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google sheets – How to make time series chart, where all rows are labelled and dates are not unique?

Say I have some data like so

| Month | Count | Type |    |    |
|-------|-------|------|--- |--- |
|     1 |     2 | A    |    |    |
|     1 |     3 | B    |    |    |
|     2 |     1 | A    |    |    |
|     2 |     2 | B    |    |    |
|     3 |     1 | A    |    |    |
|     3 |     1 | B    |    |    |​

I would like to create a line chart, which each Type would have its own line.

In data studio this behaviour is set by default, but is there an easy way to do it with google sheets?


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amazon web services – Practical way to handle global unique naming constraints

Recently I have been studying up on Azure and AWS, and in both cases you find some things here and there that need to be globally unique.

I am looking for the best practice (or at least common practice) in how to deal with these, from the perspectives of:

  1. Ensuring your creation does not fail if something unexpectedly exist
  2. Ensuring you don’t accidentally interact with the wrong resources

I am mainly concerned when things either get handled by automation and/or multiple stakeholders that may not share these occurances instantly.

I realize there are many different specific measures that could be taken in each specific scenario, but am looking for how people deal with this in general. To make it more tangible, I will give a scenario but this is just an example:

Example scenario

You create a new bucket every day called mycomp01, mycomp02, mycomp03 etc. At some point, by accident or not with good intent or not someone creates mycomp22 before you do.
Problem 1: Your automated creation fails. You could create an alternate name, but at best you will have to deviate from your naming pattern.

Another team, that has been using your buckets each time (perhaps for years) has figured out the pattern. Perhaps I shared it, or perhaps they deduced it themselves. They may accidentally start to interact with mycomp22, perhaps even writing data to it.

What have I tried? So far the best I came up with is using an obscure pattern, but somehow I doubt that is a common thing to do.

data structures – Algorithm for Estimating Number of Unique Monthly Visitors

Is there a way to estimate the number of unique monthly visitors to a site based on a sample of, say, one week of data? This isn’t as simple as just multiplying the number of unique visitors the first week by 4, due to the hotel problem. If 10 people visit your site the first week and the same people are the only visitors to your site the second, third, and fourth week, the total number of monthly unique visitors to your site is only 10.

I know you can use HLL to estimate the number of unique visitors to a site in O(1) space. I’m wondering if there’s a similar approach to estimate how many unique visitors there will be after a month.

postgresql – Force some composite type fields to be unique?

First of all, you can’t add constraints to types therefore the type definition you’ve provided will error out.

Domains as you’ve already observed won’t work since they can only accomodate a single type at a go rather than a composition of types.

You also don’t have to add a not null constraint to a primary key – it’s redundant, Postgres by default disallows null values for primary key columns.

The best approach will be to normalize the table asset so that you can maintain the restrictions you require since both domain definitions and type defintions can’t accomodate these restrictions.

For the sake of completion, here’s a suggestion for the table defintions.

Given that an asset has multiple images but an image can only belong to one asset, a one-to-many relationship captures this perfectly as shown below. Furthermore, given how your code is currently structured, different assets can have the same (lang, size) combo. Therefore, the unique constraint is added across both the asset_id, lang and size

create table asset (
  id bigserial primary key,
  /* other asset columns ... */

create table img (
    asset_id bigint references asset(id) not null,
    lang varchar(2) not null,
    size varchar(32) not null,
    img_path varchar(255) not null,
    unique(asset_id, lang, size)

Note, the unique constraint creates an index hence the checks will be fast. Therefore, as expected, the following insert fails:

insert into img
    (1, 'en', '32 kb', 'bar path'),
    (1, 'en', '32 kb', 'foo path');

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