Custom Post Types – Create and update 2 CPT consecutively

Is it possible to create and update a CPT after a post has been created sequentially in the same flow?

For example:

First, I'm doing a wp_insert_post ($ my_first_cpt) (with some data and running on save_post hook)

Second, wp_update_post ($ my_second_cpt) (with DATA from $ my_first_cpt, for example, a random seed) and show are executed immediately afterwards

Basically, $ my_first_cpt needs to be created and saved, and immediately afterwards something must be raised to retrieve data from $ my_first_post and update $ my_second_post

Is that possible?
I tried to place one after the other and it just does not work.

Categories – Custom post types with a common category for a blog entry

My customer wants to be able to invoke a common category that is used in multiple custom post types. So, if there's a common budget category, then all the custom post types with the Budget category will appear in a blog.

I've read a few examples of how to use args for different post types and put them together in a custom template called "page-category-budgeting.php". This is a children's theme based on Twenty and Twelve.

After testing and working through a debugging, I'm still unsuccessful. The latest error is "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected file ending in /home/acs10047/public_html/wp-content/themes/moneysmartfamily/page-category-budgeting.php on line 53".

But that's a blank line at the end of the code. I have nothing to do to find out. Here is the template code. I have to miss something simple or overlook how to set it up. Could someone advise me what I miss? Thank you very much.

    'posts_per_page' => '20',

    $this_query = new WP_Query( $args ); ?>

have_posts()) : $this_query->the_post(); {?>

Model dynamic data types in relational databases

I'm starting to work on a new project where users can create new fields with one of several data types and attach those fields to elements in the system. This is to make the system more customizable for users and to allow them to model things that meet their specific needs.

For example, the customer may create a field called "daily rate" that can be attached to a company record (representing a contractor with whom he has a relationship). This field is a currency type (a kind of decimal under the hood)). Essentially, we want to enable the customer to customize the system with new fields and to decorate elements in the system.

There are a few approaches to this, but we're trying to find an approach that will allow us to query the custom fields later.

One approach might be to have a table "custom_fields" with a column "data type" that would have a string representation. Then another table that links these custom field entries to elements in the table that represent the entities to which we attach these fields. In this case, however, I would need one column per supported data type in the join table, which could be significantly extended with the support of new data types. This would also mean that our queries must then be converted from a string representation of the data type to a column name. Although I have not done so yet, in my opinion, this could be a bad idea for both performance and query generation.

Another option could be to have records of these custom fields and types in the relational database and then the values ​​in a document database. For example:

The main datasets with predefined fields in the system are in a "contractor" table. If we then examine a particular record, we can pull a corresponding document from Dynamo or Mongo (etc.). This makes data storage fairly straightforward, but makes queries very complex because we need to merge data at the application level.

I can not find articles on this particular issue online, and although I feel quite experienced with both relational and document databases, this is a bit too profound.

Is there a better way to model this problem than wide RDBS tables or splitting the data into an RDBS and a document database?

co.combinatorics – Combinatorial Types and Differential Categories

In the introduction to (1) it is mentioned that (Cartesian) differential categories could be the common framework for differentiation in different areas of mathematics, including combinatorics. In (2) and other publications on tangent categories it is also mentioned that there are tango categories for combinatorial species. I do not understand how the obvious definition of the species category can be turned into a category of tan, but perhaps this applies to a different category of species.

Ask: What is the relationship between combinatorial types and differential / tangent categories? Is there a difference or tangent category of species? Does the differentiation of species have anything to do with these structures?

(1) Blood, R .; Cockett, J.R. B .; Seely, R.A.G.. Cartesian differential categories, Theory Appl. Categ. 22, 622? 672 (2009).

(2) Cockett, J.R. B .; Cruttwell, G.S.H.. Links in Tangent categories, Theory Appl. Categ. 32, 835? 888 (2017). ZBL1374.18016.

Custom Post Types – View products by attributes on category pages

I'm looking for a solution for displaying products by attributes (pa_size and pa_color) on the product category pages.
I have too many color and size options for my products. That's why I want to create subcategories for all of them and display them. To like; (subcategory is an attribute term and should display products by attributes) I can display products by shortcode on the regular WordPress content page, but I think that's not a good solution. I searched for hours, but I can not figure it out. Could someone help me with that?

Types of anti-theft devices that are popular today | WJunktion

In our country today, the demand for motorcycle travel is widespread. People, families have motorcycles. Meanwhile, the society has many evils. The thieves are increasing.

Crooks often target high-end motorcycles, crowded areas with many cars. People are often subjective or do not care how they can prevent property.

Find out until everything happens. There are many types in the market today Motorcycle anti-theft devices,

Let's take a look at the Kinh Do course to find out some of the most popular theft deterrents.

Lock from the motorcycle

First, let's learn about it briefly Lock of the motorcycle, Theft-proof motorcycle with touch-chip technology is often referred to by the motorcycle as a lock.

The feature of this technology is very high security, but mechanically, this technology does not appear to be suitable at the present time if a thief who has used a keyword can receive magnetic keys. ,

Smatkey lock

Smartkey Honda and Yamaha smart key lock have been fitted on their most popular Honda and Yamaha scooters.

What makes scooters with smart locks more popular among users is the almost absolute theft security of this type of lock.

According to our records in Vietnam, there has been no slump so thieves could crack smart keys. The most common thieves currently being captured by cameras are scooter models with conventional plug / unplug locks.

With normal locks, car thieves can use many tricks to unlock the engine and start it quickly.

When the thief on Smartkey Smartlock attempts to turn the knob, the unit only rotates and does not break.

Above are two types of anti-theft security locks that are currently very popular. However, after prolonged use, these locks will be damaged.

You have to ask a professional locksmith and high security. If necessary call our locksmith in Kinh Do.

worker Fix the lock at home Our team will be there for you within 15 minutes and help you with any problems. With modern technology and high security, there are many special offers for customers.

For information that needs advice or correction, please contact the hotline: 0979.888.692. We look forward to serving you.

Custom Post Types – Move pages with a specific template to the new Admin menu

So I'm building a website for a car dealer.

Currently, all pages in Admin are under the Pages tab.

One of the pages is called New Cars. This main page lists all child pages for each model.

I'd like to move New Cars to a separate menu item in Admin, then display a list of child pages and create new pages using the child page template.

Is that possible?

design – C # How do I combine types I do not have access to?

I built a library with the help of another library.

What I have set up here are two classes that subdivide the classes of the library for additional functions. The problem occurs when I want to use the classes interchangeably in another class.
how sad am I
So I want to be able to transfer these graphics to my object via the constructor, as long as it's of the "superclass" type.
The problem is that the rectangle and circle have different property names to set their position and I need to set their position in my object. I could check the type that will be cast, but if someone wants to pass a graphic like a triangle, he would have to manipulate the class to look for the triangle type.

Instead, I've created an interface ICenterable, which is implemented by my Circle and Rectangle class and requires a CenterX and a CenterY property. Now anyone who has an ICenterable object can pass it into the object. This would be perfect, except now I have to choose if the passed parameter should be entered as ICenterable or as "superclass". I could cast again if I need certain functions, but what if, for example, a "superclass" is passed in which ICenterable is not implemented? In the constructor, I was able to check if they are both types or throw an error, but it seems sloppy.

The best solution would be if I could specify that the passed object must implement ICenterable and extend "super class". I would do this by doing a class that can do both, but then my circle and rectangle classes can not extend that class because they need to extend Circle and Rectangle.
Enter image description here
It seems the more I do, the worse it gets. Should I just accept that it will not be the way I want it, forget the UI and just check if it's a rectangle, add a circle and later more if needed? Or is there a better way?

Thank you very much

Custom Post Types – Pagination does not work for the archive

The query works for the default blog and pages, but not for custom post archives. Did I miss something?

$paged_bottom = (get_query_var('paged')) ? absint(get_query_var('paged')) : 1;
              $args_pagination_bottom  = array(
                  'format'    => '?paged=%#%',
                  'current'   => intval($paged_bottom),
                  'total'     => intval($GLOBALS('wp_query')->max_num_pages),
                  'mid_size'  => 2,
                  'prev_text' => '',
                  'next_text' => '',

              echo paginate_links($args_pagination_bottom);

I tried

public function __construct()

                  add_action( 'pre_get_posts', array($this, 'ggowl_archive_posts_per_page'),20,1 );


              public function ggowl_archive_posts_per_page( $query ) {
                  // var_dump($query);

                  if ( $query->is_archive('product') || $query->is_category() ) {
                      set_query_var('posts_per_page', 1);

This works outside the class. How can I get it up and running in class?

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