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The German version of Burger King now accepts Bitcoin (BTC) payments on its delivery website and in its mobile application. Today, Burger King operates at more than 13,000 locations and serves more than 11 million guests in 98 countries worldwide every day.

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The encrypted messaging app Telegram will launch the digital currency Gram in October. Telegram would surpass the scale of Facebook in the introduction of a public global digital currency.

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Square Crypto, the listed payment services firm focused solely on Bitcoin, has just shut down one of the world's most prolific Bitcoin developers.

The team needs at least two more engineers and a designer to work full-time on open source contributions to Bitcoin.

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Know the value of the Facebook account and how can I reset the Facebook password?

Since we started chatting with Messenger, we know the value of the Facebook account. And not only that's why we started it, but also if you want to share important videos, pictures, and useful thoughts with someone in their timeline, you can easily use your Facebook account.

How do I change the Facebook password and how can I reset the Facebook password?

You can change the password after the reset if you can not remember the last changed password. In this case, you must first reset the password and then you can simply change the password.

To reset the Facebook password:

· To reset the password, you must click the Forgot Password button and enter the correct mobile phone number.

· Enter the email address, then click the password reset link for immediate assistance.

· You can then enter the new password at the end of the task in the "New password" and "Confirm password" fields.

To change the Facebook password:

· First go to the settings of the Facebook account and enter the correct e-mail address and the correct password.

· Now select the button for changing the password, enter the old password and press the next one.

· Now click on the code sent to your mobile phone, enter it in the box and move to the next one.

· Enter the new password (which is easy to learn) at the end of the task in the field "New password" and "Confirm password".

For further help and information in connection with the Facebook account and for all the details I will show you why you should change the Facebook password, you can always contact our technical support team.

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Bitcoin set an "inside bar" pattern last month and reported $ 13,200 as the bull's-to-bullet level. Bitcoin continues to trade at a premium in Argentina following a strong currency devaluation.

Poloniex has announced a new system for reimbursing users affected by an unexpected "flash crash" that removed 1,800 BTC ($ 20 million) from its margin trading credit pool in May.

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Weekend trading for Bitcoin was bullish, but things really started to rise this morning during Asian trading.

Since BTC has reached a 24-day high, it is now only $ 2,000 off its high in 2019 and reaching this week is not excluded.

Here you can – get 5% profit on #XBT (#BTC), which is automatically executed by a great scalping trade via bot!

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Dorsey said, "We love you, Bitcoin. We saw 3.5 million customers using Cash Card in June, usually buying it several times a week.

Our vendor and cash app ecosystems have incredible roadmaps ahead of us to meet our economic goals. "

18% profit on #TRX generated by automated bot trading on #Bitmex.

One of the best bots for arbitrage trading in the crypto market is the Bitmex bot. It has a great ability and built-in mechanism to generate these types of leveraged or arbitrage deals.

Apart from that, they also offer training for arbitrage trading so that each newcomer can also get comprehensive information on how to trade and make the best profit.

If you are not sure whether to use the best leverage or the best margin, you can watch the demo, which they offer for free for a limited time.