Is it possible to bypass install UAC prompt without registry editing (Windows 10)

You cannot install without administrator permissions that you don’t have.

If you have any virtual machine product that is already installed on
the computer, you could create a virtual machine, which is basically
a computer where you are the only administrator.
This way, you will not enter in conflict with your company’s
security policy.

Another solution to installing software products is to find a portable version
of these products that can work without installation.
The website
contains a list of such products.

windows – How to set the order in which administrative accounts are offered in UAC prompts?

I have installed Windows 10 Enterprise 1909 on several of my PCs. For my daily work, I am using an account which is not in the Administrators group. This means that I am running into UAC prompts quite often, which somehow is the goal of working that way.

So far, so good. But when working as a non-administrator, the UAC prompt not only asks you to click YES to permit the respective action, but you have to enter an administrator’s password. If there are multiple administrative users on the system, this can lead to problems.

For example, the UAC prompt in my daily work account looks like that:

UAC prompt stage 1

Here, we can see that there obviously is an administrative user Acronis Agent User on that system, which is not surprising because I have installed Acronis software there. However, I can’t enter the password of this user, because I don’t know it; that account has been created automatically during Acronis software installation and might be configured without a password at all.

Hence, to proceed, I have to click on the link More choices, which in turn leads to the following situation:

UAC prompt stage 2

I want to use the Administrator password, because it is the only administrative password I know, so I have to click again on Administrator, which leads to the following situation:

UAC prompt stage 3

Now I finally can enter the Administrator password and click YES.

This whole procedure is driving me mad now (after having tolerated it for several months). I hit that UAC prompt several times a day, and it takes several mouse clicks until I finally can enter the password. There is no chance to automate the procedure because the UAC prompt appears on a Secure Desktop, which I don’t want to change.

Hence the question:

Is it possible to set a “default administrative user for UAC prompts” somewhere, or to order the list of administrative accounts which are offered in the UAC prompt? If I could make Administrator the first list item (instead of Acronis Agent User), the problem would be solved.

It seems that the list is sorted alphabetically, so I could eventually rename the Administrator account name to 000, for example. But I have never tried this and I am unsure whether or not it would be a stupid idea, so I would prefer to order that account list using another method; perhaps the order is somewhere in the registry or something like that.

Any ideas?

UAC security issue when running batch files

I had trouble transferring a batch file to a local user's computer when it was working fine on someone else. It turned out that I ran the file as the currently logged in user.

So the problem is that the user can run batch files without being prompted by User Account Control. He has the highest user account control level set and is a local administrator. Other users with the same access and user account level are prompted when attempting to run batch files.

Am I missing something here? Any ideas would be great!

Thanks a lot!
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Windows – Why are some UAC prompts not instantly navigable on the keyboard by default?

Is there any way to force all Windows 10 UAC prompts to be navigable instantly from the keyboard by default?

When User Account Control in Windows 10 prompts you to call, I prefer to use the keyboard for selection. It's faster, no mouse required. Half the time, that works fine. In other cases, however, I have to manually click on the UAC prompt as if the UAC prompt did not focus on it by default. At this point, I only use the mouse to select an option, since I have to use it anyway.

Is there a reason why some UAC prompts do not pull keyboard / mouse focus by default? And more importantly, can anything be done to force all UAC prompts to be instantly keyboard navigable by default?