unity – Unity5 animations with different properties

Maybe there are a lot of questions, but I do not know what to look for. I have 2 animations, one targets a weapon and the other shoots.

If I count the weapon, I only animate their position up and a little to the left, so in front of the camera.

When I shoot, I just shoot it on the x-axis.

My problem is, if I shoot while the weapon is pointing (animated up and left), the entire gun holder returns to its original position.

I thought if I just animate the position in a clip and only by turning in another, I can mix them together. Am I on the wrong track or have I just done something wrong?

Many Thanks

unity5 boxcast rotation / orientation

How to turn a boxcast and stay focused on its parent game object?
This is my code:

                Float m_MaxDistance;
Collider m_Collider;
bool m_HitDetect;
RaycastHit m_Hit;

void Start () {m_MaxDistance = 144.0f; }

void FixedUpdate () {
m_HitDetect = Physics.BoxCast (m_Collider.bounds.center, new Vector3 (transform.localScale.x / 2, transform.localScale.y / 2, 0.5f), transform.forward, out m_Hit, Quaternion.LookRotation (transform.forward) , m_MaxDistance);

Many Thanks