6.0 Marshmallow – Why is the network radio of an Android phone sporadically turned off?

I have an Android phone that has a problem that I suspect is related to the hardware. Randomly, the service stops working on the phone and I've just found a way to temporarily fix the problem by dialing *#*#4636#*#* and turn the radio back on manually. This restores functionality, but only temporarily. It seems indefinite when it will work again.

I can not think of a good way to pinpoint the problem, so any insight would be helpful

Why does the average Liberal history believe in history that has turned out to be a fake? Would you think that after you've been misled?

You stupid idiots keep ignoring the reality.

The reality of the situation ….. Has the NATION strengthened or weakened the unity of the people since this self-styled "nationalist" took office?

Once you come to terms with the truth. You can see how these stories, even if they are not true, show the character of him and his co-workers. Association fault.

That's what the police told me. If you do not sell drugs, why hang around with drug dealers? 🤔

Mothers told me. When teachers call home for some reason. I do not believe you. Do not give them a reason. Your excuses will not be accepted.

I keep Trump on the same standard.

dnd 5e – Can a dybbuk-owned corpse be turned over turn undead?

Turn Undead was working on a Dybbuk who has a corpse

In the rules for the possession of the Dybbuk expressly states:

The Dybbuk is effectively the obsessed creature now. His type becomes undead […]

If it has a corpse, it is an undead creature, and no other description or rule gives it immunity to undead or other effects specifically aimed at undead creatures. If it were immune to such things, the rule that says its type will become undead would have no meaning at all!

Outside a corpse, the dybbuk is a fiend; In a corpse it is undead, with all the mechanical consequences that result. If the Dybbuk does not want to be susceptible to undead busting effects, he should clear the body.

The MacBook Ubuntu display can not be turned off

I've installed Ubuntu Server 19.04 on an old MacBook for use as a display. Everything works fine, except for the display, which I can not turn off. I tried the following commands and got the following output:

Entrance: xset dpms force off

Output: xset: unable to open display ""

Entrance: setterm -blank force

Output: setterm: cannot force blank: Inappropriate ioctl for device

Entrance: sudo vbetool dpms off

Output: Real mode call failed

I even tried to access my display xrandr and came back Can't open display,

I'm a bit of a novice in Linux, maybe I miss something obvious, and I apologize in advance.

Thank you for your response!

Windows 10 – The fans are turned on but die again and again – SpeedFan

I'm trying to create a curve for the fan control with SpeedFan. Everything seemed to work perfectly until the fans suddenly stopped spinning.

The fans turn on for a few seconds and then dip to 0 rpm. After a few seconds they start to turn again, but they switch off almost immediately. I then disabled the automatic fan control to try to set a fan speed manually (which only worked a few minutes earlier), but now the same thing happens. If you change the motherboard back to fan speed selection, it will start up as expected.

Any ideas?

Windows – Backup to a drive turned a folder of the same name into a backup file

In Windows 10, I created a backup using the Backup and Restore tool (Windows 7), creating a full backup of my entire user named Kao.
The catch, however, is that my backup drive already had a folder with the same name.

The backup file was too big (about 72 GB) and I did not have enough storage space. So I canceled the operation. However, I have turned my current folder into a "backup" file while still retaining the original contents of the original folder, as shown here.

When I try to double-click it, I get options to restore the backup, as shown here.

Copying the folder to another location would show the files being copied to the original folder, and even manually entering the location in Explorer would work. as seen here and here

How can I remove the flag so that it is recognized as an actual folder, not a backup? Or should I simply copy it back to another folder?

iphone – Why is my selfie turned?

I take a picture with a view to the front and get a diminution of reality in front of me, where the right and left side between earth and digital are equivalent. However, once I pass by to take a selfie picture, the reality on the digital page is reversed, from right to left and from left to right. Why?

How can you safely reset your phone to Google Fi with 2-step verification turned on?

If you reset your phone to factory settings while running Google Fi with 2-step verification enabled, I do not think you can access your phone.

When I try to log in again, I use my 2-step verification. The options are:
1. Use my phone
2. Use a text message

My phone has been reset to factory settings and I have Google Fi so I can not do any of these things. I have access to my Gmail account, another secondary email address, and my Google Account, but these are not options!

Google is currently trying to reset my account but says it will take 24 hours. Because of this problem, I missed 4 calls today and would like to try to fix it earlier. If nothing else, I want the world to know how shitty Google 2SV is!