPass in it and all of my accounts (google, twitter, etc).

Now it has a malfunction and I’m going to have to send it back to get my money back.

When I factory reset an Android, I presume that it zeroes the memory in the writable partition of Android. This would explain why it takes 30 minutes to do a wipe. Instead of simply marking the data as deleted, it actually deletes it.

Can I trust the factory reset, or should I change the LastPass password + all passwords inside?

Can I add a Trust between a Windows 10 PC on a Workgroup and another Domain?

This is in a development environment: Some developers are not on the domain — they use their personal laptops, but they need to use some domain accounts locally. For example, to set a local IIS application pool to run as a domain account so that it can access domain resources. In choosing the app pool identity, you can’t just specify DOMAINuser. The domain is not pickable from the Locations on the account selector.

So I am thinking if we can add a trust between the workgroup (or even better, the workstation) and the Domain so that the domain would show up as a location, that would solve the problem.

Is it possible to create this kind of trust or other relationship that would make the workstation at least know about the domain for the purpose of adding members to local groups and selecting users in other contexts?

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❕NEWS – Things to remember when sending ethereum from Trust wallet | Proxies-free

Pick a box! Unbox it! Get item delivered!

I believe many people are using Trust wallet here especially to store and transaction ethereum and BNB. Sometimes when sending ethereum, the transaction might show “error”. Here are the possible reasons why it shows “error” –

– The gas fees is too low.
– The transaction nounce is wrong.

To prevent this to happen , I would suggest the following points –

– Always set the gas fees high with 42000 gwei. And don’t try to lower the fees already set deafult by the trust wallet.

– Nounce is usually set default by the wallet itself while sending the transaction. But sometimes it shows larger nounce. Suppose for example , you have sent the previous transaction successful with nounce “192” , the next transaction should have the default nounce as “193”. You can’t set the nounce lower than 192 or higher than 193 , not even 192.

And sometimes the transaction shows “pending” for more than 4 days. This could possibly hapoen due to two reasons –

– The gas fees is lower.
– There is already a pending transaction with lower nounce. So the current transaction will only be processed after that lower transaction is processed.

To solve this above issue , follow the below points –

– You can increase the gas fees by first cancelling the current pending transaction. To cancel the transaction, send 0 Ethereum to your own trust wallet ethereum address at the same nounce as that stuck pending transaction with higher gas fees. This will cancel the pending transaction and now you can once again try to send ethereum by increasing gas fees. This usually happens because miners prefer the transaction with higher fees.


cookies – How secure is to authorize a website to “trust your device”?

A bank has a form of 2FA where, after you put in your username and password, they send a code via SMS to your mobile phone and you have to put that too.

On the screen asking for the SMS code, there is an option to “trust this device”, meaning that they won’t ask for this SMS code (but still ask for username and password) on “my device”.

  1. How do the website knows that the one connecting is “my device” and so it doesn’t have to send the OTP but let me pass through? I suspect it is done by cookies, but I don’t know for sure.

  2. Can someone “forge” a request to let it appear it comes from my device when in reality it doesn’t?

  3. How I am exposed in case someone steal my PC?

user behavior – Can lack of sponsored content reduce trust in a list/ranking?

We’ve been doing some research on a website of ours. On this website we help the user pick the cheapest product for what they are searching for (example: TV / Smartwatch etc).

In the heatmaps we see that if there is no sponsored content, most of the users click the second option. While if we do show sponsored content, most of the users select the first non-sponsored option. The sponsored content is, in all cases, clearly marked paid content.

enter image description here

While doing user interviews (for general research) we noticed that a lot of users say they do not trust ‘websites that compare stuff’ because they do not know if the content is sponsored or not.

In the user interviews after a usertest the user says they picked the second option in the non sponsored list because it looked the best for them. Users that had sponsored content also picked the second one and gave the somewhat the same reply.

However in the sponsored list the 3rd option would be the same option as the 2nd in the non sponsored list.

So my question is as followed, would showing sponsored content increase the trust of the list because it is clearly marked? And when there is no sponsored content, would the user pick the second because they maybe assume the first is sponsored content?

Note: The usertests were qualitative and not quantitative

decentralization – How can anyone possibly trust BlockFi or Celsius Network enough to send them your coins?

First of all, BlockFi talks about KYC/AML, so I don’t even consider it. Celsius’ website doesn’t even load at all; it seems to be Chrome-only. But I’m sure it also has KYC/AML stupidity.

Either way, let’s say I put up with that and have an account and can log in to it. Who in their right mind would actually send your hard-earned Bitcoins to them?

I hope this doesn’t come off as a “rhetorical” question, because it’s not. I seriously wonder.

The entire point of Bitcoin is to have control. If you send your coins away from your local wallet to some website, you no longer own the coins. They are just “pinky promise” there as a number in an account on a website which could be gone the next minute, never to be heard from again.

I lost over 20 BTC early on like that. Because I trusted. Now, I guard every single satoshi with my life.

Yet I also desperately need an income to pay the bills and live. So I very much understand the temptation for people to go through with this.

You might reply that I should “use a portion of my coins”. Sure, but that’s still a portion of my coins. And if I use too little, the interest will be so little that I might as well not risk it in the first place. Since I have so few Bitcoins, I’d have to use them all to stand a chance of a minimum living “wage” from the interest.

I suspect that the answers will be along the lines of “you have to trust people at some point”, but that doesn’t help. The whole point of being decentralized seems to be lost if you just go ahead and centralize the coins, with KYC/AML on top of that.

I don’t know what to do other than to sit and wait for there to surface some kind of “decentralized interest machine”, but who knows when or if that will happen? I find myself unable to “extract value” from my coins and this is stressful to say the least.

How can people trust these centralized entities with their coins?

mining theory – Trust in bitcoin networking

I am new to the subject, but as I was studying I wasn’t able to understand something and I would appreciate if anyone could help me.
I understand that in most aspects bitcoin doesn’t rely on trusting the nodes. It’s in the best interest of each node to validate and append blocks broadcasted by other miners, so we can assume that the nodes will do it. It’s in the best interest of each node to validate the transactions they put in a block, otherwise it will be rejected. But why do nodes gain in propagating the transactions they receive? If that’s not how it works, how is the transaction poll created?

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