lock screens – Turn off “double-tap to unlock” on Samsung Galaxy S7

For some reason, whenever someone calls me, the Samsung Galaxy S7 now shows the phone put, tells me to double-tap to unlock, then it does it a few seconds later. I have never seen this before, never wanted to double-tap.

I have gone to the talkback and it is off.

I don’t know why it started doing this but how do I make it stop?

encryption – how does filevault get the key to unlock an encrypted drive?

I an trying to understand how FileVault (specifically the later version used in recent macOS releases, i.e. FileVault 2) stores and retrieves its encryption key.

This is prompted by two specific questions/observations:

  1. When you boot up a device with FileVault enabled, it goes to your login screen and shows your username, and a place to enter a password. When you do log in, it is extremely quick. This implies the disk already was decrypted. Assuming that the encryption key somehow was derived from your passphrase, this should be impossible, as you have not yet entered it.
  2. If you create an alternate OS install, e.g. another copy of the latest (Catalina) or a beta (Big Sur), in another APFS volume, you can encrypt it. Assuming you want similar convenient behaviour, the encryption key you provide should be related to whatever encryption key is used for your other volumes. Of course, it is possible that the read-only OS volume is not encrypted and only the read-write Data volume is encrypted, but that is not what appears in the various utilities.

¿Cómo saber qué un hilo hace un-lock con seguridad a la terminación, mientras que todos los métodos que ya se manejan?

En un proyecto se puede ejecutarse durante mucho tiempo y crear muchos hilos. Al siguiente código, me pregunto si tengo que proteger el bloqueo además de try-catch general en todo del método setData (datos MyData)
(no soy codicioso, uso + -5 hilos totalmente)

public class MyFactory {

private ReadWriteLock rwl = new ReentrantReadWriteLock();
    private Lock readLock = rwl.readLock();
    private Lock writeLock = rwl.writeLock();
    private static MyFactory _instance = new MyFactory();
    private static Map<Integer, MyData> mapDatas = new HashMap<>();
    public static MyFactory getInstance() {
        return _instance;
    public void setData(MyData data) {
        try {
        } catch (Exception exc) {
        } finally {

Use TPM Endorsement Key to unlock certificates, deployment pagkages, etc? (Win10 deployments)

I’ve got a few scenarios, but let’s take the simplest: I’d like to be able to send a server certificate and key to a distant box; I’d like to have the ability to decrypt the container and therefore install the cert&key controlled by using the TPM EK, rather than by sharing a PFX password.

FWIW, the targets are all Win10, and my cert toolchain is usually openssl on Windows.


Systemd: Unlock drives before ZFS import

I have LUKS encrypted drives and ZFS on top of that. I unlock the drives on boot using a script. I made a systemd service for that, but the script take some time and the zfs-import-cache.service starts before my script finished.

  • zfs-import-cache.service Journalctl
Sep 25 15:53:47 server systemd[1]: Starting Import ZFS pools by cache file...
Sep 25 15:53:50 server zpool[1390]: cannot import 'data': no such pool or dataset
Sep 25 15:53:51 server zpool[1390]:         Destroy and re-create the pool from
Sep 25 15:53:51 server zpool[1390]:         a backup source.
Sep 25 15:53:51 server systemd[1]: zfs-import-cache.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE
Sep 25 15:53:51 server systemd[1]: zfs-import-cache.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.
Sep 25 15:53:51 server systemd[1]: Failed to start Import ZFS pools by cache file.
  • My custom cryptdisks-unlock.service journalctl
Sep 25 15:53:45 server systemd[1]: Starting Unlock LUKS drives...
Sep 25 15:53:45 server boot[1216]: Decrypting evo850m21-crypt ...
Sep 25 15:53:47 server boot[1216]: Device evo850m21-crypt decrypted.
Sep 25 15:53:47 server boot[1216]: Decrypting evo850m22-crypt ...
Sep 25 15:53:49 server boot[1216]: Device evo850m22-crypt decrypted.
Sep 25 15:53:49 server boot[1216]: Decrypting st30001-crypt ...
Sep 25 15:53:52 server boot[1216]: Device st30001-crypt decrypted.
Sep 25 15:53:52 server boot[1216]: Decrypting st30002-crypt ...
Sep 25 15:53:54 server boot[1216]: Device st30002-crypt decrypted.
Sep 25 15:53:54 server systemd[1]: cryptdisks-unlock.service: Succeeded.
Sep 25 15:53:54 server systemd[1]: Finished Unlock LUKS drives.
  • cryptdisks-unlock.service
Description=Unlock LUKS drives



twrp – Bootloader unlocking with a locked bootloader, unlock tool inop

I have a Asus tf700t tablet running 4.2.1,i want to upgrade to 7.0,bootloader locked, I tried the V8 Asus unlock tool,

Received “unknown error,possibly network problem, try again later,
Researched, couldn’t really find a solution,essentially said server issue with Asus

Debugging enabled, unknown sources enabled, Play store Play protect off, there’s a setting in Google Chrome, but I can’t remember what it is, maybe someone here can help with that also, I’ll change it if I can find it,
Developer options enabled, no option for OEM unlock

I would like to unlock the bootloader so I can use Twrp to update the OS, no longer any updates available

BTW,device is rooted,SU installed

Thank you for any help or advise, if needed I can provide build number and kernel version, it’s an older tablet,but does have the good Tegra chipset, and definitely works well, but slowly,,,,

after unlock oem I cant to go to recovery mode i see orange state your mobile has been unlockd and cant be trust your mobile boot in 5 second

after unlock oem I cant to go to recovery mode when i try to go to recovery mode by tapping power off and volume up/volume down or by adb reboot recovery/adb reboot bootloader l
i see orange state your mobile has been unlockd and cant be trust
your mobile boot in 5 second

root access – “Now unlock your device and confirm the backup operation”…when trying to backup through abd (TWRP)

Phone: Moto C Plus

Phone OS: Android 7.0

PC OS: Windows 7

TWRP: 3.1.1


I’m trying to backup directly to PC from TWRP recovery through adb cmd.

The cmd adb devices shows the device id and the word “recovery” next to it, meaning i’m connected successfully and that i’m in recovery. USB debugging is on.

But adb backup --twrp shows…

WARNING: adb backup is deprecated and may be removed in a future release

Now Unlock your device and confirm backup operation

followed by the current directory.

but nothing happens on the phone.

Any insight?