Tutorial create Unlimited Google Drive Storage (Shared Drive) for Graphics & Multimedia

This is an easy one- however, I’ve been seeing a lot of people selling these in other forms and Facebook for $5-$19.
Folks, to have one is completely free.

1. Create a Google Account

2. Go to either one of these sites: http://td.fastio.me/

3. Create a Drive.

NOTE: Please do not abuse this system – you should only link 2 drives at most per source for your email.

Note 2: Please adhere to the guide of Google here if you want to add members:https://support.google.com/a/answer/7338880?hl=en

Tip: You can run ads on these on FB and get some easy profit.



need a tutorial on how scrape a site


I bought Scrapebox today for a particular task, but I’m struggling to navigate through it

All tutorials I seem to find are for SEO, which is something I intend to use it for but I need to use it for another task first

I’d like to scrape a site

It has many levels 
category (t-shirts crew neck)
subcategory (T-Shirts 100gsm – 135gsm Ladies)
product (Cotton Ladies)

when you’re on the product page the product price depends on the colour and size also, these change dynamically without the URL changing with java
from this page, I want to grab
product code
colour size qty price

this is the page I’d like to scrape

can scrapebox help me do this, or should I use something else?

thanks in advance

Scraping that data is probably ok, but scrapebox works with javascript off, so you would have to find a way to get the other elements by changing the url, or just scrape the main element that is loaded. You want the custom data scraper that is part of the email scraper plugin

Also if you need to crawl thru the whole site

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statistics – Finding solutions to tutorial problems in probability

The set of tutorial problems

I’m taking a course in probability and statistics and wanted help with the solutions for the 3 problems (as part of my tutorial) attached (in the image). I couldn’t make much progress in 1 and 2 and for 3, I thought of the maximal cut algorithm but couldn’t write up a rigorous proof for the same. I’d greatly appreciate solutions to all the 3 tutorial problems

Thank you!

Looking for a recommendation to a good book/ tutorial series on deep dive into Spring WebFlux

I am new to reactive stack in Spring and have started developing reactive apps with Webflux + Reactive mongo together with Spring 2. But I always get stuck when finding solutions for some problem using WebFlux. I followed a basic tutorial from Udemy and Refer Project Reactor’s user documentation also.
But I need a recommendation to a book or a good tutorial series which does a deep dive to Spring WebFlux.