busybox – Kernel Panic: How to solve the linux kernel panic for unable to mount root fs on unkown-block(0,0)?

How to solve the linux kernel panic for unable to mount root fs on unknow-block(0,0)?
Here is the debug info(sorry for no embed image cause i have no enough reputations):
kernel panic debug info image
My plan is this: build a minimal linux on portable devices (e.g. USB flash disk) by linux kernel,extlinuxsyslinux and busybox.
And my build process is this:

  1. compile and install kernel to bzImage, just add debug info and ext23 support features based on default configure.
  2. compile and install busybox, and modified it to looks like root file system.Basically rely on this website.
  3. made msdos disk label to usb flash disk which partitioned by only one part with ext4 fs and boot flag.
  4. install extlinux on usb flash disk and config the syslinux.cfg(here it is).

LABEL linux
      LINUX ./bzImage
      APPEND init=/sbin/init root=/dev/sdb1 rw
      INITRD ./rootfs.img

Since i have modified the syslinux.cfg file many times, even now i still suspect the config have problem.
btw, i have been suffered by this issue for days, please help me out.
linux kernel version : linux-4.19.65
busybox version : busybox-1.32.0

Unable to Autoplay Embedded Audio in PowerPoint File

I have some Microsoft PowerPoint files which were sent to me and contain what should be automatic playback audio and slide transitions. For some reason I cannot get the audio to auto-play. I can play back the audio fine in preview/edit mode but it will not autoplay the audio despite checking the audio playback options are set to “start automatically”. Occasionally (not every slide) it will start playing the first 1 second of audio and then cut out.

The PPT and audio were created on a Mac and I am on Windows 10 but the audio was recorded directly into PPT so it should be compatible. Furthermore, I have renamed a file to ZIP and opened up the Media directory and specifically determined the files are M4A AAC encoded files which should be Windows PPT compatible.

If I export the media on each slide and then re-import it the playback works fine (though the audio speaker graphic on the slide does change slightly making me think there is something going on there). However, this will be a large number of presentations/slides and manually exporting and re-importing the audio is not an option.

I explored creating a macro to do the export and re-import of the audio but it appears there is no currently supported VBA method to export embedded audio from slides..there is some indication it used to be supported as the Export method of the SoundFormat object but that appears to have been deprecated, see https://stackoverflow.com/a/8779992/8666467

Any ideas? I can create a sample presentation with a few slides demonstrating the issue if that would be helpful. Just let me know where to post it for easy accessibility.

Unable to upload to SharePoint Online via VBA

I have tried using the below code to upload a document to SharePoint Online (Sourced from this answer)

Dim SharepointAddress As String
Dim LocalAddress As String
Dim objNet As Object
Dim FS As Object

' Where you will enter Sharepoint location path
SharepointAddress = "\sharepoint path to document library"  & "" 

 ' Where you will enter the file path, ex: Excel file
LocalAddress = "H:/test.gif" 

Set objNet = CreateObject("WScript.Network")
Set FS = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
If FS.FileExists(LocalAddress) Then
    FS.CopyFile LocalAddress, SharepointAddress
End If
Set objNet = Nothing
Set FS = Nothing

I have signed in to the SharePoint Online site using my work credentials and then navigated to the library and copied the address from the URL bar to paste into the above code, however when I try to run the procedure I am getting an error message saying Run Time Error 76: Path not found

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Thanks

linux – Avahi service unable to be resolved using avahi-browse

On a Ubuntu 20.04 machine, I’ve created an Avahi service file that looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE service-group SYSTEM "avahi-service.dtd">
  <name>Custom Printer</name>

If I run avahi-browse _customprinter._tcp -r I get the following:

Failed to resolve service 'Custom Printer' of type '_customprinter._tcp' in domain 'local': Timeout reached

However, If I change the printer.service file to the following (remove domain-name and host-name) all of the relevant data is resolved for the service.

What do I need to configure differently to be able to include and in the service file without breaking Avahi’s ability to resolve the service?

digital – Unable to click pictures with nikon D3500

here is the link of pictures and videos to my problems.

To describe it in words, my camera nikon d3500 is going half way click to autofocus but on full click is not taking any picture. Sometimes it shows error that Error. Press shutter release again. Even if this error is not displayed but still my camera is unable to take pictures.

I tried resetting the options but retouch menu is all greyed out, the reset menu in shooting menu is also greyed out. I also tried formatting the memory card and take the battery out for about 8 hours and re-insert it into the camera to reset the settings, but that did not work.

Unity Unable to blend 2D Light renderers

I’ve followed the documentation on Unity regarding 2D lighting. It said to turn on Alpha blending in the options. But this is how it turns out:
If Alpha blending is off:
when off

If Alpha blending is on:
when on

I’m not entirely sure why it’s turning black. These are my settings for the 2D light:

I’ve checked my layers, specifically the tile map floor, and it’s on the Default layer.
tile map settings

I just want my lights to blend well.

partitioning – Unable to load /home SSD drive – Mounted /boot/eft A start job is running for dev/sdb1

I am using Ubuntu 20.04 server. Everything worked until I decided to move my SSD drive to a 3.5 adapter to fit with the older hard drive in there.

I installed XFCE previously and was able to login using that interface. However, it will not log me in on either user account. The drive appears (sdc1) is lsblk.

    NAME                      MAJ:MIN RM   SIZE RO TYPE MOUNTPOINT
    loop0                       7:0    0  55.3M  1 loop /snap/core18/1885
    loop1                       7:1    0    55M  1 loop /snap/core18/1880
    loop2                       7:2    0  70.6M  1 loop /snap/lxd/16922
    loop3                       7:3    0  71.3M  1 loop /snap/lxd/16099
    loop4                       7:4    0  30.3M  1 loop /snap/snapd/9279
    loop5                       7:5    0    31M  1 loop /snap/snapd/9607
    sda                         8:0    0   1.8T  0 disk
    ├─sda1                      8:1    0   512M  0 part /boot/efi
    ├─sda2                      8:2    0     1G  0 part /boot
    └─sda3                      8:3    0   1.8T  0 part
      └─ubuntu--vg-ubuntu--lv 253:0    0   200G  0 lvm  /
    sdb                         8:16   0 931.5G  0 disk
    sdc                         8:32   0 232.9G  0 disk
    └─sdc1                      8:33   0 232.9G  0 part
    sr0                        11:0    1  1024M  0 rom

I am able to access via Putty with either login. I am glad I set this up.

I get a message at bootup

   mounted /boot/eft A start job is running for /dec/sdb1

What’s wrong?

sql server 2016 – Stored Procedure Signed by Certificate Unable to Add Members to Database Roles

I created a Stored Procedure that performs the Following tasks:

  • Creates database
  • Change owner to sa
  • Set recovery model
  • Creates users in database
  • Adds users to database roles.
  • Grants execute and view definition to users

I then created a certificate, Login from cert, user from cert, granted exec on SP to user, granted control server to login, added signature to sp by certificate.

When non sysadmins execute the SP everything works except for adding users to the database roles with error: Cannot alter the role ‘db_datareader’, because it does not exist or you do not have permission.

If I add the login to the sysadmin server role, when non sysadmins execute the SP it will work. Ideally the login would have minimal permissions to perform these functions. Is it possible to do this w/o granting sysadmin to the user?



magento2 – Error: Unable to apply data patch when running setup:upgrade after magento version upgrade to 2.3.5-p2

I am getting this error when i run bin/magento setup:upgrade command

Unable to apply data patch MagentoSalesSetupPatchDataConvertSerializedDataToJson for module Magento_Sales. Original exception message: Notice: Undefined index: option_type in /chroot/home/a0a91d92/int.parriscues.com/vendor/magento/module-sales/Setup/SerializedDataConverter.php on line 33

When i remove data from sales_order_item table then it works fine.
I upgraded from magento 2.1 to 2.3.5-p2.

In sales_order_item table product_options column is showing data like this


and i think the issue is in this format.