Google Sheets – 1 Plot with multiple lines with a common X-axis, but unique X and Y values ​​… is this possible?

I'm trying to create a graph that shows several smooth lines defined by an X and a Y value. The problem is that they have to share the X-axis.

Is there a way to efficiently add the other lines to this diagram?

Enter image description here

The blue line is the diagram created by Google Sheets. I have to add the red lines. (I've included them in Photoshop for this example.)

wp admin – Webpack 4: Combining core and plugins in unique build / output.js?

I'm going through @wordpress / scripts, but I'm not clear on how I get a unique & # 39; build / output.js & # 39; which combines all assets (admin and plugins) with Webpack 4. Let me explain that.

I use sage, with webpack and in my config.json there is something like:

        "entry": {
"Main": [
"Customizer": [
"Administrator": [

From where admin.jsshould contain the issued resource containing all administrative resources. Following the documentation, I should rank myself as follows:

if (is_admin ()) {
wp_enqueue_script (& # 39; sage / admin.js & # 39 ;, asset_path (& # 39; scripts / admin.js & # 39;), ['jquery'], zero, true);

and in the admin.js myself suppose I would like to put my imports like:

import & # 39; / plugins / plugin-name / whatever.js & # 39 ;;
import & # 39;; / plugins / plugin-name / whatever-2.js & # 39 ;;

With @ WordPress / Scripts Include core resources and remove / log off all elements of admin and plugins. Is this a good way to continue?

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