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Hiring for a hype man for upcoming project. Pay is however much FP I have at current time or $0.01 USD one time payment depending on experience. Requirements are a doctorate degree in marketing (no substitutions), 15 years experience, willingness to commit to a two week (non-paid) training period, ongoing professional development, and no benefits. The working conditions likely aren’t the best either.

There is a chance for moving up. No benefits.

Need 6+ references and a current web resume.

Details released on being the successful applicant.


How can I update the list of answers to an upcoming question in Google Forms based off of previous answers in the same form?

The title makes this sound more difficult or complex than it actually is.

What I’m trying to accomplish is to build an entire elimination bracket prediction picker through Google Forms. I would have 16 predetermined teams in an elimination style tournament where I split them into their 8 1v1 predetermined match-ups. From here I want to have the user predict the next round which would have half the matches of the previous round but I can’t find a way to have all the teams that the user predicted to be eliminated in the first round to be removed as options in the second round. So if someone picked Team 1 to beat Team 2 in the first round I don’t want Team 2 to be an option to win in the next round. This makes it so when the user gets to the final they don’t have to select the winner out of 16 teams, but rather just 2 since half the teams are eliminated each round. This would also allow this form to scale to much bigger tournaments like for Tennis where there can be many more rounds and competitors.

The only things I could find that are similar are choice eliminator add-ons that remove choices from all forms. Unfortunately that’s only appropriate for scheduling appointments and won’t work for this use case since I want people to have all permutations of the bracket available when they predict.

Uploads – How do I get the upcoming post ID from the frontend?

When I search with "Next Post ID" I get navigation for the previous / next post, but my question has nothing to do with it.

When we try to create a new post in the WordPress admin area, the post is automatically saved as "Auto-Draft" and the post ID is inserted into the form as a hidden field with the name post_id. So when the mail is submitted, the $_REQUEST['post_id'] was issued.

I'm trying to move uploaded attachments with a custom post type to the directory below uploads/ to like uploads/my-dir/my-item-{post_id}. I follow Rian Rietveld's cutout for the move. And attachments from the admin panel move perfectly.

But the problem is, I can't pass a hidden field with Post-ID from the frontend, that is $_REQUEST['post_id'] is deactivated and the filter does not work. The attachments are uploaded to the typical year-month directory.

The question I have could be answered as follows:

  1. How can I get the upcoming Post-ID in the frontend? or,
  2. How to add filters upload_dir with a provisional $post_id instead of going through $_REQUEST?

Upcoming VPS Review Series – Low End Box

April was a busy month for low end box as we launched many new initiatives:

  1. Tutorials are back! We publish one or two every month
  2. Every month we ask our users important questions about surveys
  3. We have set up an editorial section with articles about VPS, web hosting and the industry in general
  4. We started a monthly Q / A-style interview series with industry and community leaders

And now we start one Low end box VPS test series, led by Low End Talk Community member @jsg. The reviews are conducted exclusively by @jsg, who has completed several low end talk reviews in the past, and its fairness has been valued by providers and users alike. Once each review is complete, we post it in both the low-end box and the low-end discussion.

Each check is independent, ie it is not a direct comparison, but an in-depth analysis of the service by every provider.

We actively ask that providers wishing to participate in our first review be published within the next few weeks. We only need one of your VPS services for one month. The utilization is low and your participation is appreciated. Interested providers should leave a comment below or report @jsg directly to Low End Talk.

As always, we look forward to your feedback! Remember to vote and then leave your thoughts in the comments below.

view – View upcoming events on the ReadOnly home page in SharePoint

I am new to SharePoint and have added an event view to my homepage as shown in the image below.

Add event view

After adding it, I can see the upcoming events, but there is a button at the top of the view to add a new event. I would like to know if there is a way to remove this button. Basically to show the upcoming events to the user without being able to create a new one.

Event view

Thanks a lot.

Calendar – How do I add upcoming events to my homepage?

  • If you're not already in edit mode, click Edit at the top right of the page.

  • Move the mouse over or under an existing web part or under the title area, click the plus sign "Circled" to add a modern web part to a page, and then select the "Events" web part.

  • Click Title and add your own title.

  • Click the Edit Web Part button on the left Edit Web Part to set options for the Web Part.

  • Event list: If there is more than one event list on the site, you can select the one you want.

  • The Events The web part creates an empty event list for you with the standard settings of a calendar list.

  • category: If your list contains categories, you can select one to filter the displayed events by.

  • Date range: In the Date range drop-down list, select a date range by which your events should be filtered. You can choose All upcoming events (default setting), This week, the next two weeks, this month or quarter.

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    Why are Trump and his followers upset about the upcoming impeachment process and the potential process? ?

    People have acted logically for MONTHS in this regard (like you), but Trump fans do not pay attention and prefer to start their "answers" with "but Hillary …" or "but Joe …". "You can lead a horse to the water, but you can't make it drink," or in this case, "You can represent things logically, but you can't make a trumper accept reality."

    I was once in a similar situation (though not nearly as bad) and luckily my accuser was listening to logic. I came home and my roommate ran down the stairs and shouted, "They spilled paint all over the floor." There is already a dry skin on this color. "How could * I * possibly have done that?" (And no, he didn't come up with a screwball theory like "I came home for lunch on the bus, deliberately spilled the paint, giggled badly while rubbing my hands together, and went back to work ".)