What do you think of the decision made by the University of California regents to endorse repealing proposition 209?

I can’t convince you that you are wrong, because you are entirely right. 

And the proof that you are right is seen in Asians.  It was not always the case that Asians in the US made more money on average than white people, but now that is the case.  It is the case because all of the “systemic racism” has been eliminated within the laws.  While admittedly, some people are racist, the laws are not.

Even the left talks about residual effect of Jim Crow and slavery. That is a socio-economic problem. That is a problem of our schools not properly preparing the poor children. 

And the policies that are being proposed by the leftists are EXTREMELY racist and not to just white people like myself.  It more disproportionately hits the Asian community that currently need to score 60 point more than white students on the SAT to get into college and 260 more than a black student. 

And worst of all, all of these changes are detrimental, not beneficial.  If a Black student scoring 200 points less than a white student goes to the same college, do people think that the clear 200 point advantage in preparedness for college instantaneously goes away?  This is why the drop-out rate for black students is so high. So now they spent a boat-load of money for no degree and this is helping the black community?

Oh and proof as to how there is no systemic racism, …. ask them what injustices they wish to fix.  You will note that they have no answer for this, only results. For example, they can’t point to this law or that law only the results.  Well the results are obvious for ALL poor people and are bad for all poor people.  This is not a race issue.   

information architecture – UX Approaches to Competitive Analysis for a University Branding/Communications Toolkit Website?

I’m being asked to do a “competitive analysis” for a university website that has communications and brand guidelines/resources. This is meant at as a solo project done in a few days, I don’t have many resources at hand at the moment so user testing is out of the question.

The request was very broad and I was thinking of comparing our toolkit against other university’s brand toolkits. Taking an initial look, the information architecture & site map could use some work…

What are some UX approaches/considerations I should take into account when reviewing our website and comparing it against other universities?

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Request – Help – New user who wants to publish a university survey

I am a college student who is currently researching determinants of cryptocurrency investment behavior. I have a 10-15 minute survey where I want to get answers from people who trade cryptocurrency.

Before I post it and post the link, I just want to confirm that these types of posts are acceptable. I'm new to the stack overflow so I couldn't figure out how to notify the mods.

The survey also offers the opportunity to end up in a raffle to win a crypto of your choice with a certain value.

GET – Chi Ta – BNB University | Proxies-free

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Chi Ta – BNB University


How to become a profitable real estate investor. Without owning real estate.

Chi Ta & # 39; s story
After personally witnessing how he owned a multi-million dollar mortgage company and watched how it was completely destroyed by a new law in 2017, Chi set out to find a NEW way to generate real estate revenue. Starting from scratch, he started a profitable Airbnb business, starting with a property, and earned over 7 numbers in his first 9 months with Airbnb ™.

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Divi University – Divi Blueprint 3


Learn how to create beautiful, professional-looking websites with the ultimate beginner Divi course.

This course is for you if …
You are an online entrepreneur, small business owner, freelance designer or hobbyist who wants to design professional looking websites. Divi has tools to help you easily create pages and layouts. However, if you don't know how to combine them, you won't get the result you want, which may frustrate you.
At the end of the course …

You will have enough knowledge to use Divi safely
You can easily create your own websites
The knowledge acquired in the course is sufficient to even start a freelance company
You will learn tips and techniques that will enable you to work faster and more efficiently.
Module 1

Install and set up Divi 3.0
How the Divi Builder works
More about the Divi Builder
Introduction to the Visual Builder
Explore the Visual Builder
Important Divi Builder shortcuts
Divi Builder vs. Visual Builder
Module 2

Creating web pages
Design hero images
Design of the service area
Design the functional area
Add the gallery area
Design of the contact area
Design of the page about us
Design of our gallery page
How to set up the blog page
How to create a custom blog page
Design the contact page
Module 3
Divi's global settings
Customize the Divi menu
Global text and header settings
How to Design a Boxed Layout Website
Customize header and navigation settings
Add social media icons, email address and phone number for navigation
Theme Customiser – Amazing options for navigation style
How to add a logo to your website
How to change the default footer credits


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Download tutorial Charlie Houpert – Charisma University
If you saw someone you wanted to connect with but didn't even try …

If you hesitated and missed an opportunity …

Perhaps it is the beautiful stunner that made your heart beat faster than you saw her pass by.

Maybe it's a potential mentor, someone to look up to, who can guide and inspire you to achieve the massive success they've had in their own lives.

You want to talk to them. But you hesitate and a tiny voice in your head throws you off. Or worse, you try and after a few minutes of terrible, forced conversation, apologize for getting away.

If you have ever attended a conference or networking event, seen someone you wanted to talk to successfully, and have done nothing about, you are not alone. If you've ever been to a cafe or walked down the street, seen someone who turned your head and did nothing but watch them leave, you're not alone.

We've all been through that. Every single person I've ever met was there.


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I found a vulnerability in a web app developed by my university. Can it have a CVE number?

The short answer is No.

If it is a closed source product and it is not off the shelf or being sold, assigning a CVE number has no advantage.

In fact, the CVE assignment authorities would not consider such a request.

Please ensure that the provider or product is present in the products and sources
List cve.mitre.org/cve/data_sources_product_coverage.html

A CVE number is a way to alert the public of a problem in applications that they may use. It is not a posterity number.

You should contact those responsible for maintaining the system and disclose them as soon as possible to minimize the risk of a malicious actor finding what is found.