How do I completely turn off Chrome notifications on my MacBook?

I'm using MacOSX 10.14.6 now.

I hate the Chrome notifications sent by the sites, not just the ones I've visited once, but the big sites like Facebook or Yahoo.

I just want to come back to days when Chrome does not even offer this feature.

I tried turning it off in chrome: // settings / content / notifications

but it does not work. The notifications will still be displayed.

How do I completely disable this feature at the system level? Does MacOS have this capability?

windows 10 – How do I turn off the Cyrilic?

I wanted to learn something Russian. So I added the Cyrillic alphabet to my Windows 10 settings. Apparently I have also set Russian to my default language settings. I managed to open the settings for the Windows region. Everything is in Russian, so it's hard to say. I was hoping to put Engilsh (английский) back in my default setting and the US in my regional settings. The United States should look like "Соединенные Штаты", but unfortunately I did not see that in the list of regions (регион). Are there any suggestions on how to get out of this?

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Bluetooth will continue to turn on after suspending

I tried to turn off Bluetooth, but every time I close the lid of my laptop and re-open it, the Bluetooth service is back on. If Bluetooth is enabled, this seems to interfere with my wireless connection when I'm far from the router (OT, but is this normal?).

I rfkill reread and even if I run rfkill block bluetoothThe same thing happens when I close the lid and open it again.

Any ideas on how to stop this behavior? Sure, I want to be able to use Bluetooth occasionally, but I want it to be off by default.

The machine is an Asus nv56m and the Ubuntu version is 19.04

System info for my laptop

Screenshot of the executed command rfkill

dnd 5e – Can a dybbuk-owned corpse be turned over turn undead?

Turn Undead was working on a Dybbuk who has a corpse

In the rules for the possession of the Dybbuk expressly states:

The Dybbuk is effectively the obsessed creature now. His type becomes undead […]

If it has a corpse, it is an undead creature, and no other description or rule gives it immunity to undead or other effects specifically aimed at undead creatures. If it were immune to such things, the rule that says its type will become undead would have no meaning at all!

Outside a corpse, the dybbuk is a fiend; In a corpse it is undead, with all the mechanical consequences that result. If the Dybbuk does not want to be susceptible to undead busting effects, he should clear the body.

Hardware – Often, SMC must be reset to turn on the MacBook

In the last 2-3 weeks, my 2014 13-inch MacBook Pro has developed a problem. I need to reset my SMC to turn it on. This has happened about 4-5 times. In addition, my battery is almost empty and is on the stand "soon replace". I'm not sure if it's a logic board or a battery. Can someone help diagnose the problem or find a solution? I am ready to buy a new battery. However, I am not sure if it would be worth installing a new battery and logic board for the Apple Service Center.

usb – How to turn on Google Pixel 3a with broken power and volume keys

I'm really smart and broke both the volume and volume buttons when I changed the screen of my Google Pixel 3a. (Put the shaver in the wrong slot)

Anyway, the screen works and I can see that a% screen is displayed when plugged in. If I can turn on the device, I should be able to use the phone with no keys working.

However, I can not turn it on, For every method I've studied, at least one working key is required.

I found a method that uses ADB (a command-line Andriod debugging tool)

adb.exe reboot

It does not work because it does not recognize the device. I tried to install the driver manually, and the phone is still not recognized.

Can I do anything or did I just build my phone?

Ordinary Differential Equations – How do I turn this second-order ODE into a system of two ODEs of the first order?

I got this problem in a homework set and I do not know where to start – I did not make a difference for a while, so any help would be very grateful !!

For small variations in light, the photoreceptor can be considered linear and describe the equation
Her answer is:

$ frac {d ^ 2x} {dt ^ 2} + 1.5 frac {dx} {dt} + 0.5x (t) = 6s $

Where s is the light intensity (millilumen / mm 2) and x (t) is the burning speed of the photoreceptor (Hz). It should be noted that s and x are measured with respect to their nominal values ​​so that s = 0 corresponds to a normal illumination and the firing rate x = 0 is the deviation from a non-zero firing rate which corresponds to a normal illumination.

How do I convert this second order ODE into a system of two first order ODEs by defining the second state variable as? $ y (t) = frac {dx} {dt} $ (Rate of change of firing rate x (t))?

Any advice or explanation would be very grateful !!! Thanks a lot!