Linux – Decapsulation of unicast VXLAN packets into a VXLAN interface

I am trying to evaluate a new virtualized traffic mirroring service (similar to SPAN) that delivers VXLAN encapsulated packets to a destination of my choice using the traditional VXLAN UDP unicast encapsulation methods. My goal is to send these packages to a Linux instance with two interfaces, with the second interface for receiving these traffic feeds.

Once I have my instance with two logical interfaces, I want to receive these packages in a clean virtual VXLAN interface so that I can run security tools (eg Suricata, BRO) only on the packages with the VXLAN wrapper removed , In the past, I've managed to accomplish this (in a multicast environment) by executing the following two simple commands.

sudo ip link add vxlan0 type vxlan id 0 dev ens6 dstport 4789 group
sudo ip link vxlan0 set up

In the multicast environment, these two commands on my Linux machine had two interfaces to get a clean stream of decapsulated packets that reached the vxlan0 virtual interface. That is, when I run

sudo tcpdump -nvi vxlan0

I see packets after the VXLAN headers have been removed, leaving only the original packet. Now my security tools only monitor this interface and I no longer have to worry about filtering out the VXLAN packages.

If I switched to the Unicast environment, I would expect the same commands minus the multicast group to produce the same result, but this does not seem to be the case. Here is what I am trying.

sudo ip link add vxlan0 type vxlan id 0 dev ens6 dstport 4789
sudo ip link vxlan0 set up

In this case, when I try to run tcpdump on the vxlan0 interface, I do not see what I expect, namely the decapsulated packets without the VXLAN header.

Things that I have tried:

1) Put the secondary interface in promiscuous mode
2) Do not put the secondary interface in promiscuous mode
3) IP the secondary interface
4) IP is not the secondary interface
5) Turn multicast off and on again on the secondary interface

Can someone point me in the right direction here?