After highlighting text in body of email it gets unselected [ gmail ]

When reading a post in gmail if I highlight some text in the email body a split second later that highlighted text somehow reverts to being normal text not highlighted so I have to highlight same text again ( I am trying to copy text from gmail post )

This happens across all browsers when reading gmail

How to shut off this behavior ?

I am doing this highlight of text manually with the cursor nothing automated here … this bad behavior in gmail started a couple years ago however previously it was never an issue

Sharepoint Active Directory import Import users from unselected organizational units

I ran Sharepoint Active Directory import to pull users out of AD. I selected distribution lists, security groups and 2 (out of 4) user groups to import. I did not select the remaining 2 organizational units because I do not want them to be imported.

The import still brings new users that were created in the organizational units that were NOT selected. No old users that I have already deleted from Sharepoint are inserted, but all newly created ones. They are imported anyway, although I have explicitly deselected them in the organizational unit.

There are 3 other accounts in an unselected organizational unit that will continue to be imported, but most will not.

Why are these accounts still imported even though the organizational unit is not selected in the import settings?

Move unselected files (not in a collection) to the backup drive in Lightroom

So I can easily create a smart collection of files that I have not included in a collection. This collection contains 90-95% of the photos in my catalog. I was wondering if I can use this collection to move the files to my backup drive but can keep the folder structure, i.e. (year> month> date) if the files are moved without the photos / files in a collection to affect. Is that the most in hundreds of such folders?

My current process moves all of the folders, but then of course I also move the files that I have edited. I know as long as the backup drive is visible, I can still see and export these files from the laptop, but I'd rather keep them but not the unselected files. Note that I always import into the folder structure Year> Month> Date Tree and want to keep it the same.

I wonder if someone has managed to do something similar to the one above.