Disk Utility – External hard drive was accidentally turned off and does not display files

I recently bought a hard drive and when I connected it to my laptop, the partition option was not available in Disk Utility. So I searched the Apple forums for a solution that included the following in the terminal:

diskutil erasedisk hfs+ External GPT /dev/disk2

I also had my older hard drive plugged into my laptop (it has 5 partitions). I right-clicked on all these 5 partitions and ejected them from my hard drive and then did the following in the terminal on my laptop:

diskutil erasedisk hfs+ External GPT /dev/disk2

I completely forgot to disconnect my older hard drive from my laptop. Since I intended to be this for my newer hard drive. But then I heard my older hard drive make a noise. I panicked and turned off the switch on this hard drive.

Did I lose everything on my older hard drive?

I tried to find a solution, but nothing seems to work.

I see my older drive in Disk Utility as a disk as "disk2s2" instead of the names I gave my 5 partitions and it is greyed out.
When I run

diskutil list

"Disk2s2" is displayed in the list in the terminal.

The disk was disabled using and successfully ejected

diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk2


diskutil eject /dev/disk2

But it won't mount

diskutil mountDisk /dev/disk2

It comes back with

One or more volume(s) failed to mount

I also tried running First Aid in Disk Utility. I get the following message:

Repairing file system.
Volume is already unmounted.
Performing fsck_hfs -fy -x /dev/rdisk2s2
File system check exit code is 8.
Restoring the original state found as unmounted.
File system verify or repair failed.
Operation failed…

This is how it appears in Disk Utility.

What else can I try to get my information?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

I dropped my hard drive and turned it off – I imported it again to manage it through Lightroom

I had just spent some time copying images from external drives that were not in my Lightroom catalog through Lightroom CC Classic. The power cable to my WD 14TB hard drive is not long enough and I could trip over it, the hard drive landing hard on the hard floor of my kitchen / food.

I have some new hard drives. Do I have to delete all catalog files from Lightroom before I import 15,000 images again? Or is there a way to import them, if I don't unlock, don't import duplicates, I can't import the images to the new hard drives …

Applications – Unspecified applications have unlimited data usage when data storage is enabled. Data usage is 3 GB / day and each switch is turned off

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How can I ALWAYS force the audio onto my homepod unless my Bluetooth headphones are turned on?

I have some BlueTooth headphones that I have at my desk most of the time. However, sometimes I like to look at something and throw the sound on my HomePod. It works for what I need; However, I always have to select the HomePod as audio for my Mac Mini.

I have instructed my Mac Mini to use the HomePod as standard output in my audio midi setup, but it doesn't seem to be stuck. When I turn on my headphones and plug them in, the sound plays correctly there. However, when I turn off the headphones or the computer goes into sleep mode, the Mini’s internal speakers are used again.

Is there a way to automate this so that if my computer is turned on it will always look for the HomePod and only use it when no headphones are connected?

Is that a strange thing to want? It was driving me crazy! Thank you in advance.

Windows 10 computer basically turned into a potato

That's why I've had problems with my computer for a few days now. It started with getting Memory Management and Kernel Security Check Failure BSOD. I started going through the regular checklist. I ran sfc and dism and found that there is a corrupt file that needs to be replaced manually. I used the Windows Memory Tool to determine if there were any problems with my drives (5 runs of the most thorough option) and nothing was found. I used memtest86 to see if I had any memory issues. Nothing was found. I started getting System Service Exception and Pool Corruption in the BSOD file space afterwards. I just decided to try installing Windows 10 cleanly and started getting the same BSOD. I tried wiping my SSD completely and trying again, but I still have a BSOD. I tried removing all of my other drives and installing it in the same thing with just one SSD. I even tried deleting another SSD and installing Windows 10 on it, and I still have a BSOD. I literally have no idea what's going on at this point and I need help to figure out what to do.

Samsung – Galaxy T2 can not be turned off without a password

Is there anyway a Galaxy tab2 without password off. After all the advice for the hard start I come only to the following: Your device has been restarted and must be unlocked with your password. You can use your fingerprints the next time you unlock the device.

Same prompt when switching off as usual. As soon as you select Power Off, you will receive the same circular password. This password does not exist! I have a PIN, a pattern and a biometric on this tablet. NO PASSWORD.

Can someone help?