messages – Is it possible to display unread iMessage count in the menu bar on macOS 11+

I’m aware that this used to be possible at one point or another, but I’m trying to find a solution specifically for Big Sur and up. I’ve recently decided to automatically hide my dock which unfortunately leads to forgetting that I’ve received text messages until hours later unless I open and respond to them immediately.

Is it possible, either within the system or through third-party software, to add an icon to the menu bar that indicates that there are unread messages in the stock

gmail – How to mass-delete old unread mails? (I can’t believe it takes as long as it does)

I’m trying to get rid of unread mails older than 5yrs. So I first enter a search “is:unread” and when that list is shown, select a custom date-range with end date of “2016/12/31”.
GMail then shows 50 of those and provides a possibility t o select all conversation matching this search. After clicking that option, the msg says “All matching conversations are being selected.” (Hopefully translated this correctly from german UI).

So, theory has it that I can click the trashcan to delete those message once they are selected.

My question is: will the status msg actually change when the selection has completed? I’ve given it > 24hrs – and yet a “Delete” only removes around 3-4 monmths (approx. 3k msgs). So I assume that waiting longer will select more – but otoh I can’t believe that it should really take so long! (Ok, admittedly, my mailbox has approx. 90k unread msgs – but still it seems to take incredibly looong time). Could I achieve this using another approach?

Gmail inbox shows 1 unread message, but if I click inbox it won’t show

If I search for in:inbox, it also won’t show. If I search for both in:inbox is:unread then it does show. If I search for in:spam is:unread it no longer shows, or in: (anythingelsehere) basically. What I’m trying to say is, it CLEARLY is in the inbox, and not somewhere else, but for whatever reason the only way I can find the message is to search specifically with that combo of filter, or to directly search the string of the subject. I can also see it if I just navigate down to “All Mail”

And for the record:

No, I have no filters that should be filtering this email out

No, other messages don’t seem to be encountering the issue, just one in particular

No, there are no labels applied to it, unless you count “inbox” as a label (but it won’t show if I search label:inbox)

No, it does not show up in any other left hand filter other than “All mail”

No, I don’t have any of the weird “primary” and “social” tabs enabled

No, I am not using POP or any other 3rd party tool to interface, this is using latest version of Chrome and going to

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Adds unread to thread title links.

Adds unread to whats-new results pages thread titles, for example the New posts and Latest posts. By adding unread, previously visited threads which have no new posts will go to the latest read post instead of the first post, this is assuming the “Read data marking lifetime” has not expired.

Questions and answers:

Q: Will unread be added if the visitor is not logged in?
A: No, it only be added to logged in members.


macos – Where to find the unread message count in chat.db for

I’m trying to find the number of unread messages in The number should match the number on the badge of the app.

I’ve approached this by accessing chat.db, a sqlite db which lists all data presented and used in the app.

Upon executing select count(*) from message where is_read = 0;, it returns 3694. Checking for 1 returns 3835. The number of unread messages in the app at the time of execution was 0.

Evidentially, I’ve approached this incorrectly. I would appreciate any leads on determining the number of unread messages from the cli, accessing chat.db or not.

Creating a GMAIL filter that shows all of the “important” emails that are unread and not archived

So I’m trying to create a Gmail filter that shows me all of the important emails that are unread and not archived.

I’m using the following filter: is:important AND is:unread and is:inbox However it appears that it is only showing unread emails that are on the first page of the email and it is missing some of the emails that I have that are clearly marked “important” and they are unread.

In addition to that I have another filter that should just show me any email that is not important but unread, and I’m having a similar issue with that is:unread and is:inbox -is:important

How can I view how many unread emails I have in my Gmail inbox broken down by the sender’s email address?

I use the Gmail website. I have 1000 unread emails. How can I view how many unread emails I have in my Gmail inbox broken down by the sender’s email address?

I am aware that one can obtain a count of the unread email from one specific email address via the query is:unread, but instead I would like to view the count for each sender at once, e.g.: 50 unread emails. 20 unread emails. 11 unread emails.