University homework in C: Help needed [on hold]

My job is in C (not C ++):

There is an animal that has fallen into a hole. It climbs 10 inches
with each step but slips and falls back 10%. The next step will be
Climb 20 inches, 10 inches more in each turn, but drop 10%
the overall height increased with each step. My function has to return
a whole number of how many steps the animal took to climb out of it

The problem is that when I upload the code for testing, I only get 4 out of 5 correct results. So there are inputs that lead to wrong results. I suspect it's because of the inaccurate float values. It is important that we can not use the math.h file or any other library. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

int howManySteps(int cel) {
    double inch = 10;
    double climb = 0;
    int totalSteps = 0;
    double percentage = 0;
    while (climb <= cel) {
        climb += inch;
        inch += 10;
        percentage = climb * 0.1;
        climb -= percentage;
    return totalSteps;

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SQL Server – Is this database model correct for the university?

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Gmail – YouTube Sign In The link redirects me to my registration page for the university

I want to sign in to my account, but when I click on the "Sign in" link, I'll be redirected to my university's signup page. I no longer have access to my Gmail account and have blocked redirects from both the university's sign-in page and YouTube.

It also redirects me when I try to sign in to a Gmail account through the regular Chrome page.

How can I stop this?